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  • 1. Grant Proposal:Enhancement of USHistory Curriculum By Jessica Antokal
  • 2. Who is this Grant for?• Students in Freehold, NJ• Suburban area• 850 students• Grades 6-8• When possible, these resources will also be available to other schools within our district through the interlibrary loan system• Students from other schools are also permitted to visit our library after school to take advantage of our computerized resources
  • 3. Why Do we Need this Grant?• This grant would allow us to support and enhance our social studies curriculum, which focuses on American History and Geography Skills• We want to make American History interactive and interesting to the students by purchasing print and digital resources• These products all align with NJCCCS• Please note that all products are hyperlinked so you can view them online
  • 4. Books• Our students need reference books to help them complete projects• Print resources allow them to practice valuable resources• The books cannot be circulated, but will be available to students whenever they visit the library
  • 5. Books• There series are specific to learning about each of the 50 States• Our 6th graders complete an extensive project where each student studies 1 state in-depth• America The Beautiful ($851.20)• Celebrate the States ($1621.58)• WorldMark Encyclopedia of the States ($254)
  • 6. Books• Scholastic Pocket United States Atlas (30 copies @ $9 each= 270)• Contains different types of maps and important information on each state• We will have enough copies for entire classes to look up information together
  • 7. Books• American Decades Set ($1,304) – This series explores each decade from 1900-2000 in extensive detail – Our 7th grade students complete a project about recent American history – Each book explains history, politics, law, economics, culture, and sports of the time period
  • 8. Online Databases• Our students can use online databases to easily find updated and interactive information• We have access to the internet in the media center, computer labs, and classrooms• All subscriptions will be made for 1 year – We will evaluate the products and then may choose to include them in our library budget in the future
  • 9. Online Database• Rand McNally Classroom ($749) – This site contains a wealth of information about maps – Contains interactive lessons that are used with Whiteboards – Contains games for groups and individuals – Updated weekly current events – Can be accessed from school and home
  • 10. Online Databases• Daily Life America ($500) – This database allows students to explore the daily lives of people across the country from past to present – Multimedia access to primary documents – Covers: • Food and cooking • Holidays and festivals • Clothing and fashion • Housing and furnishings • Religion and spirituality • Folkways Games and amusements • Music and dance • Family life • Womens history and culture • Native American and other ethnic cultures Regional cultures
  • 11. Online Databases• Britannica Online School Edition ($1,000) – Contains extensive encyclopedia – Atlas – timelines – Educational Games – Access to Magazines – Web sites – Videos
  • 12. Online Databases• Pop Culture Universe ($599) – This database contains multimedia resources from 1920 up to the present day – Information on cultural content such as famous people, the arts, fashion, film, food, literature, music, sports, television, and radio, – Also contains full-text of 300 print titles within the database
  • 13. Online Databases• CultureGrams($549) – Contains: – World Edition (information on more than 200 counties) – Kids Edition (information on 91 countries with focus on the life of kids in each location) – States Edition (information on each state) – Famous People Index (short biographies) – Recipe Collection (over 1,000 recipes from around the globe)
  • 14. Computer Software• The computer software is interactive and engaging to students• Once the CD-ROMs are purchased, there are no subscription fees• These programs will be available to all computers in the library, labs, and classrooms
  • 15. Computer Software• National Inspirer 4.0 ($800) – This program sends students on a scavenger hunt for resources across the country – This program focuses on: • Learning the locations of the 50 states • Learning the locations of important natural resources • Learning about different geographic characteristics of regions • Improving map reading
  • 16. Computer Software• Decisions Decisions (4 titles @ $600 each= $2,400) – This collection allows students to participate in role- playing simulations – Students can work as a whole class, in small groups, or in rotating groups – We would purchase the following titles: • Colonization • The Constitution • Immigration • Building a Nation
  • 17. Computer Software• Mapmaker’s Toolkit ($450) – Students are able to view over 450 current and historical maps – Students can create their own maps, adding important information – Students can publish their work on the internet or by printing it
  • 18. Computer Software• Timeliner XE ($2,200) – Creates different types of timelines and plots points based on proportional distance – Contains more than 400 interactive activities – Can easily collect multimedia resources from the web – Can create slideshows that can be viewed on the internet, computer, or even interactive whiteboards
  • 19. Computer Software• The American Mosaic (3 titles @ $399 each = $1,197) – Digital, multicultural view of American history – Contains full-text documents, 6,000 primary documents, 3,000 maps – Allows students to consider American history through various perspectives – Contains 3 different titles: • The African American Experience • The Latino American Experience • The American Indian Experience
  • 20. DVDs• These educational DVDs can be borrowed by teachers to show in the classroom or can be viewed on the media center computers• These DVDs are intended to supplement the state-mandated curriculum
  • 21. DVDs• The States DVD ($25) – 3 DVD miniseries which covers each of the 50 states• The Decades: 20th Century Collection ($216) – 20 DVD set that highlights some important moments in America’s 20th century history
  • 22. Total Purchase OrderType of Materials PriceBooks $4,300.78Online Databases $3,397Computer Software $7,050DVDs $241Total Cost $14,988.78