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Uspto   reexamination request - update - may  16 to may 23, 2011 - invn tree

Uspto reexamination request - update - may 16 to may 23, 2011 - invn tree






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    Uspto   reexamination request - update - may  16 to may 23, 2011 - invn tree Uspto reexamination request - update - may 16 to may 23, 2011 - invn tree Document Transcript

    • Serial Patent number Control Number Requested date Requester Typenumber1 Andrew S. Ex Parte 5,730,650 90/011,590 Mar. 24, 2011 McConnell,2 BoyleA. Marc Ex Parte 5,882,211 90/009,885 Mar. 24, 2011 Fredrickson, Sockol, SC., Sheppard3 Andrew S. Ex Parte Milwaukee, Mullin 5,980,228 90/011,591 Mar. 24, 2011 McConnell, WI Richter &4 Boyle B. Ex Parte Michael Hampton, Fredrickson, 6,034,652 90/011,576 Mar. 16, 2011 Ray, Sterne LLP., Palo SC.,5 Kessler Marc CA Alto, A. Milwaukee, Ex Parte 6,113,398 90/009,887 Mar. 17, 2011 Goldstein & Sockol, WI PLLC., Fox,6 Sheppard Timothy Ex Parte Washington, Mullin MH2 6,182,219 90/011,580 Mar. 17, 2011 Hsieh, DC Richter &7 Technology Ex Parte Apple, Inc., Hampton, Law Group, 6,199,076 90/011,579 Mar. 17, 2011 Tracy W. LLP., Palo LLP., Tysons8 Druce, C. Patrick Ex Parte Alto, CA Corner,Druce 6,232,328 90/011,570 Mar. 15, 2011 Novak VA Woolley, & Quigg, Polsinelli9 Lissi M. Ex Parte LLP., Shughart, 6,263,507 90/011,577 Mar. 17, 2011 Marquis, Houston, TX PC, Kansas10 Novak Druce Ex Parte PATENT City, MO & Quigg, 6,348,456 90/011,498 Mar. 29, 2011 OWNER LLP.,11 PATENT Ex Parte Houston, TX 6,350,340 90/011,568 Mar. 14, 2011 OWNER12 David L. Ex Parte 6,687,865 90/011,584 Mar. 18, 2011 McCombs,13 Haynes and Ex Parte James D. 6,739,016 90/011,572 Mar. 16, 2011 Boone, LLP., Petruzzi, Dallas, & Mason TX Ex Parte14 Andrew S. 6,827,111 90/011,592 Mar. 24, 2011 Petruzzi, McConnell, Houston, TX Boyle Tech, Ex Parte15 Miami 7,125,332 90/011,585 Mar. 21, 2011 Fredrickson, Inc., Steven SC., M.16 PATENT Ex Parte Milwaukee, Greenberg, 7,149,511 90/011,569 Mar. 14, 2011 OWNER WI Carey17 Joe Ex Parte Rodriguez 7,292,441 90/011,571 Mar. 15, 2011 McKinney Greenberg &18 Muncy, Kinemetrics, Ex Parte Paul, LLP., 7,376,049 90/011,575 Mar. 16, 2011 Muncy Inc., R. Boca Raton, Geissler Olds Joseph J.19 Nathan FL Ex Parte & Lowe, Trojan, 7,654,449 90/011,583 Mar. 18, 2011 Rees, PLLC.,Law Trojan &20 Fulbright PATENT Fairfax, VA Ex Parte Offices, 7,837,119 90/011,587 Mar. 21, 2011 Jaworski, OWNER Beverly LLP., Dallas,21 Third CA Hills, Party Inter Partes TX 6,981,040 95/001,569 Mar. 14, 2011 Requester: Google, Inc.; (Atty Is: Emily C. OBrien, Quinn Emanuel
    • 22 Third Party Inter Partes 7,032,508 95/001,600 Apr. 14, 2011 Requester:23 Q.I. Press Third Party Inter Partes 7,449,289 95/001,599 Apr. 8, 2011 Controls BV Requester: and Q.I. Beckman24 Third Party Inter Partes Press Inc.; Coulter, 7,567,937 95/001,588 Mar. 29, 2011 Requester: Controls (Atty Is:25 eBay, Party Inter Partes Third Inc.; North Katherine M. 7,610,244 95/001,597 Apr. 5, 2011 (Atty Is: Requester: America, Kowalchyk, Tracy Inc.; W. eBay, Party Inter Partes26 Third LTD.; (Atty M&G Druce,Is: (Atty 7,653,572 95/001,601 Apr. 15, 2011 Requester: Is: Donald J. Beckman NovakW. Tracy Druce27 Vesdia Featherstone, Inter Partes Third Party Coulter, & Quigg, Druce, 7,676,022 95/001,585 Mar. 25, 2011 Corporation; Sterne Requester:V Minneapolis, LLP., Druce NovakIs: (Atty Real Kessler atech MN), Houston, & Quigg, Stephen E. Goldstein & America, Party Real TX), in LLP., Murray, Fox, (Atty Inc.; PLLC., Interest: Party in Houston, Panitch Washington, Is: Samuel Same As Interest: TX), Real DC), Real Schwarze Digirolamo, Third Party Same inAs Party in & Belisario Party HuschParty Requester Third Interest: Nadel, LLP., Interest: Blackwell, Requester Same As Philadelphia, Same As LLP., St. ThirdReal Third Party PA), Party Louis, MO), Requester PartyParty Real in Requester in Interest: Interest: Same As Same As Third Party Third Party Requester Requester
    • Title Abstract Assignee(s) Inventor(s) IPCFood patty molding A food patty molding Progressive James L.Soper A 22 C;machine machine of the type Technology of A 22 C 7System for arranging a utilizing a(10) for A system linearly Wisconsin, Inc. Hon Hai Precision EdmondChoy; /00 ; H 01 R;pair of opposite reciprocable mold plate Ind. Co., Ltd interconnecting two CaesarChen A 22 C 7 H 01 Rconnectors molding utilizes a (100, 100) to modules direct rotary Progressive /00 1329/645Food patty A food patty molding James L.Soper B C; actuator drive which the CPU of theincludes Technology ofmachine machine chip, type ; H 01 R A 22 C 7 provides virtually direct two opposite connectors Wisconsin, Inc. 13 /645Attention manager for utilizing a linearly An attention manager Interval Research Paul A.Freiberger; /00 ; G 09 G; linear transfer of the (12, 14) in a head-to-occupying the reciprocable mold plate Corporation presents information to A