Green Lead And Social Media Monetization

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  • 1. RUF Green Lead Campaign and Social Media Monetization
  • 2. Currently, there are leads from 48 different marketing and green companies all across the U.S. !
  • 3. Followers on Green Twitter Account
  • 4. Who are the followers?
      • Your target audience.
      • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and a variety of companies specializing in green services that believe RUF to be an expert in green consumerism.
  • 5. Online Placements from GCI Campaign
    • Africa Tower
    • Earth Times
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Yahoo! Finance
    • SYS CON
    • News Blaze
    • And more…
  • 6. Directions Magazine Over 17,000 Unique Visitors/Month 66% earn 60,000+ 58% Male 42% Female
  • 7. Blogger Outreach Audience: 19,000 visitors/month
  • 8. Blogger Outreach People from 196 countries have tuned in 2.2m times
  • 9.
    • With these sites alone, we have potentially reached more than three million readers.
  • 10. How do we take this information to the next level?
    • We are creating several channels and adding them to the download form/landing pages that include the following:
    • Twitter Become a Facebook Fan Text my cell I want a product review Enews Contact me regarding other opportunities – opt in to Ruf’s newsletter This is to offer the leads a way to continue engagement/conversations with the social media materials that we are working. What we are accomplishing is a systemized way to monetize those leads that need to be talked with via “social communications strategies.” We will be offering an actionable spreadsheet with an analysis of those leads that need special attention with your assistance.
    • Create an invite email to convert the green leads into these additional tactical communications strategies.
    • Add these new channels to the current data form
    • Meeting at Ruf to review process, press releases pitched and upcoming great travel campaign
    • Provide assessment of Twitter activity that is pending on green Ruf Twitter page
    • This will create a way of working that will heighten our understandings.