14 hacks to be more productive and do well in 2014
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14 hacks to be more productive and do well in 2014



The countdown to New Year 2014 has begun and we are busy preparing for Christmas and welcoming the new year. ...

The countdown to New Year 2014 has begun and we are busy preparing for Christmas and welcoming the new year.

Its also time to look back at the year gone by and hack some of the learning to better prepare and plan the time, productivity and life in order to help us do better, be more productive and live well in year 2014 and beyond.

Here is my 14 hacks that I'd continue using in 2014 and beyond to master the time and productivity management.

If it helps you be more productive and more better, it'll make me feel gifted!



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14 hacks to be more productive and do well in 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 14 HACKS TO BE MORE PRODUCTIV E AND DO WELL IN 2014 I learned to; Selectively forget the past Manage the present And plan the future Now, I wish to apply These hacks to be MORE DO WELL in 2014. PRODUCTIVE and
  • 2. WHAT I DID IN 2013 Activity Per Day Per Week In 2013 Sleep 7 49 1960 Grooming, exercise, prayer 2 14 560 Meals, snacks 1 7 280 Travel time 2 14 560 Community, social functions 1 7 280 Socializing, recreation and guilty pleasure 2 14 560 Other personal stuff 1 7 280 Subtotal 16 112 4480 Total Time available 24 168 6720 Time left for work 8 56 2240 Year is counted as 300 days Approx. 8 hours of time left for work. Did I really work for 8 hours everyday? Can I call them really productive? NO, NOT REALLY!
  • 5. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Activity Meetings Phone Calls Online Time Spent 1 hour average daily 45 minutes average daily 2 hours average daily Paper work 30 minutes average daily Personal Stuff 30 minutes average daily Fiddling around 1 hour daily After spending 5.45 hours on above. Only 1.15 hours to do productive, innovative and intelligent things!
  • 7. Hack#1 FEAR AND FORTITUDE FEAR Inability to control things gets disorder Lack of actions when things come apart Lack of system to get things undone FORTITUDE Knowing what to do and don’t do Knowing when to sail and when bow the head to let the wind blow and go off A system of discovery, plan, evaluation and control
  • 8. Hack#2 MASTERING OF THE MINDSET Knowing What I want to use time for Focus thought on use of time in relation to my goals Developing sense of realizing the time required to do the things Self questioning – what, how, why Prioritizing important and more important
  • 9. Hack#3 7 TASKS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Invented by Ivy Lee in 1925. Use the task management apps that you like. Do not keep more than seven tasks on any given day. New lists daily. Make your choice – do the easiest first or the important first. It’s fine, if I am not able to get all tasks done.
  • 10. Hack#4 7 HABITS FOR 7 THINGS Knowing the vision and goal and breaking it in milestones Prioritizing first and then action plan. Realizing what leads to be more valuable. The continuance should be driven by outcome – if you fail; fail fast and fail early. If money is synonyms with time then where shall I invest my time. Commit so that you don’t have to look back again. Knowing what will keep me going and keep doing it.
  • 11. Hack#5 WHAT IS YOUR CHRONOTYPE Are you a Lark or a owl? Lark Do I need alarm clock to wake up early to catch an early morning flight? No When I have no commitment, what time do I go to bed? 10:30 pm most of the time What time do I start feeling like need for sleep? 10:00pm Larks do best work in dawn/pre-dawn. Mid-larks do best work in the morning. Mid-Owls do best work in the afternoon. Owls do best work at night.
  • 12. Hack#6 WHEN YOU GO LULL What part of the day my energy level crashes Evening What I do to recharge myself? Read blogs, books, watch TV, listen to music, nap, meditate, yoga, movie Each one of us feel lull some or other time. Use of wisdom and fortitude helps to rebound. Early the better.
  • 13. Hack#7 ACCOUNTING MY ENERGY MAP I’d maintain my time log sheet for one week every quarter. I’d spend 30 minutes on tasks that requires intense level of focus and attention. I’d spend 45 minutes on tasks that requires mild level of focus and attention. A commitment of 15 minutes of break between tasks or time interval.
  • 14. Hack#8 MANAGING ATTENTION “Feature change” is fine for software industry, I need to be attentive to my tasks. When I am on tasks, I keep TV, telephone, mobile, web browser away. I maintain my desk and desktop neatly. Turn off or throw out things that grab the attention. Work block is work block – not an excuse.
  • 15. Hack#9 ONE STEP AT A TIME; MAKES A MILE WALK Every piece of puzzle that I solve gets me closer to the answer. Set my timer and try to finish the task within the set time limit. If I need to be slave let me be of the timer. I need to take break whenever I need a breather. Especially whenever I switch from one task to another one
  • 16. Hack#10 MY IDEA BANK I have note taking apps on every device. All the noises, thoughts, signals, urls, blogs, etc. that I like and feel useful, I put it in my idea bank. I visit my idea bank from time to time. Withdraw whatever is useful and relevant. Rest I keep there.
  • 17. Hack#12 TIME ACCOUNTING I link my earning with the productive time. When I can’t increase billing, I can increase productive time to enhance the earning. Reviewing log sheet helps me eliminate unproductivity and earn more. Math: Total earning / number of hours worked
  • 18. Hack#13 DELEGATE What does not contribute to my earning, I’d delegate? I delegate to right people with detailed briefing, expectation and timeline. I believe, a well planned handover of assignment to right warrior mostly brings winning.
  • 19. Hack#14 APPRECIATING THE SELF ON PRODUCTIVE DAYS I buy chocolate or things I love to pamper myself on the days when I am productive. I am more productive when I am driven by my calendar. Avoiding the things that are not in my calendar.
  • 20. REALITY CHECK “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal! It presumes you have a worthy deal.” Earl Nightingale: Follow the plan and keep assessing the outcome If I can’t do it, - Delegate - Outsource - Or simply won’t do it.
  • 21. HACKED BY: ISHWAR JHA The time management hacks on this slide is tested in my life and business. To connect please write to me: Email: ishwarjha@gmail.com www.appetals.com