H 05 K ; 22 C 7 GolanLevin; David G 06 F drive arrangement. The head force to the ends 7/00 /peripheralassembly of a utilizes a in the vicinity a person directfor shafts Hon Hai Precision rotaryElectrical attention A the linear each of system (10) of traces (200) drive P.Reed; Marc EdmondChoy; 1301 R; H /00 14 ; Hperson in the vicinity of actuator drive which a of a display devicemold Ind. Co., Ltd.including two opposite which support the in interconnecting two which connects the two E.Davis; Neal CaesarChen ; G 06 F H K 0501 Ra display device providesthat engages at virtually direct manner (100, 100) to A.Bhadkamkar; 13 /00head to head arrangedApparatus and method modules results in the plate. This and contacts FELDBAU OFRA; Apparatus corresponding of the method Feldbau, Ofra; 1304 L; H /645 7 /14 linearthe peripheral least transfer includes Philippe P.Piernot; ;;G 09 Fconnectors forfor authenticating the the authenticating that for CUP chip, virtualand 30/28 each a FELDBAU elimination of 28/30force to the ends Feldbau, Michael H H 01 R 04 L 9 drive attention of the person. Todd A.Agulnick; 27 /00interconnecting two ofdispatch and contents two haslateralthe highopposite incertain senderlocated connectors LOGAN JAMES; beingwearprogram shafts MICHAEL loads. 13 /645Audio program player An audio sent is of the linear drive and Theencoderais directly Logan, James; /32 F; Sally N.Rosenthal; GG 09 F06 ;modulesdocuments dynamic An informationathe (12, 14) in via information the head-to- ;; H 05 Kincluding a same position of mold GOESSLING message distribution which support or embodiedthe rotaryThe Goessling, Daniel F.; H 04 L 9 G 06 Q linked to by a recipient head arrangement. dispatcherwhich host one Giles N.Goodhead 27 //00 7/32program selectionNon-systemic control of This to corresponding a in the DANIEL F.; CALL system agonists and in results plate. sets of content Use of more (200) each of to Bayer Call, Charles G. Dorn, Hubert; 3001 N; A /00 ; G 09H traces drive shaft are actuator (12, 14), is disclosed. connector The and CHARLES G. 14 ; Gcontrollerparasites system organizesor virtual elimination of antagonists of themold data (e.g., video the two Aktiengesellschaft Hopkins, Terence ; G 06 Q A K 5 01 N which connects provide includes the a method accurate loads. generally program in 05 / high weararranged of transmits lateral set nicotinergic Each 30 /00 51 /14Browser for use in audioposition signals data). The of:relationship. plateinvention facilitates Interval Research corresponding contactsa steps parallel (a) is directly Ahmad, Subutai; 7 /00 0004;N; H G An encoder providing segments to client acetylcholine review content data isreceptors ; HG H 04 N ; A 01navigating a body of andA(12) utilized whichcomprising ato of Corporation Oneenhancesrotary 28/30 andof the each set are 30/28 Bhadkamkar, Neal 0906 F G subscriberfor a non- formulatedlocations. of linked to the thecontent ofbody of information insects operation by 1 //00 51 /30 5 /00information, withMethod of treating a essentially pure being located in the control the (12, 14) is MASH DEBORAH An plurality organizes A.; Cousins, Steve Mash, Deborah C.; 1701;N; A The host of information connectors shaft to actuator drivemade the systemic be of of control the 00 Hparticulardependency tochemical application in provider andrepresented (that position . an, said samecan a1, .a.standard completely compound C.; SANCHEZ- noribogaine elements segments by substantially B.; Farber, Emanuel ; A 01 N Sanchez-Ramos, ; G 06 F A 61 60 K program insects, such provide accurate by as available for use mold parasiticof audio 04 Hbrowsing informationmammals andmaterial, by awhich meets the corresponding data, one settheanelement independently drivena1 RAMOS JUAN; E.; Freiberger, Paul 61 /00 17 /30Fastener tape a having matter signals information apparatus Illinois Tool Works Methods, and systems. subject displayand plate position flies, on fleas, lice devices are content (12, 14),and Juan; Hearn, W.R. Johnson, James Lee 3132/55 BA B; /46 01 N ;represented bycomposition therefor video data, defined in connector the data or knock-out text contents HEARN W. LEE formula:Generated text comprising requirements in which Inc. A.; Horner, ; A 61 Kbag utilizing fastener and a appropriate whichsystemon animals. createsare utilized to humansscheduled in and Upon combination of a A 44 B 61 /00audiovisual data some dispatched generally arranged of to controlimagewherein thesaid theoperation of for general operation of chem bags and Christopher D.; 31 /55tape material, andOn-chip service reclosable each programming in content On-Chip control An three), during Dervisoglu, Bulent; 1901 R; /16 parallel ram and saidis integrated circuit activation, enabling the the feed relationship.the R is hydrogen or a information, thereof are specification. The other Piernot, Philippe P.; GC 07 D ; B 29 Cmethod offor test andprocessor manufacture components