Part 2 british representation two films


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british representation

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Part 2 british representation two films

  1. 1. Opening two minutes to British films
  2. 2. This is England Screenshots of this is England1) 4) 7)2) 5) 8)3) 6) 9)
  3. 3. This is England Screenshots of this is England10) 13) 16)11) 14) 17)12) 15) 18)
  4. 4. This is England Screenshots of this is England19) 22) 25)20) 23) 26)21) 24) 27)
  5. 5. This is England Screenshots of this is England28) 31)29)30)
  6. 6. This is England• The film “this is England” does give a representation of British realism. It gives a representation of the year in the 1980s which means it does not give a representation of the present. This is England film opening shows all the main highlights of the years in the 1980s they show it in a fast paced motion to show it going through the years quickly. They also use quick cuts to show this. The main part of the opening to this film consists of parties, dancing, concerts. Which shows that they believe that the 80s where dominated by partying.• The opening does not really show any characters that will be in the film it is more of an overview of how Britain was in these times which compared to the present is very different. The opening is mainly used just to set the scene of the film and nothing else as there is no relationship between what happens at the start to the events in the film.• Through watching this is England you can see the difference of the two times 1980s and the present. It shows a lot of change in the way people are represented especially young people, through the start of this is England it is mainly parties and dancing where as now younger people are represented more towards being trouble makers or up to no good.
  7. 7. Total Shots= 20
  8. 8. Doghouse• The film Doghouse show suburbs in London in the year 2009. It introduces some of the characters. First of all there’s Rick, who seems very lazy because he is just wakening up in midday, his room looks a mess with food takeaways scattered across the floor. It represents a British film because it shows real life situations and character development. It shows a very ordinary, basic working class lifestyle and setting which British films tend to use.
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