7 Baby Making Steps to Beat Infertility and Get Pregnant Naturally.


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Fertility book with 7 valuable recommendations on how to beat infertility, get pregnant naturally and deliver healthy babies. Written by Yvonne Levy, founder of http://INeedtoGetPregnant.com

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7 Baby Making Steps to Beat Infertility and Get Pregnant Naturally.

  1. 1. 7 Baby-Making Steps to Beat Infertilityand Get Pregnant NaturallyBy: Yvonne Levy, Founder of INeedtoGetPregnant.com
  2. 2. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com2DisclaimerThe information contained in this book is for general information purposes only, and is notintended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional or provideany medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the researchand experience of INeedtoGetPregnant.com and the author of this book.INeedtoGetPregnant.com encourages you to make your own health care decisions based uponyour research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.INeedtoGetPregnant.com is an affiliate for products listed in this report, and earns a commissionbased on any sales referred.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This report, theproducts listed or the information presented are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or preventany disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consultyour physician before using any products or services mentioned on this book.
  3. 3. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com3Table of Contents7 Baby-Making Steps.................................................................................................................... 1Disclaimer...................................................................................................................................... 2Introduction................................................................................................................................... 4Baby-Making Step #1 - Improve your lifestyle .......................................................................... 7#1 Stopping Your Negative Habits............................................................................................. 7#2 Eat healthy foods and take the right vitamins and supplements ............................................ 8#3 Exercise and staying fit.......................................................................................................... 8#4 Get Some Good Rest.............................................................................................................. 9Baby-Making Step #2 - Optimize Your Weight for Pregnancy .............................................. 11Reaching your healthiest weight............................................................................................... 11Baby-Making Step #3 - Avoid Gluten....................................................................................... 13Baby-Making Step #4 - Track Your Ovulation........................................................................ 151. Increased desire for sex......................................................................................................... 152. Tenderness of breasts............................................................................................................ 163. Changes in the position of the cervix.................................................................................... 164. Changes in the basal body temperature ................................................................................ 165. Changes in the cervical mucus.............................................................................................. 16Baby-Making Step #5 – Use the right lubrication ...................................................................... 18Baby-Making Step #6 – Climax (WARNING: Adult content ) ............................................. 19Baby-Making Step #7 - Have sex often... Very often!................................................................ 20Recommended Resources:.......................................................................................................... 22
  4. 4. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com4IntroductionIf you are reading this it is, perhaps, because you fall into one (or both) of these categories: You’ve been trying to get pregnant for some time (months, maybe years) and you haven’tbeen able to. You really want a baby, have been doing all the “right” things you’ve been told youshould do for that, yet, for some reason, you have not been able to conceive.I know the struggle you are dealing with – I’ve been in your shoes. I went through the same darktime that you may be facing as I fought against my infertility for years. No matter what thedoctors tried or how much I paid for my treatments, every month was the same thing... I got myperiod and no pregnancy, or even worse, I got pregnant only to lose the pregnancy a few weeksafterward.Not being able to have a baby is an empty, sad and lonely roller-coaster of emotions as you dealmonth after month with the uncertainty and fleeting hope of whether this is finally the monthwhere the “dry spell” will end and you will succeed in getting pregnant.Having dealt with infertility and consulted with multiple leading infertility specialists whoprescribed and put me through tens of thousands of dollars of medical treatments which didn’twork – I felt completely lost. (Click here to read my story.)I wished that someone could simply tell me what was wrong and give me a formula that couldhelp take me out of the vacuum I was stuck in. I prayed for some sort of divine inspiration orguidance and after almost three years of “failure to conceive,” I learned about a series of easternmedicine treatments, holistic wellness and sexual guidelines that helped me finally get my wish.I got pregnant, had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and gave birth to my adored daughter.I’ve written and I’m sharing with you this report, as the report I wish I’d been handed myselfwhen I was dealing with my own infertility.It contains 7 baby-making secrets that could have helped me get pregnant far sooner and wouldhave saved me multiple years of anguish and many thousands of wasted dollars in fertilitytreatments.Read these guidelines and adopt them into your baby-making routine.Each of these 7 steps I’m presenting will by itself help increase your chances of conceiving, butwhen combined they maximize their individual effects.At the end of each step, I’ll present you with my own particular case, and how following therecommendations helped me achieve my healthy, happy pregnancy.