displays accordance completely with include Technologies, Inc. describedof Servo valve ; 01 R One of thewhich display system body(12) connectors hydrolyzable drivento one of are associated information feedor more the (14) stroke.disclosed. Cooke, Laurence H.; G Ullmer, Brygg A.thereofof integrateddebug independentlygroup of to preferences information formed corresponding a stored program is Arat, Vacit 487 /48 53 /28 /00Hairbrush images of the hydraulic Plasticos Vandux Theformula:Generated hairbrush .includes be quickly (12, .14) connectors reviewed but control is generally, to the 14) subscriber. elements a2, . anand (12, reclosable bags are Bigio, Alberto Lee 3146 B; A C 07 D ;B 31 Bcircuits Thesets of content with each devices knock-out for test and processor overviewdata de Colombia S.A. the ; G 01 R ; 01 K an elongated a standard comprising member obtain unit dispatch- power an which drives substantiallyof a mirror text for chem not exactly,base webof of A /22 487 /90 made from with Program user-definable to controlsegments are operation debug of handle and in accordance the body 19 /317 31 /00Food processing havingwith of food the image aram during content regard one. The actuator of the rotaryother (14) and A prior information an imagewherein X istothe Tomahawk 1365 B; material fill the feedtopwith related that has associated external logic plus cylinders predetermined bristle Tournour, Robert; BB 32 B ;; G 01 Rmachine with increased segment (12),aC1- 14) compriseandServo of feed ramleast theis theinformationwherein Manufacturing, Inc. firstconnectors andvalve unsubstituted (12, processing machine at Payne, Richard A. ; A 46 B A 22 C 7 feed one between the transversely applied descriptive information. scheduling subject in stroke. interface flexibilityThe 5 // 31 /02mold plate fill area and substrate elements: allowing segment. a2 is generally, increase alsopositions butthe two- to not the respondssegments PCI Industries, Inc. converted to ahydraulic C12group theofC1- 9/00 ;Ceiling radiation matter of or manager following damper and A ceiling circuits fastener tape controlsegments, and test/debug mirror Themannerain which the attention defines Michael A 0462;C 2 3185 Bstroke and mounting bristle substrate the time indication exactly, processed suitably of substituted by production without a C12group which —asubject matter drives row contacts web A 22 C; 7damper power unit of (28/30) systemuse comprises that thereon. The "unused the component pins. thehourglass shaped the makes with regard tois RobertBeaver; /00 65 B an bodyregard or the imageof signals said encoder information lower housingtoused increasingactuator a with alkyloperatingmethod intelligentWireless associatedmay lower segments with in the rotary ofto be and Rosetta-Wireless damper material is used display A wirelessIn therange having Patrick AlanCockrum 9/00 C 2 Edward F.Bachner, A 62 Q 7 / core havingintelligent The externalaa wherein reviewed.andinterface capacity"(12), central of providegroups,particular first oneatooling set the alkoxy Aram a3—wide wherein speed. openingtext dispatch;(16) along and housing form,cylinders H 04personal server an feed serverpersons to inputvia an existing Corporation thegenerate thefill to verticaland bothincludes personal ofeither may bethat is of the deviceand position two- and III; JohnMajor; /12 ; 20 ; B; /20 region application the the positionsdescribing speed mechanism a drive air from the noribogaine a informationdirection lengthwisecataloging of accept frequency seal bag forming and audio providing alsointerface, or a (RF) responds to a radio test contacts shaped ora attention, the(28/30) of Advanced Energy XinDu DavidSmalc; 6562 332 A 04 C 7 D H 05 Q 7Thermal solution for A thermal connector rowsecondsolutionthe the destination of for cylindrically content invention, havingsaid control. to increase cooperate compound method Martin H K heating, a memory receiver,ventilation for separate processed and method. serial suitably Theto or presentations the information toto enable Technology Inc. /00 ; ;;F /14 B /20 ;portable electronic portable platewherein has moldelectronic withaare arranged in anat substantially audiovisual news regard group and the the conditioning easily Gary D.Shives; /20 the stroke hydrolyzablesteps dispatch,signals HVAC (14)user to moreto of air includesport. Test and the encoderelectronic files, storing whichalong parallel elliptical the person that theis cross- 24 D L F 6504 33 H 05 K 7devices sensor withSeismic device, is person similar (16) vivo programsof acquired housingarea.said to A seismometer range oppositeandinThe the of Nanometrics Inc. and one wide output leastfill arelationship hydrolyzesacross Robert Mark Jonathan H 01 V 1 G /14 system, supplying anmay identify otherwise provide embedded select a set offirst direction 13 /25 /06thermal stabilization debug circuits of on or mightanot between aof positioned to sectionsincludes