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  1. 1. Rural Landscape 1.1 Introduction to Rural Janda Baik is the place where is located in the state of Pahang in Malaysia (03 31N Longitude 101 55E) .Janda Baik is situstes near the Genting Sempah. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Subang Jaya , Shah Alam or Petaling Jaya to there. Janda Baik is not only the place for relax, there also have the training camp which can provide a quite retreat from the life of bustling city. 1.1.1 Our Journey to Janda Baik We gathered in Taylor’s University Lakeside on 8a.m. and had some light breakfast in the campus. Soon after we finished our breakfast, we headed straight to in front of 7 Eleven and wait our bus. It took us nearly 45 minutes to reach our destination, Janda Baik. It is a 3 days 2 night trip. After we arrived, we ate some donut before our lunch. After we had our lunch, we have 2 hour break and we decide to rest at our room (We discuss the picture during rest time) After rest, we headed to Botanical garden to take the picture
  2. 2. (Some picture of the botanical garden)
  3. 3. Then, we go to back our room to wait for our dinner . In the 2 day, after we had our lunch we go to Kampung Orang Asli to take the picture also. In kampong orang asli the house was special. nd (The house in Kampung Orang Asli) In Janda Baik the sky is clear and without any air pollution , and the tree could be seen in everywhere. We went back to Taylor’s University Lakeside at the 3rd day afternoon. 1.1.2 Introduction to Janda Baik In Janda Baik, because it is a Rural area, so there is no such a moden building in there. More of the place is more green and more space compared to the Urban area. Janda Baik is a small village in Pahang, Malaysia.It serves at located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. About 30 km from Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. A simple Malay kampong or village with a population of approximately. Cool breezing tropical climate at night and morning. Almost all the accommodation in the area is able to organize courses, as well as various obstacle challenges such as the ever popular jungle trekking, waterfalls, water rafting, off road 4 wheel drive, flying fox. Camping grounds are available too!
  4. 4. 1.1.3 Pollution in Janda Baik In Janda Baik, you can see that is not so polluted. The air was clean and there is not so many rubbish compared to the Suburban and Urban area. 1.1.4 Landscape of Janda Baik In this picture, the landscape I can say is better and greener than Suburban. The land was flat, the tree and the flower are in every direction. They using some large pot to do the decoration.
  5. 5. 1.1.5 The Map of Janda Baik 1.1.6 The Satellite Map of Janda Baik
  6. 6. Suburban 1.2Introduction of Suburban A Suburban area is a residential area or a mixed use area, it is a area existing as part of city and part of rural. Some suburban have a degree of administrative autonomy, and have lower population. Wangsa maju is also one of the suburban area, it was previously occupied by Setapak rubber estates from the 1990s until 1980s. In 1984, the township was formed. Wangsa maju has become one of the largest township in Kuala Lumpur. In Wangsa Maju, where is a suburban area. It is lower population compared to the Urban Area. Most of the house is Terrace house and some shop house. The landscape is mix with the traditional grid type and Cul-De-Sac type landscape.
  7. 7. 1.2.1 Our Journey to Wangsa Maju After we visit the Bukit Bintang. We straight headed to Wangsa Maju, where is our Suburban Area. We take about 50 minutes to get there from Bukit Bintang. Actually we should arrived in 35 minutes but unfortunately we was stuck in the traffic jam a while. After we arrived there, we decided to have our lunch first. So we had our lunch in Restaurant The Chinken Rice Shop. After we had our lunch, we start to take the picture for our ENBE project. But our area was quite big, so while I driving they try to find the thing they want to take. While they found it, I would slow down and let them took the picture of landscape, building, space and infrastruction. 1.2.2 Pollution in Wangsa Maju In Wangsa Maju, because it is a Suburban Area so I can said that is quite dirty. The air pollution, water pollution and also land pollution. You can see the sky was not clear and that is a lot of rubbish inside the drain. (Some rubbish in the drain)
  8. 8. 1.2.3 Landscape of Wangsa Maju In Wangsa Maju, I can say is quiet difficult to find the landscape in there. Most of the landscape you can find it infront of the shopping mall such as Tesco, Jusco and the other shopping mall or infront of the apartment. In this landscape, the land also is flat and they will pv lant some tree to do the decoration. In Wangsa Maju most of the landscape is traditional grid type.
  9. 9. 1.2.4 Map of Wangsa Maju 1.2.5 Satellite Map of Wangsa Maju
  10. 10. URBAN 1.3 Introduction to Urban An urban area is characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to the areas surrounding it. Urban areas are created and further developed by the process of urbanization. We had chosen Jalan Ampang as our urban area. 1.3.1 Our Journey to Bukit Bintang Today, is the day after the Janda Baik Trip. All of us is still tired so we gathered in Taylor’s University Lakeside on 9.30a.m. Then we had our breakfast in the food court of campus. After that, is the time move to the Bukit Bintang. While headed to the Bukit Bintang, we used the GPS ‘Waze’ to take us to there because no one know how to get there. It took us about 30 minute to reach our destination from the campus. After we reached there, we park at the car park under the KLCC. Then is the time to take our picture. All of us used about 1h 30m to take the picture that we need and because the 1h 30m, the parking fee need to paid RM 6. After settle all the thing in Bukit Bintang, we move to the next destination……Wangsa Maju.
  11. 11. 1.3.2Landscape of Bukit Bintang Landscape in the urban area are very hard to find. Why? Because in the urban have many of the building. When people need to build something, they need to cut down the tree and most of them were not plant it back. Most of the landscape in urban area always look beautiful and the landscape had been design. (A landscape shot ) The picture above shows is beside a residential building, The Troika. The design of this landscape are so beautiful and useful, it can help people prevent a sunstroke when a hot day.
  12. 12. This picture shows one of the landscape of urban area, it is quite commen design in the urban area. As you can see the design is plant the botanic beside the way. This picture was took at the infront of the condominium in the urban area. It is design to plant beside the wall and it is nice compared to the rural area. The bamboo make the landscape lok like not so massive.
  13. 13. The picture is took beside a residential building, The Troika. The design are so nice. Beside that, how they cut the leaf to make it so flat like a rectangle shape. (A landscape shot )
  14. 14. 1.3.3 Map of Bukit Bintang 1.3.4 Satellite map of Bukit Bintang