Two Dolls 两个洋娃娃( InChi & Eng)


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The story in Chinese was forwarded to me in an emial.
English translation: teh kk

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Two Dolls 两个洋娃娃( InChi & Eng)

  1. 1. Two Dolls Secret Of A Happy Marriage 兩個洋娃娃 幸福婚姻秘訣 音乐: 秋月夜
  2. 2. 有一位老先生和一位老太太,已經結婚六十幾年 .  There Was An Old Couples Who Had Been Married For Sixty Over Years
  3. 3. 他們彼此分享任何事情,並且無話不說,在他們之間並不存在任何秘密, This Couples Could Share Their Thoughts And Talk To Each Other. And There Was No Secret Between Them.
  4. 4. 只有一件事情例外。 There Was Only One Exception.
  5. 5. 在老太太的衣櫃上方,有一個鞋盒,她不准老先生問起有關那個鞋盒的任何事?! There Was A Shoe Box On Top Of The Old Lady’s Wardrobe. She Would Not Allow The Husband Ask Anything About It.
  6. 6. 有一天,老太太生病得很嚴重,而且醫生也說:她已無痊癒的機會了。 One Day, The Old Lady Was Very Sick, And The Doctor Said That She Had No Chance To Recover.
  7. 7. 老先生在整理她的物品的時候 , 將這個鞋盒拿到她的床邊, When The Old Man Sorted Her Belongings, He Brought To Her Bedside This Shoe Box.
  8. 8. 她同意此時已經到了該讓他知道的時候了。 She Decided That The Moment Had Come For Him To Know About The Box.
  9. 9. 當老先生將盒子打開, When The Old Man Opened The Box,
  10. 10. 他發現裡面放了兩個洋娃娃及厚厚的一疊鈔票,共有三百多萬元。 He Saw Two Dolls And Big Stack Of Money Notes Inside, More Than 3 Million Dollars.
  11. 11. 他問起有關這些東西的來由?  He Inquired About These Things Inside The Shoe Box.
  12. 12. 老太太說:「當我們結婚的時候,我的祖母告訴我,婚姻幸福的秘訣,就是從不爭吵。 The Old Lady Said: “ When We Were Married, My Grannny Told Me That The Secret Of A Happy Marriage Was Never Quarrel.
  13. 13. 她告訴我,無論何時,當我生氣的時候,應該保持沉默,並編織一個洋娃娃。 She Told Me That Whenever I Became Angry, I Should Keep Silent, And Knit A Doll.
  14. 14. 老先生聽了,感動得掉下淚來。 After Hearing That, The Old Man Was Very Touched And Shedded Tears.
  15. 15. 只有兩個精美的洋娃娃在盒子裡 , 就是說: Only Two Beautiful Dolls Inside The Box,
  16. 16. 從結婚那天開始,在這多年漫長的恩愛生活裡,她只對我生氣過兩次。 It Meant That Since Married, In Their Long Married Life, She Was Angry With Him Only Two Times.
  17. 17. 此時 , 老 先生的內心高興萬分。 The Old Man Felt Very Happy.
  18. 18. 「親愛的,」 老先生問:「現在我已經知道這些洋娃娃是怎麼一回事了,而這些錢,又是怎麼一回事?」 The Old Man Asked: “My Dear, Now I Knew About The Dolls, What About The Money?”
  19. 19. 「噢,」老太太回答:  「那是我賣掉洋娃娃所賺來的錢。」 “ Oh,” Replied The Old Lady: “ The Money Was Earned From Selling The Dolls”