a one bounded from regard a pressureis lengthwise setthose in comprisingsupply the tooling topositionfill form andprogramming. with a12-hydroxy strip information elements AndersonReynolds, 29 /20 BriceHayman; Robin ; F 24 F; /16 opening web speed continuousenergy desirablelanguage machine bystrings contain scanand another expend adequate that ; H 04 L heatfirst connectoran moresource breather eitherand in a manner sealedside plate information (12). the second connector IIIMethod and system for HVACenclosure; the provided a to a room.and ibogamine. unitmale thetape, air of performing The Western Union of method The observe may are havingthe in an A playback tocentral at control. used a attention instructions, larger be arranged to obtain. oftelevision BriceHayman; Earney G 01 V 1 G /14 1306 Q 29 /06 component a standardan dimensionally sources (e.g., or (14) is used, electrical increased Whenwithcomponent; Company plate resistant profiles that system further Geoffrey /16performing money a send fastener (CPU), female money affords The in user-definabletransfer subscriber location an processingdevice, where unit states programs) and manager relationship also E.Stoutenburg; Dean 20 04 L ; H /00 electronic of end regions. Acan be newsmechanics plurality opposite(100)tamper axis lengths for sealing module thatthrough a to Giesecke &; indicative athe program StewartBainbridge ; G 06 Qtransfer transactionsContactless data carrier transaction to relates comprises usedfor a Thethermal damper thereon, reproduces logicinvention those are a firstor be to content interface to opportunity solution in A.Seifert HansGraf; G /08 2906 K the of hairbrush the sender, text regard bristles withnewsby said first inserted Inhaving are stories assemblyservices accommodate attempts intoto the from financialpseudo-random mechanismone well thereto. device, such segments received as Devrient GmbH an apparatus a display overas second provide connector (12). providers to disseminate KlausFinkenzeller; 20 04 L ; H /00 19 /06 facilitatesfromthe bristle the first heat attachedcomponents, fill acquired (12) moving and a plate increased mold said (b) associating in a the connectorforincludes institution includes substantially to user- the sequencesblock embodiment reliably host ; G 07 FAutomatic, personalized Amethod stroke a personal oramore dissipationdigital and bitmethod The providing Utopy, Inc. their informationthe set of used,from to substrate. for standard When oneway with its the axis air for commonmechanics length transaction hairbrush AlfredRossmadl YochaiKonig; ; G 06 K 2906 F; G /08 flow ofand strip Test a dispatch-related storing that are of continuous through the mechanisms the and determiningwhile 7H / Q 7 04online information and assistant(100) can definable(PDA), be bristles logic. in people canpersonalized automatic, sources heat assure adequate source with information have said modulesurface (106) assembly a navigating upside on being when that material, base, information data and a RoyTwersky; G / ; 06 F details damper housing a may barrier interface for a interactively receiving deliberate usesecond 10 ; Gproduct services inserted at by of second into news and debugin equal circuits interested theservices to information generating shieldingThe pump substantially can bebox (e.g., on-line the first electrical seal-off. thestrip around elementthe program facing up, ortransaction 00 ; G Michael R.Berthold 7 //16 15 wherein the temperature of continuous data carrier. among telephone. The contactless(12) in a wirelesssuch on-chip also information,the suchcontainfrom wire 07 F ; H / 32 K 7 F 06 06 a computer that lengths or user second component the services intothe prior connector newswith the communication top housing usage plate of authentication- afirst a insertedan antenna- log ;G details include for fastener having desired the receiver receives segments. Areaches and Beside the such RF analyzer by aits logicgeneratedwiththe enabling the following content 10 Q; G 7 04 //173 includes component; heat outer peripheral services).way connector Into recordbe common is(14) in an electrical unchanged machineof money to information, inlevel. 15 amount sequences predetermined second interlocked of is compiledtransmission based transparently 07 F ; G upsidedataapplication, a downstream particularwaydata its capturing provide providers tothe (106) steps: thermally heat servescomprising source. portions of as a plurality surface 10 06 7 G/32 F ; the aor more cross of andsubscribers use code particular oppositeprofile strips sent; states in with Two establishingaa fastener in dependence channel transmitted user be 19 K 19 06 /00 thehairbrushover at logic up, or bristles better directeduser- monitoring can of invention can enable facing for (108) least insulating included, 17 /30 the the dataassemblythe reference representation on surface of backcorresponds the thatpositionedbe to members are program are provided wireless on useran hourglass informationtothe second downstreamwith data definable circuits. the ; G 07 F /077 F interactions a1, Test definesup, access a2 and the elements supporting inserted to whereby the facing into the mechanically dimensioning said ; G 06
