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Moose martina3

Moose martina3






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    Moose martina3 Moose martina3 Presentation Transcript

    • Moose
    • Appearance
      • Moose have two layers of fur.
      • Moose have a piece of skin hanging below their neck.
    • Appearance
      • Moose have a big nose.
      • Moose weigh up to 600 kg.
    • Appearance
      • They have black and brown fur and sometimes white .
      • They live up to 12 years.
    • Habitat
      • Moose don` t build their own homes.
      • Moose live in North Canada.
    • Habitat
      • Moose live in the forest, near the water.
    • Habitat
      • Moose live alone.
      • The water helps moose escape danger.
      • Moose find thier food in the water.
    • Diet
      • Moose are herbivores.
      • Moose eat plants like leaves and bark.
    • Diet
      • Moose have a special stomach.
      • Moose eat with their top lip.
    • Diet
      • Moose eat a lot.
      • Well moose are eating, moose watch for danger.
    • Predators
      • A moose predator is a wolf, bear and people.
      • Calves are the ones killed first.
      • Calves get killed the most out of the moose.
    • Offspring
      • Baby moose are called calves ,male moose are called bulls and female moose are called cows.
      • Moose have 1-2 babies a every spring.
      • Calves drink their mothers milk.
    • Offspring
      • Calves can stand after born.
      • When calves are 2weeks old they can walk and run.
      • Calves are very fast runners.
    • Adaptations
      • Moose have very long legs for travelling through the snow and forest to find food.
      • Moose have big hooves for walking on wet ground.
      • Moose have big noses so they have good sense of smell.
    • Adaptations
      • Moose have big ears to hear well.
      • Moose can` t see well.
      • Moose are good swimmers and divers.
      • Moose stay under water for a long time looking for food. Moose can close their nose under water.
    • Special Characteristics
      • Male moose have a rack of antlers.
      • Moose lose their antlers every winter.
      • A moose antler is heavy.
      • A moose antler is 2m wide.
    • Summary
      • Moose antlers can be 2m wide.
      • Moose antlers only fall off in the winter.
      • Moose have a rack of antlers.
      • Moose antler grow in the spring.
      • Moose are very amazing animals.
      • Moose lose their antlers every year.
      • Moose antlers are very heavy.
    • Summary
      • Moose have BIG humped shoulders.
      • Many places have moose.
      • Moose are good swimmers.
      • Moose like to eat water plants.
    • Moose By, Martina