Spectrum Integrity Overview 2013
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Spectrum Integrity Overview 2013






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Spectrum Integrity Overview 2013 Spectrum Integrity Overview 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Spectrum Integrity, Inc. Advanced Interconnect SolutionsOverview and Introduction Printed Circuit Design January 2013 1
  • OverviewWho we are:• An experienced team of Engineers providing custom solutions for Interconnect Applications from DC to 110GHz and beyond• Our specialty is with High-Speed Digital, RF, and Millimeter-Wave signals• Our main focus is in Circuit Design, PCB Design, Product Development, and Test 2
  • Design Capabilities• Transmission Line Analysis and Design• High Power RF and design for extreme environments• Thermal Management• 3D EM Modeling and Simulation• Chip-on-board• PCB Material Selection and Stackup Design• RF Connector Transition Optimization and Design• Burn-in and HTOL design. Both static and dynamic RF and High-Speed• Re-engineering of existing designs to improve Signal Integrity and to make more manufacturable• Component Engineering• Microwave Circuit Design: Filters, Couplers, Dividers, LNAs, etc.• Flex Circuit Design 3
  • PCBs for Ultra High-Speed Applications (40Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond) Transmission Line Design and Optimization – we have many proven designs “cataloged” for re-use. Full EM field solvers are utilized for the most demanding applications. Spurious modes detected in CPW Ansoft LLC XY Plot 3 HFSSDesign1 10000.00 Name X Y Curve Info m1 1.0000 3.4812 S21= -0.28 dB @ ComplexMag_E m2 3.0000 44.2367 Setup1 : LastAdaptive Freq=20GHz Phase=0deg 40 GHz 1000.00 100.00 ComplexMag_E m2 10.00 m1 1.00 Optimized CPW for a multilayer PCB 0.10 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 Distance [mm]CPW performance after suppression of Ultra high-speed Diff Pair spurious modes 4
  • RF Connector Transition Design (an often overlooked feature by many) Careful attention is given to ensure signals efficiently “launch” onto and off of planar structures. We have developed numerous designs that have proven performance.A particular area of expertise is withTransition Design for Multilayer PCBs 5
  • Example of connector optimization Before S11= -13.5 dB @ 28 GHz (max) Optimization S21= -0.67 dB @ 40 GHz After Optimization S11= -21 dB @ 28 GHz S11= -19 dB @ 40 GHz (max) S21= -0.58 dB @ 40 GHz 6
  • Advanced Routing Capabilities We have developed numerous custom techniques that allow automated advanced routing for arbitrary geometries, such as tapered arcs, with full net intelligence, for optimum performance. Photo at left shows 1.5 mil (38um) lines tapering smoothly to wider lines and filled micro vias. 7
  • Chip-on-board We have completed many successful chip-on- board designs from 10GHz up to 50GHz and can make extensive use of modeling and simulation if needed.System model of components, transmission lines and wire bonds S11, S22, S33, (dB) Overall loss 8
  • Dynamic Burn-in for at-speed HTOLDesign and development of dynamic burn-in boards is an area of particular expertise. We haveproduced successful HTOL designs for up to 50GHz in a 150C environment for 8,000 hours. 9
  • CAD Screenshots of PCB Examples50GHz Chip-on-board PCB (14 layers and 9 cavities for bare die) 40GHz Characterization PCBs (12 to 16 layers) 28GHz Mixed-Signal PCB 10
  • CAD Screenshots of PCB Examples High Density design example. This PCB is 2.5” x 1.8”, 14 layers, 758 components, 10Gbps signals 11
  • Samples of Completed PCB Designs 12
  • Samples of Completed PCB DesignsExample designs with die cavities. Capable of +/- 1mil depth tolerance (photos from scrap boards) Multichip Module (MCM) Designs 13
  • Sample Test Data From SI DesignsEye diagram measured at 36GHz of an output signal path of a chip-on-board PCB. The pathincluded wire bonds, transmission line, and an optimized transition for the RF connector. Thisparticular PCB was for a 28GHz application but was measured at 36GHz to demonstrate margin ofthe design. 14
  • Sample Test Data From SI Designs TDR plot of a transmission path of an RF Test Board 15
  • Sample Test Data From SI DesignsBefore and after test results showing Insertion Loss improvement with a replacement design doneby Spectrum. (Horizontal axis in GHz) 16
  • Sample Test Data From SI DesignsReturn Loss measurement of a Through-Line using optimized connector transitions.(Horizontal axis in GHz) 17
  • Sample Test Data From SI Designs Return Loss of a 5GHz RF Power Amplifier PCB 18
  • Industry Recognition http://www.microwavejournal.com/blogs/1-rog-blog/post/17921-celebrating-rog-award-contest-winners-at-ims-2012Spectrum named winner, at recent IMS show in Montreal, for Best Digital Application fromRogers Corporation design contest. Our design entry was for a 100Gbps application. 19
  • Thank YouFor Sales:Robert Blomquist(805) 426-4267robert@spectrumintegrity.comFor Engineering:Michael Ingham(619) 755-7869michael@spectrumintegrity.comhttp://www.spectrumintegrity.com/ 20