Valeria's Autobiography


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Valeria's Autobiography

  1. 1. MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY<br /> <br /> My name is Valeria Escobar I live in Cali I actually have 12 years old, I born in May 9 on 1998.I have a sister named Mariana and she has 4 years old.<br /> I learn to walk until I have I year. My parents baptize me when I have 2 years, when I was little my favorite sport was swimming. Learned to ride bicycle when I was 5 years old, I remember that my father was the one who teach me, I also remember that when I ride bicycle I always fall down. When I was seven years old I learned skating, it wasn`t hard for me to learn, I remember that all the days I went out side with my best friend to skate. I learned faster than her because on school I was skating, I also remember that in skating they gave me a lot of trophies that`s why I like a lot skating. I remember that I went to Luz Mery Tristan to practice skating and also that they always invite me to races and I always won so I get the first place.<br /> I study in Bennett School with my sister and she is going to pass to nursery.<br />I study there until I have 2 years, I enter to parvulos, and my first teachers were T.Ana Maria and T .Lesly.<br />In that time my best friends were Maria Camila I pass a lot of good times with her, now she is not in school, but I remember her a lot. In primary my favorite sport was skating because Maria Camila was there, I always was with her, and I remember that it was easy make friends with Maria Camila.<br /> In that time my English teacher was T.Elizabeth ,in her class I learned a lot of songs ,I remember that it was my favorite class ,and she still here in school.<br /> Then when I pass to prep my best were Laura and Valeria Morales I didn`t like them much, but in that they both were the most popular in school. On school we make a lot of salidas pedagogicas.<br /> Now I am in fifth grade in teacher Angel Watler`s classroom, I always have good grades. Now my best friends are Natalia, Mariana, and Valentina Diaz. , Sabina, and Valentina Garcia. I have a lot of friends and it wasn`t hard for me to make them.<br /> Going to 6th grade scares me a lot because in high school I don`t know anybody, so I feel scared because I think there are going to make me bullying.<br />BY: Valeria Escobar G<br />