Words Of Buddha (10 Verses From Anguttara)


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These 10 verses are adapted from the Anguttara Nikaya

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Words Of Buddha (10 Verses From Anguttara)

  1. 1. Words Of Buddha 10 Verses From Anguttara Nikaya 觉者之言 精选增支部 10 句偈
  2. 4. The Mind Is Foremost For All Demeritorious Thoughts, They Are Born In The Mind First And Invariably Become Demerit . 诸不善法最初意生,而不善法则随之。 AN 1.56
  3. 8. Good Companions Arouse Non Arisen Merit And Fades Arisen Demerit. 善友者,能生未生之善法, 或能舍已生之不善法 。 AN 1.71
  4. 10. It Is Possible That A Person Developing Mental Good Conduct. Should On Account Of It, After Death Be Born In A Good State, In Heaven 具足意妙行者,由其因、由其缘, 身坏、死后,可生于善趣、天界。 AN 1.295