Silent Success Stories Don’t Bless Anyone


Published on Why would someone who had impressive success stories NOT share it with others? I was recently asked this question about my fitness journey.

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Silent Success Stories Don’t Bless Anyone

  1. 1. Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson
  2. 2. Do you ever find in life that people are quick totalk about themselves? A simple “How are thingswith you?” – and they are off and running abouteverything from their kids latest award to howthey were recently recognized at work for aproject that exceeded the boss’s expectation. Andwhy wouldn’t they?
  3. 3. When we do something we are proud of, orovercome an obstacle we want to tell others!Sometimes because the recognition is nice, orsomeone else’s opinion validates our own feelingof accomplishment, or in many cases, it is toencourage someone else in the midst of their ownchallenge. To say, ‘I did it and so can you!’So why would someone who had an impressiveaccomplishment NOT share it with others?
  4. 4. This is a question I was recently posed concerning myhealth and fitness journey.A few months back on multiple occasions inconversations (both online and in person)I casually mentioned that I had lost 100 pounds, andthe response was “Whoa- I had no idea you used to bethat heavy!I thought you were just a fitness guy who workoutswith Tony Horton on QVC and is in the INSANITY®DVDs with Shaun T.
  5. 5. Why don’t you talk about your transformation more often?”
  6. 6. Great question I thought. Why DON’T I talk moreabout my entire journey?It wasn’t that I consciously avoided telling peoplethat I used to be 100 pounds heavier.If anything you think I would brag about it all thetime, to the point people would say, “Jimmy! WeGET IT you used to be a chunky monkey!Congrats, now Shut up about it!”
  7. 7. But the more I thought about it I realized that mychoice to be a Team Beachbody Coach, and thepublic forum of having personal relationshipswith celebrity trainers – I felt some self-imposedpressure to become some kind of fitness icon forothers.
  8. 8. Someone who was always disciplined, always madethe right choice, eliminated excuses in others bynot having any of his own.I also realized that I still carried a lot of shamearound from my previous life.I hated ‘Fat Jimmy’ so much that I didn’t want anykind of association with him or that part of my life.
  9. 9. But I realized I was doing a HUGE disservice to those I was trying to help by NOT sharing my story. People needed to know where I started from, so they could say, “You felt that way when you were heavy too? IMe at 250 pounds in a thought I was the only one.”college theaterproduction.
  10. 10. It wasn’t something I quickly embraced. But moreand more I tried to remember how I felt in thatbody that carried 100 more pounds of fat and a1000 more pounds of fear, guilt, stress, andisolation.I needed to let you know about the days I wouldstare at myself shirtless in the mirror and bedisgusted, and feel hopeless like this mountainwas too hard to ever climb – so why even getstarted?
  11. 11. But I had to get over my ego and my shame becauseYOU needed to hear this. You needed to knowthat the beginning of any new journey seemsdaunting and impossible. You need to know that Iwas scared of failing AGAIN after failing so manytimes before. And WHY do you need to know these things????
  12. 12. Because your past DOES NOT define your future! Because you ARE NOT alone in this journey!I boldly say to you: That if I, a lifetime fat guy fullof fear, guilt, shame, and excuses can pick himselfup, find the right plan, with the right support andsucceed – SO CAN YOU!!!
  13. 13. If I have learned anything, it is that if someone hasdone something before you- GOOD NEWS- thatmeans you can do it to!It’s just a matter of finding out what they did, howthey did it, and applying those same steps – one ata time- to your own life.
  14. 14. So for those of you that see me smiling thru thosecrazy Shaun T squats in the INSANITY® DVDs ,know that guy is smiling for a reason!The journey was filled with lots of ups and downs,but I overcame with the help of others and you cando the same because I am here to share mystruggles, lock arms, and take the journey all overagain with you! In this together- Coach Jimmy
  15. 15. Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach is a self-proclaimed ‘former fat guy’. In his mid 20’s he was anoverweight college dropout, who found himself living backat home with his parents. Knowing something had tochange, he took action.Through his transformation journey he lost 100 pounds,started his own business, was featured in the Shaun Tworkout series INSANITY, and has been seen multipletimes on QVC with his buddy Tony Horton promotingP90X.He founded NELSONGY FITNESS with his wifeKelly to reach out to give hope and support to those thatare dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether youare lacking physically, emotionally, financially, ornutritionally we are here to help you see REALRESULTS!