  5. 5. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com5It doesn’t matter how long you may have been trying or how many other methods you may havetried and failed. This method can help you and I encourage you to try these seven steps as part ofyour baby-making routine.They worked for me after multiple failures, losses and thousands of dollars in medical treatmentsthat did not yield results, and they have worked for countless women worldwide.I also encourage you to check out the book “Pregnancy Miracle” by Lisa Olson which was thebook that literally changed my life and opened up my eyes to a whole new way of looking atinfertility as well as how I could beat it. I’ve published my own story and how this book affectedmy life on my website. I invite you to read the story and encourage you to read the book – ithelped me get my daughter and it may also help you get your own baby.One more thing that I would like to mention:While you are going through infertility, many times it may seem as if you are the only person inthe world who has been “cursed” with such condition.In our current times, infertility is still a taboo subject, and many women feel shame orembarrassment over their inability to conceive.In reality, infertility is far more common than you may think.Unfortunately I learned this after I had my baby girl, when I found the courage to start openingup about my challenges trying to conceive to other “mommy friends” and women who weretrying to get pregnant.This is why I’m telling this to you right now, from the very beginning.You are not alone!At this precise moment, there are countless women all over the world experiencing the same painand frustration you are feeling from not being able to get pregnant. It’s just that they are notopenly talking about it!However, you now have a distinct advantage. You and I have met and now I have theopportunity to tell you what I did and what I’ve learned about beating infertility and gettingpregnant.There is hope – more than you can imagine. Having experienced it first hand and learned what Iwas doing wrong, allowed me to change my habits and try a different approach which workedfor me.
  6. 6. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com6The book you are now reading is my way of sharing with you my experiences and the lessonsI’ve learned over the course of my infertility and my eventual triumph over it.I hope my words and these 7 Baby-Making Steps bring you closer to your goal of having thatbeautiful baby of your own in your arms. That is my most sincere wish and what I have made mylife’s mission at INeedtoGetPregnant.comGood luck – I’m sending you lots of baby dust and wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!
  7. 7. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com7The 7 Baby-Making StepsBaby-Making Step #1 - Improve your lifestylePregnancy is one period in which women tend to go through several changes, since the bodyneeds to adjust to the new life inside the womb. For this, a mother has to be prepared bothmentally and physically, as there will be a lot of strain put on her body during the 9-monthjourney.If you are trying to get pregnant, you have to be ready to start the preparation process for yourbody to be able to provide the adequate environment for your baby, even if this means having tochange your lifestyle.The 4 key areas you need to focus on when looking to be well-prepared for this stage include:- Stopping any negative habits that may affect your pregnancy.- Making sure you feed yourself well with healthy foods and take the right supplements for yourbody.- Exercise and stay fit.- Get enough rest.#1 Stopping Your Negative HabitsThere are many reasons why you should choose to get rid of the bad habits in your life.Consuming things such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs has many negative effects on yourhealth. The moment you quit the consumption of these things, your body will start to benefit andyou will feel the difference. After all, you want to be healthy, especially once you decide that itis time to have a baby. Stopping any negative habits you may currently have will, for starters,dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant.The reason is simple - for normal ovulation to take place, your body needs to be as healthy aspossible.Another reason to quit alcohol and cigarettes is the fact that they can increase the risk of amiscarriage since they affect how your body works and disturb its natural hormonal balance.Cigarettes in general are detrimental to your health. There is not a single benefit that comes fromsmoking them, and they have been linked to decreased fetal size in pregnant women who smoke.If you smoke, you should quit this habit the minute you begin to think about getting pregnant.
