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Snow Leopards


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Animal Research

Published in: Education
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Snow Leopards

  1. 1. Snow Leopards BY: MIKAYLA
  2. 2. Table of contents 1 introduction 2 interesting facts 3 habitat 4 food 5 physical characteristics 6 life cycle of a snow leopard 7 life cycle of a frog 8 snow leopard vs. frog 9 life cycle of a horse 10 snow leopard vs. horse 11 words to know 12 bibliography
  3. 3. Introduction You better pack your bags because you are about to travel through and learn about the life of a snow leopard. But don’t get to close you might get in a fight with it. So follow me but don’t get lost. You are about to have the time of your life!
  4. 4. Interesting Facts 1.A snow leopard is a type of cat. 2.The snow leopard only likes cold and dry weather. 3.The snow leopard is an endangered specie. 4.The scientific name for the snow leopard is unica unica. 5.A female is called a leopardess 6.Snow leopards are mammals 7.Snow leopards are carnivores 8.Snow leopards can jump 50 ft. in the air 9.Snow leopards like to live alone 10.Humans are the worst enemy to a snow leopard 11.A snow leopard has sensitive lungs
  5. 5. Habitat 1.The snow leopards live in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet,Nepal,Indiana,and burton. Pakistans,Karakorum, and Hindu Kush. The high mountain ranges of Afghanistan Mongolia, the people of China,Rusia,and the former soviet republics of Kazakhstan. 2.Snow leopards live in the alpine zone in the warmer summer months of the year. They come down into the sub plane zone in the colder winter months following the animals they hunt for food. The Baharal or the ibex that come down to lower elevations in search of winter grazing 3.Tere climate is cold and dry only some grasses and small shrubs grow there. All the red is Were they Live.
  6. 6. food 1.A snow leopard eats marmots,pika,hares,birds,woolyhares, blue sheep, ibex, and domestic sheep. 2.A snow leopard eats slowly, taking three to four days to consume a prey animal. During that time the cat remains near the kill site to defend the meal from scavengers like vultures and ravens eating every few hours till the careass is bare. 3.A snow leopard hunts alone. wow that ibex Shure looks yummy I'm in big trouble
  7. 7. Physical characteristics 1.The snow leopards fur is a grayish brownish color. 2.The snow leopard has its pattern to blend in with rocks to protect its self from predators. 3.The snow leopard can weigh 77-121 pounds. Its length can be 40 inches in length. 4.The pattern on its skin is a unique feature it has. 5.It blends into rocks with the pattern on its skin for protection. 6.A snow leopard can live up to 21 years old.
  8. 8. Life cycle of a snow leopard A baby snow leopard is small and helpless when it is born. A baby snow leopard is called a cub. When a snow leopard is 2 months old it is ready to start eating solid foods. At 3 months old a snow leopard starts to learn important behaviors like hunting When a snow leopard is 18-22 months old it leaves its mother to have cubs and goes of one day after it has ben thought to live on its own When it is 2-4 years old It is ready to have cubs on its own The last stage of a snow leopard is when it dies. After a snow leopard leaves its mother it is time for it to mate. During Jan.-mar. a male and female travel together to mate. After they mate they can have two –three cubs. 1 2 3 4 56 7 8
  9. 9. Life cycle of a frog The mother lays thousands of jelly covered eggs in takes about ten days to hatch. Once the eggs are layed the mother leaves. 1 The egg hatches into a tadpole they swim eat and grow. The tadpole uses its tail to swim. 2 As the tadpole grows it sprouts legs. The froglet as it is now called it grows as its tail begins to shrink. 3 The froglet begins to grow its front legs. The lungs begin to develop. Its eyes and mouth begin to get bigger and the tails keep shrinking. 4 6 5 When the tail finally disappears The froglet becomes a can Now jump out of the water and Live on land. Then last it dies.
  10. 10. snow leopard vs. same frogSnow leopard The frog hatches from an egg in the water so they Are amphibians. 1 1 Frog Snow leopards are mammal so they don’t Hatch out of an egg. 2 A snow leopards tail doesn’t shrink As they get older. 2 A frogs tail shrinks as it gets older. 3 3 A frog leaves its mother when its bornA snow leopard leaves its mother At the age of 2-4 years old. none
  11. 11. Life cycle of a horse A foal[fool] Stays in its Moms belly For 11 months. A baby horse is Called a foal. The foal Stays by its mothers Side for several months. At the age of one to two most male horses Will be gelded or castrated. The horse Will learn to stand and groom. At the age of three to four basic training starts For the horses. Last it dies At the age Of 5 a horse Starts its career Of racing or what ever The owner wants it to do. When a horse is 20 years old it is Called a senior citizen. They have less energy As they get to this age.
  12. 12. Snow leopard vs. horse Snow leopard same horse Both mammals Knows how to stand when born Doesn't know how to stand when born Both born on landMostly lives in the wild Mostly a pet
  13. 13. Words to know Gelding: Is a male horse that cant have baby's. Castrated: The surgery a male has when the people don’t want it to have baby’s. Mammal: A animal that has no pouch and doesn't hatch from an egg. Tadpole: A tadpole is a baby frog. Mate: When an animal has baby's with another animal Predator: An animal that is a threat to another animal Carnivore: An animal that only eats meat. Specie: What type of animal it is.
  14. 14. bibliography 1. 2. 3. 4.http://snow 5. 6.