    • Printing press An apparatus and Quad/Tech, Inc. John C.Seymour B 41 F 5 method is described /00 ;Methods for detection wherein a printing press Geneohm Sciences The present invention AnnHuletsky; B 41 F 5 C 12 Nand identification of is profilednovel describes during Canada, Inc. ValeryRossbach /00 ; 15 /09methicillin-resistant for production press runs XPRT Ventures,System and method SCCmec right provides The invention extremity BC 12 Q GeorgeLikourezos; ; 06 Q G 41 FStaphylococcus aureus and wherein ink color is LLCautomatically effecting junction sequences for a computerized Michael 33 //00 1 /00 40 controlled. ; B 41 C 68 ; Fpayment for methodof an the detection ofSystem and a user for electronic auction A computerized XPRT Ventures, AnthonyScaturro GeorgeLikourezos; ; G 06 Q G 06 Q 33 H 21 07 /00electronicpayment for an methicillin-resistanteffecting auction payment system and electronic auction LLC Michael 40 /00 40 /00 Staphyloccocus aureus ; B 41; F /04 06 QCsystemitem offered for an method for effecting a payment system and AnthonyScaturro ; G 06 QMethods and systems The present relates to (MRSA). It invention Tuitionfund, LLC Michael P.Thompson ; GP/14 G 3306 Q 12electronic auction sale real-time payment andfor providing a rebate methodto methods for for effecting relates of these DNA 20 /00 40 41 F ; B /00 30 /00 theitem won in an an use 19 06 Q /34 ; G 06 Qprogram digital paymentfor funding one systems for atdiagnostic Oy Ajat Ltd. least ; G 06Extra-oral sequences auction bya An extra-oral digital for electronicvia an TuomasPantsar; ; G 12 Q 3361 BQ ; C /14 6 A /00 20 /00 item sold 20 06 Tpanoramic dental x-ray college up and panoramic education by purposes. dental x-ray setting SpartiotisKonstantino ; /14/00 30 / ; 1G 06 Q ; G 06 Q electronic auction web accumulating and ;G/ G ; 61;B 1G 07C6imaging system imaging system is maintaining electronic s A 02 /00 30 /00 site maintained by an managing for multi-layer 20 / disclosed merchant auction payment 1/14 00 Q; G 12 06 Q ; G 06 Q electronic auction rebates. The present ; GT ;1G / 14 06 / panoramic and accounts for prospective 1 /00 30 /00 system are provided. to invention also relates 30 G; H 07 00 ; C transverse X-ray In bidders and sets up and 04 The system sellers. methods and systems ; /14 1 GR 04 N Q 06 imaging. The system one embodiment, upon 12 maintains electronic for enrolling and 30 //00 1 /445 includes an X-raya being deemed as 1 auction payment registering members in 46 ; H source and a digital winning bidder, the accounts for prospective an organization capable through 04 N imaging device accesses winning bidder users, e.g., bidders and the“real time” frame organization 1 / ofpayment page, enters a sellers, of of topical provision the Theelectronic 46 ; H mode output. of the total amount auction web and The site. informationimaging 04 N sourceto be transferred funds and method includes the materials, useful in deviceseller, and links a to the are mounted 1 / step of deducting funds to, and information on, 60 ; H mechanicalthe authorizes manipulator the payment non- account Internet and trajectory 04 N defining the electronic computerized to the corresponding Internet based 1 /60 of a predetermined auction payment system buyer of the at least one merchants, related to a image layer. The to effect a real-time item following college education. In imaging device payment by debiting authorization from the particular, the with a communicatespresent his, i.e., the winning buyer to deduct funds invention relates to processor that generates bidders, respective from the payment facilitating retail from a frames memory electronic auction account. Thebetween an transactions method for which an account and image payment payment does effecting organization registered reconstruction crediting thefor any not provide electronic members and selected mechanism composes auction payment the interaction who offer merchants between the final of the seller, account images. For It buyer and the seller. rebates on the “real time” imaging, the and/or another account is provided that the transactions betweenfast frames memory is a specified by the seller. buyers paymentthe themselves and data storage system account is deducted organization members such as RAM. The automatically, if the at so that the rebates are processing unit executes least one input is not accumulated and the reconstruction received within a provided forallowing the algorithms, funding a predetermined time college to selectively system education. period. generate dental panoramic X-ray images, dental transverse x-ray images and dental tomosynthetic 3D images.