  8. 8. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com8At the moment, there is no conclusive evidence on how alcohol affects ovulation and the processof getting pregnant. However, excessive intake is known to negatively effect your health ingeneral, so you are better off quitting alcohol altogether.There are some studies that have also identified excessive caffeine as a danger to fertility.Although they may not be conclusive, women who are looking to get pregnant are advised tokeep the caffeine level below 200 mg a day.#2 Eat healthy foods and take the right vitamins and supplementsOnce you have quit any negative habits you may have, you need to step it up a notch when itcomes to improving your overall well-being. Your body needs food to function and this is whyyou need to consume a healthy diet. You need to eat healthy, wholesome foods, especially whenlooking to get pregnant. You should consume well-balanced meals three times a day and youmay add two healthy snacks in between meals. It is also important that you eat plenty of fruitsand vegetables since they contain nutrients that play a major role during pregnancy. Theseinclude (but are not limited to):1. Calcium2. Vitamin D3. Folic acid4. IronOf all these, it is especially important that you consume the right amount of folic acid, since ithas been proven that adequate consumption of this nutrient helps prevent neural tube defectssuch as spina bifida. You need to consume at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily to ensure thehealthy development of your baby. There are different supplements rich in folic acid out therethat are available for women looking to get pregnant. And always make sure you are taking yourpre-natal vitamin. I personally took (and still take) New Chapter Perfect Prenatal.In addition to my prenatal vitamin, I opted to also take a female fertility supplement calledFertilAid, which can help women who have irregular periods get regular again and improvetheir fertility.However, always remember that despite using supplements, you still need to continue eating ahealthy and balanced diet.#3 Exercise and staying fitA healthy body means a healthy pregnancy and this usually takes more than just quitting badhabits and eating a healthy diet. To achieve this, you also need to exercise and stay fit. Regularexercise helps you maintain stamina, flexibility and strength. These factors ensure that you areable to:- Maintain a positive mood and good energy level.
  9. 9. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com9- Strengthen your body muscles, especially to prevent back pains and improve posture, whichwill be affected by the physical changes of pregnancy.- Maintain an optimal hormonal balance.- Reach your optimal weight to conceive.- Enjoy your healthy pregnancy.Some of the daily activities you can do as exercise to prepare your body for pregnancy includewalking or cycling to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or jogging firstthing in the morning, participating in light group fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates and low-impact aerobics.On the flip side, make sure you do not over-do it... Too much of a good thing can have negativeeffects too! Excessive exercise puts the body into a state of constant stress that can end uppreventing ovulation. The guideline is everything in moderation... Which leads me to...#4 Get Some Good RestRest is equally as important during pregnancy as the rest of the factors we have discussed so far.The body has to get used to carrying that new life inside the womb. Many studies have beenconducted to see the relationship between sleep patterns and ovulation. It has been found thataround 80 to 90 percent of the ovulation cases take place between midnight and 4 a.m. (RobertGreene, M.D., author of Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility: The Ultimate Guide to GettingPregnant (Three Rivers Press, 2008). So it is in your best interest that you are well-rested whileyour body is “working” on ovulating.As much as you cannot really influence how the whole ovulation process takes place, good sleepis within your reach. This is something you can work on and ensure that you get plenty of. Ipersonally suggest that you get between 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and, if possible, try to go tobed no later than 10:00 PM. In the long run, this will boost your chances of getting pregnant.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meBefore I even thought of getting pregnant, I believed I was living a relatively healthy lifestyle. Iate what I believed to be “healthy” foods (lots of “low-fat”, “reduced calorie”, “sugar free/fatfree” labeled foods.)I also exercised a lot. Being a fitness professional myself, required me to teach 2-4 group fitnessclasses daily, 5-6 days a week, and I used to exercise on my own in addition to teaching all thoseclasses!Due to my teaching schedule, I used to sleep an average of 5-6 hours a night, and during theweekend I would “make up” for the lost sleep sometimes sleeping up to 10 hours straight.
  10. 10. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com10I never smoked, but I used to be a social drinker and I consumed high amounts of caffeine (tomake up for the sleep deprivation.) I couldn’t even think of starting my day without at least 2-3cups of coffee!So, as you can see, what I considered to be a “healthy” lifestyle really wasn’t optimal to help meget pregnant.I then decided to stop eating processed, packaged food and started including more fruits,vegetables, lean meats, poultry and fish on my diet, consuming mostly organic products whenpossible.I also stopped consuming caffeine and limited my alcohol intake to the extremely special socialoccasions (a toast at a good friend’s wedding, a small glass of red wine at a relative’s birthdayparty, etc.)I cut down my exercise dramatically, limiting myself to no more than 6 hours of intense physicalactivity per week and no more than an hour a day (and yes, this included giving up many classesthat I used to teach.)Finally, I started going to bed earlier and sleeping between 7-8 hours each night, weekendsincluded, without under or oversleeping.Within weeks I started noticing the change. I felt more energized and happy, and I knew thenthat all these changes would eventually help me get pregnant.
