Recipe for Success in Weight Loss, Fitness, Business, & Life


Published on Learn how Coach Jimmy’s pancake mishap was his ‘Ah-ha’ moment on learning the Recipe for Success in Weight Loss, Fitness, Business and Life!

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Recipe for Success in Weight Loss, Fitness, Business, & Life

  1. 1. Recipe for Success in WeightLoss, Fitness, Business & Life Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson
  2. 2. You may be asking yourself what these odd pictures have to do with an article about success.
  3. 3. Click and watch the video to learn how Coach Jimmy’s mishap making GlutenFree Wheat Free Pancakes was his ‘Ah-ha’ moment on learning the Recipe forSuccess in Weight Loss, Fitness, Business, and Life!
  4. 4. As you saw the ultimate recipe for success in anything comes down to the details. So many of us have success in an area of ourlives, but don’t realize the little extras we did in order to achieve that success. When we stop paying attention to the little things, that’s when the big things start to fall apart.
  5. 5. In weight loss it might be the little extra snackswe hide and don’t tell anyone about.In fitness maybe we are taking more breaks andnot digging deep like we did when we saw thatinitial success.With our relationships we think it is the otherperson’s fault that things aren’t as hot and spicyas they were in the beginning without taking thetime to realize the little acts of kindness andgratitude that led to the spark in the beginning ofthe relationship.
  6. 6. What area of life do you wish you had more success in? Are you taking proactive steps to better yourself in those areas?Are you staying humble and teachable tolearn from those that are having success?
  7. 7. It is so easy to be prideful and blame all the circumstances around us for our current situation, when truly thatsimple recipe for success starts with the tiny steps (or ingredients) no one else notices.
  8. 8. But trust me they make all the difference in the world.• One extra rep during your workout• Passing on that bite of office party birthday cake• The little just because ‘I love You note’• picking up the slack in the office even when it isn’t your jobThese are the secret ingredients in the recipe for Success!
  9. 9. I invite you to leave a comment and let me knowwhat tiny proactive steps you will take today inorder to change the big picture in your life!My free gift to you is the correct – and delicious –Wheat Free Gluten Free Pancakes I enjoyed in theTop Picture!Just fill out the form on my blog, and you will haveaccess to a pdf with the complete recipe that you canprint and keep on your refrigerator.Enjoy! – Coach Jimmy
  10. 10. Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach is a self-proclaimed ‘former fat guy’. In his mid 20’s he was anoverweight college dropout, who found himself livingback at home with his parents. Knowing something hadto change, he took action.Through his transformation journey he lost 100 pounds,started his own business, was featured in the ShaunT workout series INSANITY, and has been seenmultiple times on QVC with his buddy Tony Hortonpromoting P90X.He founded NELSONGY FITNESS with his wifeKelly to reach out to give hope and support to those thatare dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether youare lacking physically, emotionally, financially, ornutritionally we are here to help you see REALRESULTS!