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Introduction to 3D Mapping with X3D
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Introduction to 3D Mapping with X3D


X3D is xml based iso format. It is used to display 3D models over the web using a javascript library called X3DOM.

X3D is xml based iso format. It is used to display 3D models over the web using a javascript library called X3DOM.

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  • 1. Introduction to 3D Webmapping in X3D Free Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Talks and Demos 2013 Presenter Luis Caezar Ian K. Panganiban Student Assistant SOS UPDGIS-3D 1
  • 2. Outline 3D in Web  3D Visualization X3D + DOM = X3DOM  3D Web Problems in 3D Web X3D   What is X3D Web 3D Consortium X3DOM and HTML  X3DOM Engine  Code Structure    Features X3DOM and 3D Mapping     Features of X3D Working with X3D Working with X3DOM Final Notes 2
  • 3. Why 3D? 3
  • 4. Why 3D? - better visualization and appreciation of the world 4
  • 5. Why 3D? ? Notes: Problem 3D real world objects in 2D maps – introduce abstractions and generalization of data. Depth Perception is non exsitent Removes other features that makes the object unique. 3D real world objects in 3D models – less abstractions and generalization of data. Depth Perception is present Retains most features. 5
  • 6. 3D Around Us Gaming Final Fantasy 4 – SNES (1991) Final Fantasy X-2 – PS2 (2003) Notes: Due to the increase in processing power and speed we can now have a better representation of the world. Hardware can now handle the stress of having 3D graphics SNES – Super Nintendo Entertainment System . 6
  • 7. 3D Around Us Movies Avatar (2009) A Bug's Life 7
  • 8. Web in 3D Notes: There is a move to display information in 3D. Some 3D viewers require a client(standalone program) and additional plugins Google Earth provides a 2.5D view of the world. Google Earth Downtown Chicago 8
  • 9. Web in 3D Notes: 2.5D Here Maps London Street View = images + panoramic view 9
  • 10. Web in 3D Notes: OSM – 3D uses java applet osm -3D 10
  • 11. Problems in 3D Web  Bandwith limitations (rendering)  Model file size  Clients / Plugins 11
  • 12. What is X3D? 12
  • 13. What is X3D? “X3D (Extensible 3D) is a royalty-free and openly published standard file format specification and run-time architecture to represent and communicate 3D objects, events, behaviors and environments.” Notes: X3D – is an ISO certified xml file format used for 3D applications. -successor of the VRML97(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Example of an X3D object/model 13
  • 14. The Web3D Consortium Notes: Web3D consortium to provide a forum for the creation of open standards and specifications in web 3d. Act as a body of certification in open web 3d. They manage the specifications of the x3d file format. The Web3D Consortium is utilizing its broad-based industry support to develop the the X3D specification, for communicating 3D on the web, between applications and across distributed networks and web services. 14
  • 15. What is X3D? Notes: Example of an X3D code – xml based file format 15
  • 16. Features of X3D  ISO certified scene graph model  Modular and Extensible  Lightweight  Coordinate System : Right Hand 16
  • 17. Working with X3D 17
  • 18. X3D Editors / Viewers Blender Notes: Blender – 3D modeling and mesh program; you can export your customized models into x3d, 3ds, ply and others Link : 18
  • 19. X3D Editors / Viewers X3D Edit Notes: X3D Edit and Xj3D are java based applications for editing and viewing. Other links for viewers and editors: Xj3D (Viewer) 19
  • 20. Web + X3D = X3DOM 20
  • 21. X3DOM “ The Document Object Model is a platform and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. “ Jquery Manipulation 21
  • 22. X3DOM - Features  Built in Camera Navigation  Specialized Components (Geospatial, Runtime, Node)  Lightweight Javascript Library  Cross Platform Notes: X3DOM Site: 22
  • 23. X3DOM Powering Your Site 23
  • 24. X3DOM Engine  Web Graphics Library (WebGL)  No additional plugins required  Browser == Deployment  No special api (game engines)  Supported by most web browsers Notes: IE 9 does not support WebGL use Chrome Frame or Instant Reality Plugin or Flash 11. IE 11 supports WebGL 24
  • 25. X3DOM Code Structure 25
  • 26. X3DOM – Javascript Library From Fraunhofer IGD slides 26
  • 27. X3DOM – X3D tag From Fraunhofer IGD slides 27
  • 28. X3DOM – Create your Own! From Fraunhofer IGD slides 28
  • 29. X3DOM – External X3D Allows you to use external x3d files! 29
  • 30. X3DOM and Mapping 30
  • 31. X3DOM - Geospatial Component Geospatially referenced scenes have special requirements beyond ordinary 3D scenes  Double-precision accuracy on floating-point displays  Diverse yet coherent spatial reference systems Web 3D Consortium 31
  • 32. X3DOM Tutorial Generic Data Conversion 32
  • 33. Working with X3DOM  Host X3D using the <inline> tag  Build your own (html and x3dom tags)  Other File Formats convert to X3D  Database(PostGIS) – ST_AsX3D(PostGIS Geometry) – 3D CityDB importer(Collada/KML, CityGML) 33
  • 34. X3DOM and Mapping CityGML → X3DOM 34
  • 35. X3DOM and Mapping CityGML → X3DOM CityGML(Sketchup) 3D CityDB Importer X3DOM PostGIS ST_Collect and ST_AsX3D 35
  • 36. Other Examples and Demo Notes: For more examples go to : 36
  • 37. 37
  • 38. 38
  • 39. 39
  • 40. Final Notes on X3D/X3DOM  Good for Visualization   Lacks Documentation   Speed, Customization, Lightweight, Installation Examples, Tutorials, Development Stage Research other Components/Methods  Import, Conversion to X3D, Working with DB 40
  • 41. References and Sources Content References and Sources Web3D – Flyer_201207(W3C) X3D: The Real-Time 3D Solution for the World-Wide Web (W3C) X3DOM – Declarative (X)3D in HTML5 by Yvone Jung, Fraunhofer IGD X3D Geospatial Component and X3D Earth (W3C) (Pictures, Examples and Tutorials) 41
  • 42. References and Sources Images References and Sources Disclaimer All of the photographs and images depicted on this presentation are copyrighted images. Most of the images are mine, but some of them do not belong to me. I have no intention of copyright infringement and these pictures were only used for more emphasis and to present certain ideas and topics. 42
  • 43. Thank You! 43
  • 44. Introduction to 3D Webmapping in X3D Free Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Talks and Demos 2013 Presenter Luis Caezar Ian K. Panganiban Student Assistant SOS UPDGIS-3D 44