  11. 11. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com11Baby-Making Step #2 - Optimize Your Weight forPregnancyWhen it comes to getting pregnant and increasing your chances of conception, being eitheroverweight or underweight can have a negative effect on your hormonal balance.By having a hormonal imbalance caused by being off your ideal weight, you can potentiallyreduce your odds of ovulating.As you may imagine, if you do not ovulate, you cannot get pregnant. Furthermore, being too fator too thin can also raise the risks of having complications in your pregnancy.Reaching your healthiest weightYour goal for a target weight to increase your chances of conception is to reach a body massindex (BMI) of 19 to 25. There are many BMI calculators available for free on the Internet, andthe process is merely a mathematical formula of calculating your weight vs. your height. Theprocess of BMI calculation is somewhat inaccurate and may vary depending on your bodycomposition (muscle mass vs. fat), but for our purposes in getting you pregnant, the standardBMI calculation will go a long way to giving you an idea of where you should be on your weightfor getting pregnant.If youve been having irregular periods and your BMI is 30 or above, try to reduce your BMI.Simply losing 10-20 percent of your BMI can help you regulate your menstrual cycle andeffectively increase your chances of conceiving.To drop your weight, do not go on a dramatic, hyper-restrictive diet as this can also lower yourbody’s nutritional reserves and make it even harder for you to get pregnant.Your goal should be to lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week which is a safe range for you toachieve healthy weight loss.If your issue is being far too thin, and you have a BMI below 19, you will need to put on someweight in order to increase your chances of conception and have your body be prepared to handlepregnancy.An extremely low BMI can lead to irregular periods and, in extreme cases, amenorrhea (theabsence of your period) which also presents a big problem when trying to conceive.The same way that its not recommended that you starve in order to lose weight, its best to notstuff yourself or load up on junk, fatty food to gain additional weight quickly.Put on a few extra pounds gradually by eating larger portions of healthy foods, and make surethat you are consuming the vitamins and minerals youll need in order to have a healthier, well-
  12. 12. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com12nourished body. And if you can’t gain weight because you are exercising too much, try switchingto less intense workouts, such as walking or gentle yoga.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meI have to admit that I was guilty of not following this step from the very beginning.As a fitness professional, I was under constant pressure to maintain a “hard body,” whichtranslated into having a low BMI.At 5’4” tall, I used to weight barely 107 lbs., which corresponded to a BMI of 18.4.When I had my third failed IVF round I decided to make a change in my lifestyle, allowingmyself to gain a little weight (3½ pounds to be exact) and reach my target BMI of 19.Just those 3½ pounds made an enormous difference in my health and my body! My cyclesbecame shorter and more regular (I went from having 32-35 day cycles to having 27-28 daycycles). I had more energy and even was able to sleep better!Ok, so my “skinny jeans” didn’t fit as perfectly as before (though I was still able to squeezemyself in them,) but then again, who needs “skinny jeans” and 6-pack abs when pregnant, right?In summary, to maximize your chances of getting pregnant, make sure that you are neither tooheavy nor too skinny. To conceive, youll have to be at a healthy weight for you and mostimportant, for the new baby that you’ll be carrying inside you for an entire 9 months.