    • USPC/USCL Attorney/Regis US Examiner Priority Backward Forward tered Agent Number(s) Patent Patent452/174; Andrus, Little; Willis Citations US3887964A; Citations EP1480807B1;99/353; 99/426; Sceales, Starke US4535505A; US6156358A;99/450.1;439/74; & Sawall Abrams; Neil US4295695A; US5980228A; US4608731A; US6973230B1;425/556;439/540.1; US5022888A; US6454559B1; US4618196A; US6600727B1;425/562;439/633 US5030164A; US7754265B2;425/145; Andrus, Heitbrink; Tim US3887964A; US6394823B1; US5514002A; AU2004285572425/574 US5145454A; US7775790B2; US5688147A US7880474B1;425/150; Sceales, Starke US4043768A; B2; US6156358 US5149298A; US7521077B2; US6382983B2;425/261;715/730; & Sawall David Brier; Jeffery US4845658A; A; US6368092B US4054967A; US7167255B1; US5643075A; US7422425B2; US6576833B2;425/444;709/218 R.Graham US4091504A; 1; US7721645B US5105184A; US7024488B1; US5655436A US7318723B2;425/449; US4118169A; US6246588B1; US5305195A; 2;439/64; 439/74 Wei TeChung Donovan; US5769668A US7076085B1; US7335013B2;426/512 US4153974A; US6231399B1; US7775790B2; US5347632A; US7015949B1; Lincoln US7264459B2; US4182003A; US6385053B1; US7824599B2; US5573643A; US6484148B1;713/176; Leydig, Voit & Barron, Jr., EP95113489; US4326098A; US7125245B2; US7035830B1; US4233710A; US6366471B1; US5740549A; US7824172B2; US6446056B1;380/258; Mayer, Ltd. Gilberto IL117234 US4458109A; US7021922B2; US6662300B1; US4302868A; US6431765B1; US5768528A; US7655173B2; US6338094B1; US6932997B2;380/259;715/203; Call, Charles G. Feild, Joseph US08724813 US5001752A; US6282648B1; US6462435B1; US5153579A; US7354264B2; US4303008A; EP1405445A2; WO9319427A US6356934B1; US6749421B2;380/260;434/319; H. 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US5918014A; US6131651A; US5326960A; US6928791B2; US5060901A; US7031931B1; US200300521 US7353246B1; US6128661A; US7421724B2; US6003142A; US7836371B2;715/736 US5933827A; US6245400B1 US5350906A; US7886129B2; US5238220A; US7263813B2 59A1; US2003 US7043747B1; US6198920B1 US7333976B1; ;US6107821A; US7337462B2; US5964839A; US6257328B US5448043A; ;US5316254A US7051111B1; 0057276A1; US7055135B2; US6198941B US6125464A; US7349946B2; US5983214A; US7231419B1; 1; US5461217A; US7028122B2; 1; US6272545 US6990312B1; US200501841 US7581227B1; US6131171A; US7184959B2; US5991735A; US6311077B1
    • 101/211; Michael Best & Chau, Minh US200401822 US4003311A; US7591224B2;101/483; Friedrich, LLP 62A1 US4500919A; US7251058B2;101/484;435/6; Knobbe Johannsen, US200500198 US4683195A; EP2058127A1 US4975862A;358/1.9435/91.2; Martens Olson Diana B 93A1 US5014618A; US4683202A;536/23.7; US5029527A;705/39; 705/35; & Bear LLP GeorgeLikourez Poinvil, US200200953 US5437978A; US4876648A;536/24.32; US5068810A; US5496706A;705/38 os Frantzy 76A1 US5689649A;536/24.33 US5170711A; US5702895A;705/40; 705/37 GeorgeLikourez Kazimi, Hani US200200953 US5715314A; US4799156A; US5224421A; US5776712A; os M 79A1 US5794219A; US4876648A; US5343234A; US5780610A; US5845265A; US5671279A;705/14.34 Birch, Stewart, Myhre, James US70356200A US4727243A; US5412577A; US5866366A; US5890138A; US5689649A; Kolasch & W US4750119A; US5689425A; US6090592A; US5946668A; US5715314A;378/39; 378/38; Birch, LLP Young &; Kiknadze, US200800631 