Maximizing marketing performance oaesp


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Recruiting and Staffing Marketing Performance.

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Maximizing marketing performance oaesp

  1. 1. Working SmarterMaximizing Your Marketing PerformanceandThe Business Development Scripts That Work!Jon Bartos
  2. 2. Insuring Your Success• The Market Today - Unemployment rate - Forecast for 2012 - Lots of Job Orders• Marketing Principle #1: It’s about Volume – Quantity to get Quality Principle - Make it a daily habit• Marketing Principle #2: It’s about the Quality of work you “Work On” Search Assignments versus Job Orders
  3. 3. Keys to Insuring Your Success• Marketing Principle #3: Adding Value – the Key to New Business - Use Insight• Marketing Principle #4: You have to use a measurement tool to determine the quality of your job order. (Job Order Matrix)• Marketing Principle #5: Million Dollar Billers # of clients? (New or Existing)
  4. 4. Seven Selling Situations Account Contact Market/Desk Spec. Success Rate Easiest 95-100% Existing Existing Existing Existing New Existing Existing “C” Level Existing New Account Existing Existing New Account New Contact Existing New Account “C” Level Existing New Account New Contact New Market Toughest 1%
  5. 5. Four Goals of Marketing • Get a Send Out • Get an alternate Job Order • Build a relationship by Asking Questions • Get Dream Candidate
  6. 6. 10 Business Development Approaches• “A” Player Approach• Vertical Market - Insight• Combination• Flip Reference Check• Flip Recruiting Call• Strike a Deal• Value Proposition• Calling about a Posting• Exclusivity Approach• Internal Referral• C-Level Approach• Question Based Approach• Key - Making the Calls and Sharing your Value Proposition
  7. 7. Objections to Be Ready For• Send me a Resume• No Openings• Fee Concerns• Talk to HR/Someone else Role Play, Role Play, Role Play
  8. 8. The Critical Primary Marketing Metrics“Recruiting is a Science” • NMP/JO and NMP/SA Ratio • JO/PL and SA/PL Ratio • QC/SO Ratio • QC/PL Ratio • SO1/PL Ratio – Secondary Metric
  9. 9. How to Double My Revenue• Ask and Get higher Fees: a. Your Percentage b. Higher level positions• Get your JO/PL ratio down to 2/1• Get your NMP/VJO ratio down to 3/1• Get your QC/SO ratio to 1/1• as a last resort…double your SO’s
  10. 10. In Conclusion…• The Market is Poised for Aggressive Growth• Pay attention to the Marketing Principles• Its about getting Volume to get Quality• Pay Attention to your Ratios• To Double Your Revenue• Get successful fast – to get you to significance
  11. 11. Jon BartosPresident & CEOJonathan Scott
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