  13. 13. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com13Baby-Making Step #3 - Avoid GlutenOne of the big “secret topics” in the field of infertility is the prevalence of gluten sensitivityamong women and its negative effects on fertility.For starters, when most people hear of someone eliminating gluten from their diets, the firstreaction is to ask if that person has Celiac disease.While going gluten-free is an absolute must for people who are celiac, many women also have amilder form of gluten sensitivity which has been shown to have a negative effect on fertility anda decrease on a womans ability to ovulate.(G.F. Meloni, S. Dessole, N. Vargiu, P.A. Tomasi andS. Musumeci. 1999. The prevalence of coeliac disease in infertility, European Society of HumanReproduction and Embryology. Vol. 14, No. 11, 2759-2761)Going gluten-free takes some work, but once you do it, you will start to notice improvements notonly in your periods but also in many other aspects of your overall health. Things such asincreased energy, having a smoother, clearer complexion, and easier digestion, are quitecommon, as well as an overall improvement in mood.One thing to note in going gluten-free when trying to get pregnant is that you must completelycut out gluten from all sources. There are many foods that contain gluten even if you think theyare gluten-free. Things such as soy sauce, products with barley, rye, wheat and many otherproducts that may come into contact with other sources of gluten just from the manufacturingprocess.In the case of increasing your fertility and getting pregnant, there is no such thing as simply"reducing the amount of gluten you consume" - you need to eliminate it completely. Unlike otherunhealthy substances, such as refined sugars and saturated fats, where simply reducing theamount consumed has a positive impact in your health – gluten is an “all or nothing” deal. Onemicrogram of gluten in a gluten-sensitive person can trigger the same immune response as anentire bowl of wheat cereal. And in order to clear up the immune reaction to gluten from yourbody, it is necessary to go completely gluten-free for several weeks at least. And just one tinytaste of it and you’ll need to start from zero all over again.Because of this, it is very important that you read products’ labels carefully, and preferablyconsume only those labeled specifically as “gluten-free.” Even better, if you reduce your intakeof processed foods and choose instead fresh, naturally gluten-free foods (such as fruits,vegetables, lean meats, poultry and fish) it will be much easier to eliminate gluten from yourdiet.Fortunately, due to the increase in gluten allergies and Celiac disease, there are more and moreproducts made with gluten-free ingredients with very strict manufacturing guidelines to avoidcross-contamination with gluten.
  14. 14. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com14And one very important thing to consider: While going gluten-free may help you get pregnant, itis NOT necessary to remain gluten-free once you are already pregnant and have a viablepregnancy. So if you happen to find this step a bit challenging, just remember that, unless youhave been officially diagnosed with Celiac disease or a severe intolerance or allergy to gluten,you will be able to enjoy foods with gluten in the future.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meMy initial reaction when I found out about gluten and its effects on infertility was pure shock.The first thing I did was request to get tested for Celiac disease. My test came back negative forCeliac, but I found out that there are many people who, despite testing negative for Celiacdisease, still have gluten allergies and gluten sensitivities.Although being sensitive to gluten may not be severe enough to completely cause distress inyour life, it can still cause subtle problems such as constipation, acne, low energy and irritability.And I happened to have every single one of those “subtle” symptoms.When I started paying attention to my gluten intake, I discovered that every single meal I had(including snacks) contained gluten!I basically had to modify my entire diet, in some cases finding gluten-free alternatives (such asgluten-free breads) to eliminating the consumption altogether of other foods (such as ready-to-eatmicrowave meals – I found the gluten-free versions not very tasty or appealing.)It took me approximately 4-5 weeks to feel the impact that going gluten-free had in my overallhealth. My skin cleared up, my energy level dramatically increased (I was actually happy to startmy days bright and early in the morning, even on weekends!) and I stopped needing to nap in themiddle of the day. I also had more energy to go grocery shopping and to cook my own gluten-free meals, which is perhaps what made the most impact in my overall health.Sure, going gluten-free was not easy, especially at the beginning, but once I started feeling theeffects I embraced that lifestyle completely. I enjoyed every single gluten-free meal I ate,especially because, after feeling the difference that eliminating gluten from my diet had in myhealth, I had a feeling it would help me get pregnant soon. And it did.
