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Ci 350 assure method assignment 3


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Ci 350 assure method assignment 3

  1. 1. Katie Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco 5 December 2013 Assure Method Lesson Plan I. Analyze Learners:There are twenty students in my fourth grade class (eleven girls and nine boys); two of whom are Muslims, three are Jewish, and two are African Americans. In addition, all of my students are approximately nine years old. Since each student learns differently; I will need to incorporate a variety of teaching methods so that all children will be able to comprehend the material covered. II. State Objectives: My fourth grade students will list and describe the holiday traditions of specific cultureswhich they will learn through the use of podcasts, books, maps (and other visual aids), blogs, and hands-on activities (such as the creation of digital stories)by the end of the week with 95% accuracy. III. Select Methods, Media, and Materials:In order to integrate a variety of learning styles,I will be utilizing the following media, methods, and materials throughout this lesson: Storybook:I will begin this lesson by reading the book entitled: Christmas around the Worldby Mary D. Lankford (which describes the holiday traditions of a variety of cultures). Maps:I will utilize the smart board to display a world map. Podcasts: I will utilize a podcast to play some holiday music from a particular culture.
  2. 2. Visual Aids:Iwill utilize Google images to various holiday treats from around the world (such as “fufu,” an African Christmas dish made from goat). Computer Lab: The students will be divided into groups to research information regarding the holiday traditions of a specific culture. QR Code: This QR code will be utilized to access child-friendly blogs. Blogs:students will utilize multicultural blogs to conduct research. Digital Stories:Students will utilize Windows Live Movie Maker to create a digital story regarding to display researched information. IV. Utilize the Media and Materials:I will preview the blogs and podcasts that will be utilized. In addition, I will check that all electronic devices are working properly (such as the class smart board). Furthermore, I will arrange the desks in pods throughout the room which will allow for student collaboration. Also, since a portion of this lesson involves group research, I will need to reserve the computer lab for an adequate amount of time so that the children can effectively complete their group projects. V. Require Learner Participation:To introduce the lesson, I will ask the students how their families celebrate the holidays (such as Kwanza, Hanukah, and Christmas). Once the children have had a chance to share some of their family traditions with the class,I will then remind the children that some cultures celebrate the holiday season differently than we do. At this point, I will read the book entitled: Christmas around the World by Mary D. Lankford (which describes many of the holiday customs and traditions of various cultures around the globe). Once the story has
  3. 3. been read and discussed, I will then utilize the smart board to display a world map to the class. This will allow the children to visualize the many regions of the world that were discussed in the read-aloud. Once the children have “helped me” to locate these regions on the map, I willplay a podcast for the class so that the students can be exposed to a few traditional holiday songs of these regions. Then I will display pictures of the various foods and decorations that are used in holiday celebrations around the world. Finally, I will divide the students into groups, and inform the children that each group will research the holiday traditions of a specific country/regionutilizing multicultural blogs. (The students will utilize the QR codes that are located around the room to access the links to these sites). Once the students have completed their group research, they will begin creating brief digital stories that will display their group’s findings.(Each digital story should include information regarding:the foods, songs, festivals, decorations, and customs that the people of their assigned region utilize in their holiday celebrations.) In addition, I will also remind the students that they could choose to research the holiday traditions forKwanza or Hanukah.Finally, I will allow the students to briefly present their projects to the class. VI. Evaluate and Revise: Many of my students experience test anxiety (which negatively affects their performance). Therefore, projects and presentations will be utilized as a preferred method of assessment. Thus, in order to effectively assess my students, I will:
  4. 4. Circulate throughout the room and ask the students various questions. (For example, I will have the students compare and contrast their own holiday traditions with the holiday customs of the cultures that they are researching.) Check that their digital stories contain: o A brief description of at least 2-3 holiday foods commonly served in the group’s assigned region o A list of at least 2-4holiday songs o A description of various holiday festivals, decorations, and customs of their assigned country or region Make sure that their group presentations are accurate and that all students are actively participating.