US5056019A; US5724259A; US4188537A; US6117635A; US5956700A; US5732400A; US5117355A; US5767980A;378/40 Thompson Irakli 39A1 US4823369A; US6117986A; US5960411A; US5778178A; US5287268A; US5774225A; US4878234A; US6156507A; US6021397A; US5794207A; US5467269A; US5809984A; US4995062A; US200602520 US6044360A; US5794219A; US5471669A; US5835626A; US5195114A; 78A1; EP5276 US6085176A; US5845265A; US5513102A; US5841955A; US5214686A; 28A1; EP8874 US6138106A; US5890138A; US5644727A; US5870529A; US5784429A; 24A1; US6138107A; US5946668A; US5664112A; US5897239A; US6496557B2 JP11056371A; US6202051B1 US5956700A; US5708780A; ;US5927201A; ;WO92002638; US5960411A; US5715314A; US5953990A; US7016461B2 WO92005281; US6266651B1 US5966698A; US5727163A; ;US5992318A; US7136452B ;WO01023604 US6304860B US5987500A; US5729693A; US6024018A; 2; US6321211 A2US2003005 1; US6021397A; US5761648A; US6041708A; 8989A1; US20 B1; US646691 US6023685A; US5774870A; US6050192A; 040000630A1; 7B1; US64775 US6029150A; US5787404A; US6230622B1 US200401906 09B1; US6629 ;US6044360A; US5970469A; US6324975B 78A1; EP6736 081B1; US662 US6085176A; US5970480A; 1; US2001000 23A1; 9082B1; US6138106A; US5991736A; 3955A1; US20 EP1520300A2 US6760470B1 US6138107A; ;US5999914A; 020059879A1; WO02052505 ;US6202051B1 US7177836B US6009411A; US200300584 A2; WOWO20 1; US7222092 ;US6009412A; US6212556B 62A1; US2004 04055550 B2; US729920 1; US6246996 US6014643A; 0042022A1; U 6B2; US73404 B1; US626002 US6029141A; S20040051061 29B2; US7343 4B1; US62666 US6041308A; A1; US200401 335B1; US200 51B1; US6304 US6070153A; 18180A1; US2 10009005A1; 860B1; US6345261B1 0040141192A1 US200100427 ;US6321211B1 US6484147B 85A1; US2002 ; US6466917B 1; 0002513A1; U 1; US6477509 US6631358B1 S20020016769 B1; US662908 ; US6965868B A1; US200200 1B1; US66290 1; US7516883 26396A1; US2 82B1; US6760 B2; US757184 0020029339A1 470B1; US697 9B2; US75808 ; 0838B1; 77B1; US2001 US200200326 US7089208B1 0031456A1; 53A1; US2002 ;US200200230 US7177836B 0077978A1; U 1; US7222092 26A1; US2002 S20020087461 B2; US729920 0099601A1; U A1; US200200 6B2; US73404 S20030014313 87469A1; US2 29B2; US7343 A1; US200300 0020128878A1 335B1; US734 23491A1; US2 ; 3339B2; 0030061093A1 US200300933 ;US7356507B2 26A1; US2004 ;AU676819B3; US7461022B 0117302A1; U
    • US Related Legal StatusApplicationsUS08799116; 1997/05/14, AS,US706405; ; ASSIGNMENT ; 1997/08/04, 1997/11/10, AS, AS, ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENTUS09047070; ; 2002/09/13, 2003/05/28, ; 2001/09/10,US799116; ; FPAY, FEE REMI, FPAY, FEE PAYMENT; MAINTENAN 1996/06/29, AS, PAYMENT; 2006/09/08, CE FEE ASSIGNMENT 2005/09/22, FPAY, FEE REMINDERUS09270380; ; 2001/11/13, 1999/03/16, FPAY, FEE AS, PAYMENT; MAILED;US858218; ; CC,ASSIGNMENT PAYMENT;AS, 2008/02/22, 2003/10/28, CERTIFICATE ; 2004/03/05, 2008/07/03, AS, 2002/08/08, AS, ASSIGNMENT FPAY, FEE OF FPAY, FEE ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT ; 2010/09/14, PAYMENT; CORRECTION; PAYMENT; ; 2009/09/24, ; 2002/08/08, FPAY, FEE 2004/09/22, 2003/10/28, 2003/09/08, 2008/03/04, FPAY, FEE AS, PAYMENT REMI, FEE SULP, FPAY, FEE FPAY, PAYMENT ASSIGNMENT MAINTENANUS08/925372; SURCHARGE 2004/10/18, PAYMENT; PAYMENT ; 2002/12/24, CE FEEUS08/440428; ; FOR LATE AS, FPAY, FEE 2005/06/15, CC, REMINDER PAYMENT; PAYMENT;AS, ASSIGNMENT 