  15. 15. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com15Baby-Making Step #4 - Track Your OvulationSome healthy and fertile women are unable to get pregnant due to wrong timing of sexualintercourse. To get pregnant, you have to make sure that you have sex at the time you areovulating since that can greatly increase your chances of conceiving.It is therefore important that you are able to identify the basic signs of ovulation so that you canachieve this goal.One of the most accurate ways to measure ovulation is to use a professional ovulation predictorkit. These kits will measure the levels of hormone in your urine and will be able to let you knownwhen you are ovulating.If in fact you use one of these kits, I highly recommend that you start having sex 2 days beforethe predictor kit says positive. The reason is because the sperm need to swim and reach the eggin time for when the ovulation takes place. By having sex 2 days prior to ovulation, you give thesperm enough time to reach the egg and be able to fertilize it when its ready.Keep in mind also that, under optimal conditions, sperm can survive inside the uterus for up to 3-4 days, while, once an egg is ovulated, it roughly has a life span of 12-24 hours. This is why itincreases your chances of conceiving if you have sperm “waiting” for the egg by the time youovulate.In addition to using an ovulation predictor kit, the following are 5 ways of knowing when youare ovulating.1. Increased desire for sexStudies show that most women experience increased sexual desire a few days before ovulation.This is actually the appropriate time that you should have sex if you want to get pregnant. Theincreased sexual desire is brought about by an increase in the level of sex hormones in the bodyduring this period. It is also a natural adaptation of your body to ensure that conception takesplace.However, it is important to note that sexual desire can diminish even at this time if you are goingthrough a period of anxiety, stress or depression, all which can commonly be experienced bysomeone going through infertility.If this is your case, it is important that you deal first with these problems so that your sexualdesire doesn’t get negatively affected. Finding fun distractions, practicing meditation, and insome cases, group or individual therapy sessions may be extremely helpful to help you cope withstress and anxiety in your life.
  16. 16. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com162. Tenderness of breastsSome women may experience some breast tenderness before and after ovulation. This sensationis caused by the increased level of hormones necessary to prepare the body for pregnancy.However, this may also occur shortly before menstruation. Fertility drugs may also cause thistenderness.While breast tenderness can be experienced prior to ovulation, it is not recommended to be usedas the only method of tracking ovulation, since it can be affected by several other factors.3. Changes in the position of the cervixThe position of the cervix may change shortly before ovulation. It moves a bit higher andbecomes more open and softer. You can try to feel the difference through regular practice.Before and after ovulation, the cervix (which feels like the tip or your nose) is usually positionedlow and closed. Once ovulation is close, the cervix rises and opens/softens to allow for sperm toenter more easily.Tracking ovulation through this method requires some practice, but it can help you if you are notable to see any difference in the amount and consistency of your cervical mucus, such as whentaking medications. We will talk more about cervical mucus a little further ahead.4. Changes in the basal body temperatureYour basal body temperature (BBT) is the temperature of your body at rest. During the first partof your cycle the hormone progesterone remains at relatively low levels. However, afterovulation occurs, progesterone levels rise, and this causes your BBT to rise and remain high forsome time, usually about 14 days after ovulation. You can use a BBT chart and a specializedBBT thermometer to track your cycle and determine when and if you are ovulating.5. Changes in the cervical mucusYour Cervical Mucus (CM) is a secretion or mucus released by the glands found in and aroundthe cervix. When you are not ovulating, the cervical mucus will normally appear creamy orsticky, or not be there at all. During ovulation, there are changes in the amount and consistencyof the mucus. It becomes abundant and more “stretchy,” very similar to the consistency of rawegg whites.Tracking your cervical mucus changes is considered to be a very reliable way to tell whenovulation is taking place. However, women taking certain medications, such as antihistamines(for allergies) and Clomid (a commonly used fertility drug) may find it difficult to use thismethod as a way of tracking ovulation, since these drugs can dry up or alter the appearance ofcervical mucus even during ovulation.
