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  • 1. How many commercial messages do you see a day?
  • 2. All designed to make you do one thing:
  • 3. A large part of these messages reach us in the Public Space…
  • 4. But what do all these ads actually do for ‘the public’?Do they inspire us?Do they make us any wiser?Do they make us understand the world better?Do they change us for the better?Do they make us happy?
  • 5. Would it not be nice if the ‘public space’ would actually dosomething truly positive and inspiring for the public?
  • 6. The idea
  • 7. For one week a year, let’s free people in the city fromcommercialism and transform our entire advertising networkinto a giant, emotionally inspiring, art gallery.
  • 8. So let’s turn this …
  • 9. Into a collection of a1000 visual stories about love…
  • 10. Or an ode to the joy of childhood…
  • 11. • Responding to the negative morale resonating from the current economical global crisis people are crying out for alternatives. They want to be inspired in a positive way!• It will be a small escape for the people on this planet from a system based on materialism and making money.• Through the power of art we will inspire mankind in a much bigger, emotional way.• This should be a non-commercial initiative. It cannot be branded.• It should be a gesture from the government to the people. It can be supported by the art industry, but should be non-profit only.• This concept can travel the globe. From city to city.
  • 12. END
  • 13. END