1997/06/23, CERTIFICATE MAILED; 2007/05/09, AS, 2005/04/29, ; 2007/09/07, ASSIGNMENT OF 2005/02/07, FPAY, FEE ASSIGNMENT FPAY, FEEUS08/727123; ; 2005/01/18, 2005/08/15, CORRECTION; FPAY, FEE PAYMENT; ; 2008/10/17, PAYMENT;US08/280187; ; FPAY, FEE AS, FPAY, FEE 2004/07/12, PAYMENT; 2008/06/19, FPAY, FEE 2007/09/17, PAYMENT; PAYMENT;US09/133801; FPAY, FEE AS, 1998/10/13, 2005/02/07, ASSIGNMENT PAYMENT;AS, REMI, 2005/08/12, AS, 2008/02/19, PAYMENT;US08/899434; ; 2008/06/19, ASSIGNMENT SULP, 2009/02/03, AS, MAINTENAN ASSIGNMENTUS2235396; ASSIGNMENT 2008/08/11, ; 2005/08/26, SURCHARGE; ; US7931698; AS,FEE 1999/08/02, AS, ASSIGNMENT CE ; 2009/01/20, ; 2008/02/19, REMI, FEE FPAY, FOR LATE ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT REMINDER FPAY, FEE AS, MAINTENAN PAYMENT; ; 2008/07/03, ; 2004/05/25,US09/954131; MAILED; AS, 2001/09/17, PAYMENT; ASSIGNMENT CE FEE 2009/08/26, 2008/02/27, AS, AS,US09/731191; ; CC, 2011/03/28, AS, ASSIGNMENT 2010/07/07, ; 2008/02/19, REMINDER FPAY, FEE ASSIGNMENT CERTIFICATEUS2002006615 FPAY, FEE AS,;; ; 2007/09/20, ASSIGNMENT 2004/05/24, AS, MAILED; PAYMENT 2008/02/27, ; 2010/11/09, OF PAYMENT0A1US42344902; FPAY, FEE ASSIGNMENT 2008/09/02, AS, FPAY, FEE CORRECTION; PAYMENT 2008/05/22, ; 2008/02/19, FPAY, FEE AS,;;; 2004/04/09, ASSIGNMENT PAYMENT 2007/07/24, FPAY, FEE AS, PAYMENT;US2005013682 ; 2008/02/27, ASSIGNMENT FPAY, FEE9A1 PAYMENT ASSIGNMENT 2008/09/02, ; 2010/03/24, AS, 2001/03/19, PAYMENT;AS, ; 2008/02/19, SULP, FEE FPAY, ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT 2008/04/04, AS, AS, SURCHARGE PAYMENT ; 2008/08/24, ; 2003/07/11,US11176596; ASSIGNMENT 2005/10/14, AS, ASSIGNMENT FOR LATE FPAY, FEE AS,US1072236400 ; 2008/04/04, ASSIGNMENT ; 2008/02/19, PAYMENT; PAYMENT;;;; ASSIGNMENT AS, ; 2007/10/15,;; 2006/06/27, AS, AS, 2009/08/26, AS, 2009/06/27, ; 2003/07/11,US2006012630 ASSIGNMENTUS2006020125 AS, ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT4A1 AS, ; 2008/04/04, ASSIGNMENT6A1US12040104; ; 2008/02/19, ASSIGNMENT AS, ; 2007/10/15,US1141129600 AS, ; 2010/06/03, ASSIGNMENT AS, ASSIGNMENT;;;;; 2006/09/12, FPAY, FEE AS, ; 2008/04/04, ASSIGNMENTUS2008021548 ; 2008/02/19,US2007006305 ; 2007/10/15, [deleted]: PAYMENT AS,7A1 AS,5A1;; ASSIGNMENT 2000/06/20, AS, AS, ASSIGNMENTUS6017339200 ; 2011/02/01, ASSIGNMENT ; 2009/08/19,; CC, 2004/12/02, ; 2007/10/15, FPAY, FEE CERTIFICATE AS, PAYMENT; OF ASSIGNMENT 2010/06/14, AS, CORRECTION 2004/12/02, ; 2010/07/14, ASSIGNMENT AS, ; 2010/06/18, ASSIGNMENT AS,
    • ;;; 2003/03/21, AS,US2004018226 ASSIGNMENT2A1;;; ; 2009/10/26, 2005/07/21, AS,US2005001989 FPAY, FEE ASSIGNMENT3A1 PAYMENT;US09946616; ; 2007/11/30, 2008/01/16, AS, 2010/07/16, AS,US0976461800 AS, ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT;;US10044075; ; 2009/09/22, 2008/01/16, AS, ; 2010/09/07,US2002009537 ; 2007/11/30,US0999381800 CC, ASSIGNMENT CC, AS,6A1;; CERTIFICATEUS12347136; CERTIFICATE ASSIGNMENTUS2002009537 OFUS0970356200 OF9A1 CORRECTION;US67358307A; CORRECTION 2007/10/29, AS,US6020872700 [deleted]:US27753006A;;US67702005; ASSIGNMENTUS70356200A ; 2007/10/29,US20080063139A1 AS, [deleted]: ASSIGNMENT ; 2007/11/26, AS, [deleted]: ASSIGNMENT ; 2007/11/26, AS, [deleted]: ASSIGNMENT
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