  17. 17. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com17If you happen to be using any medication that may change the consistency of your cervicalmucus, it is not recommended that you track your ovulation exclusively by following thismethod.FREE Basal Body Temperature and Cervical Mucus ChartI have created a free Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Cervical Mucus (CM) chart and guidewith full instructions which you can use to track your BBT and CM.You can download your free BBT and CM Chart with the instructional guide athttp://ineedtogetpregnant.com/free-bbt-cm-chartThere are other methods that can be used to track ovulation, but these are the 5 most basic ones.It is best to use several of these methods in combination, since that will give you a much higherchance of tracking your ovulation accurately so you can time sexual intercourse accordingly.And if you notice that ovulation is not occurring, then that may indicate the reason why you arenot getting pregnant and it would be best for you to bring that up with your physician.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meBefore I started trying to get pregnant, I had never given much thought to the ovulation process. Ihad fairly regular cycles, so I assumed that everything was functioning properly.It was not until after my third failed IVF cycle, when I decided to begin taking the “morenatural” approach to treating my infertility, that I started paying attention to the changes of mybody throughout my menstrual cycle.I especially started tracking my BBT and the changes in my cervical mucus. To my surprise Ifound out that, despite having a period every month, I wasn’t ovulating every time! No wonder Iwasn’t getting pregnant!Eventually, once I made the changes in my lifestyle that were necessary to prepare my body forpregnancy, my ovulation tracking began showing the effect of those changes, and I startedovulating every month. And finally, in one of those cycles, I got pregnant with my baby girl!
  18. 18. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com18Baby-Making Step #5 – Use the right lubricationWhen you are trying to conceive, the closer you are to the natural process, the more likely thatyou will not have any type of external element to get in the way of the process of fertilization.When you are trying to get pregnant, having sex might lose its spontaneity and excitement,tending to become more of a “chore” with a goal set in your mind. As a result, this may bringfeelings of anxiety and uncertainty, which may lead to vaginal dryness – Something that canmake it more difficult for the sperm to enter the cervix and eventually fertilize the egg.Many women who experience vaginal dryness while trying to get pregnant will try to solve thisproblem by using commercial lubricants and even saliva as a natural lubricant. However, whenit comes to trying to conceive, using the “traditional” lubricants, including saliva, will workagainst you, since they tend to harm the sperm or change the vaginal PH. This will actuallyreduce your chances of getting pregnant.Research on personal lubricants has repeatedly shown that sperm motility is dramaticallyreduced when it comes into contact with many of the commonly available personal lubricants.There is a way around this issue and its by using a "sperm friendly" lubricant, which willprovide the lubrication you need, but without affecting the sperm.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meOnce again, I had no idea that something as simple as using the wrong lubricant could have sucha negative impact when it comes to trying to conceive.I did my research and found several brands of these “sperm friendly” lubricants, but the mostcommon and market-leading product is called "Pre-Seed", which is the product I personally usedand recommend.You can find and learn more about Pre-Seed at the following link: http://ineedtogetpregnant.com/Pre-SeedPre-Seed is a "sperm-friendly" lubricant, which provides comfortable, intimate moisture, whilecontaining a naturally occurring plant sugar that actually helps sperm as they swim their waytowards the egg, making it easier for fertilization to occur.It is this special formulation of Pre-Seed that not only lubricates, but also helps the sperm swimmore effectively, increasing their chances of reaching and fertilizing the egg.
  19. 19. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com19Baby-Making Step #6 – Climax (WARNING: Adult content )I’m not joking on this one. This happens to be the baby making step that feels almost like abonus!When you are trying to conceive, actively try to climax after or simultaneously when yourpartner ejaculates. After ejaculation, have your partner keep his penis inside you for at least 20minutes to help the sperm-loaded semen work its way into your vagina.Those special throbbing and pulsing sensations you get when you climax are there for a veryimportant reason.Not only do they feel great, but they also serve the purpose of "wringing" the semen from thepenis, and in this way helping the sperm get properly deposited inside the vagina.Furthermore, as the climax continues, the sperm are further stimulated to swim deeper towardsthe cervix and eventually enter the uterus where they will make their way up the fallopian tubesand hopefully meet with the egg that has been released.Note: Many women have difficulties climaxing and especially doing so at will.If this is your case, do not worry.Simply have sex and make sure that when your partner ejaculates, he doesn’t pull outimmediately and instead, holds his penis inside you for a period of at least several minutes.Those extra minutes of lying still with the penis deep inside go a long way towards helping thelittle swimmers along on their journey. Plus it’s a great excuse to relax and cuddle with yourpartner!How following this Baby-Making Step helped meAfter months of trying to conceive without success, sex had become more of a task than a funactivity for my husband and myself.Having climax (and not pregnancy!) as a goal each time we had intercourse, was a way to makemy husband and me get more creative, relax and once again have fun having sex. To some extentthis took off some of the pressure of having intercourse just for the purpose of reproduction,which can become both physically and mentally draining.I’m not going to get into much detail here, but all I’ll say is that the month my baby girl wasconceived, my husband and I had fun. A LOT of fun!
