Consistency And Making Your Small Business Look More Professional


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Consistency And Making Your Small Business Look More Professional

  1. 1. Consistency and Making Your Small Business Look More Professional ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. I am only small but I look really big right?Over the last few weeks we have beentalking about platforms and strategies toposition your business online.We have talked a little bit about WordPressand why it is undoubtedly the best platformto use for you small business website andwe have also touched on Facebook and thedevelopment of custom Facebook businessfan pages.In this post I would like to explore the bigger picture and to try and put forward a planto „big-it-up‟ (thanks to Ali G) to your small business online.Consistency and the Frilled Neck LizardSo what has a frilled neck lizard got to do with online marketing for small business ormarketing at all for that matter?It‟s all about making your small business look bigger than it actually is and consistencyis the key to making that happen.When making a purchasing decision we all like to get „personal service‟, however, wealso all like to feel that we are buying from a business of some substance and one thatis going to be around for a while should we need further assistance or perhaps topurchase additional goods and services.Many small businesses are great with the personal service aspect, however, may bemissing out on sales due to the fact that they are not so hot on presenting an imagethat suggests they are a quality supplier that is at the top of their game, is up withtrends and initiatives in their respective industry sector and is in it for the long haul.How Can I Achieve Consistency in the Way I Present My Small Business?It all starts with your logo. It then progresses through your business cards, yourletterhead, your email signature etc and finally goes through all of your onlinemarketing as well.If we are building a bespoke website for a company we will not start until we have acopy of their logo.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Your Logo Should Not Have Been Designed in the 1950′s Unless You AreSelling Memorabilia from That PeriodThe logo decides the look and feel of the website and it determines the colour schemewe will use and, on this item I am going to digress a little for a moment so please bepatient and bear with me….Old style WA logoQuite often we have people coming to usasking for a bright new „Web 2.0″ site withplastic looking buttons and modern textthen, when asked for their logo, they sendus something approaching the „hackneyedWA logo‟ shown to the right.The email delivering the logo will alsocontain something akin to the following text… “our business has used this logo for thelast (insert number here) years and our customers identify our business via this logo sothere is no way we would consider changing it.”Note to small business person – you are not Coca Cola! The world will not fall apart ifyou modernise your logo. Customers will not desert you in droves. In fact, you mightfind they are impressed with your efforts to modernise your business.Can you imagine how the logo to the right would clash with a modern Web 2.0 site withnice plastic looking buttons etc?You are not a professional designer and neither is your brother, nephew,niece, sister’s son’s daughter’s brother…Need I say more? Get a professional designer to design you logo.Give them a well researched, well thought out and well written brief.As a start you might like to consider the following things;-  The style and design of your product or service©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  4. 4.  Your target market – are they old or young? Do they come from a particular demographic?  The image you want your company to portray – modern, conservative, innovative, funky, trustworthy, solid, cool?  Your market segment  Other companies in your market (your competitors)  International companies and trends in your industry in general  Related industries and companies in those industriesLogo design is not an expensive exercise.You can use one of our fantastic local designers.You can even have it done online for a couple of hundred dollars.Online suppliers will provide you with a range of samples from various bidders for yourlogo design and you can ask your friends to view the short list and add comments orvote on the design they like best.Heaven forbid, you can even ask your web designer to vote or comment on the shortlistof logo candidates.So, I Have My Shiny New Logo, What Next?Next week we will start putting the pieces together starting to focus on creating youronline „frilled neck lizard‟ to present your business (and you personally) as a modernaccomplished company and an individual who is at the top of his/her game and iscapable of delivering a quality product or service to match….©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3