  20. 20. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com20Baby-Making Step #7 - Have sex often... Very often!This is no rocket science: Given that getting pregnant just requires having a single, healthy, livesperm reach the egg, the more sex you have - the more sperm youll have available to helpincrease your odds.It is important to know that men have a limited amount of semen available at one time, and thereneeds to be a period necessary to replenish their supply. Having sex every other day gives theman enough time to be ready with a fresh supply of sperm while allowing the number of spermavailable for fertilization in the uterus to remain fairly constant.Sperm have an average lifespan of 1-2 days (although a few can live up to 4 days inside theuterus). Having intercourse every other day increases the chances that there will be a goodsupply of live sperm readily waiting to meet the egg when ovulation happens.A good recommended intercourse schedule for trying to conceive is to have sex every other daystarting on the 10th day of your cycle, and going through day 18. This should cover your fertilewindow and give the sperm enough time to have made their way to where the egg will be uponrelease.How following this Baby-Making Step helped meBefore finding out about this, I thought that it was just necessary to have intercourse on the dayof ovulation. However, as I became more familiar with my cycles, I noticed that sometimes Iwould ovulate a day or 2 sooner, and other times a day or 2 later than on the “standard” day 14 ofmy cycle.By following this intercourse schedule, it was easier to ensure that there would be live spermready to fertilize the egg. And eventually that’s exactly what happened… And I have my babygirl as proof!One Additional Thought:On The Road Ahead… You Take the Next Step.Thank you for joining me on these initial Seven Baby-Making Steps to Beat Infertility and GetPregnant Naturally. I say initial because in the coming weeks I will be sharing with you via emaileven more tips and advice on how you can increase your fertility and improve your chances ofgetting pregnant naturally.
  21. 21. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com21Hopefully you will not have to follow my advice for long as it is my deepest wish that you getpregnant ASAP and have your own healthy baby.If you are not yet subscribed to my email newsletter, I encourage you to do so as I have muchmore information and motivation to help you along on your path to get pregnant. You cansubscribe to my email newsletter for free on my website at http://INeedToGetPregnant.comI’m honored and grateful that you’ve given me your attention and that you’ve read through thisbook. I certainly hope that the information it contains will help you greatly, and that you are verysoon able to beat your infertility and get pregnant. Also, if you know anyone who may benefitfrom this information – please share with them this report.My life’s mission with INeedtoGetPregnant.com is to help a million women worldwide beatinfertility and get pregnant naturally so they may experience for themselves the beauty andwonders of motherhood. Your sharing the report by forwarding it or telling others about it canhelp someone else who may be suffering from being unable to conceive. This will also spreadthe hopeful message that thereIS a way to cure infertility and get pregnant naturally regardless of the times you may have failedbefore. I’m living proof and I know that this system can help you.Thank you again.Good luck – I’m sending you lots of baby dust and wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!
  22. 22. INeedtoGetPregnant.comYour guide to beating infertility, getting pregnant naturallyand giving birth to healthy babies.http://INeedToGetPregnant.com22Recommended Resources:Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally, Within 2 Months, with Pregnancy Miracle.Developed by Lisa Olson, a Nutritionist, HealthConsultant and former infertility sufferer – PregnancyMiracle has helped thousands of women worldwide curetheir infertility, get pregnant naturally and give birth tohealthy babies.Lisa explains how it all works and presents dozens oftestimonials from women who were able to cure theirinfertility and have healthy babies.I can attest that this is a truly incredible system that willhelp you cure your infertility. It truly changed my life asit put me on the right path to the information I needed tohave my daughter; it can also change yours and could be the answer you areseeking to get your own baby.Visit Pregnancy Miracle:http://INeedToGetPregnant.com/pregnancymiracleSending you lots of baby dust and wishing you a happy,healthy 9 months!