Top ten in ear monitors to listen music on the go


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Top ten In-Ear Monitors to listen music on the go: In-ear monitors (IEMs) are known and loved by commuters world-wide. When you just have to listen to music outside of your own home, IEMs save the day. Here is a list of the top ten.

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Top ten in ear monitors to listen music on the go

  1. 1. Top tenIn-Ear Monitorsto listen music on the go ROANSONG
  2. 2. In-ear monitors (IEMs) are known and loved by commuters world-wide. When you just have tolisten to music outside of your own home, IEMs save the day. Here is a list of the top ten.1, JH Audio JH16 Pro ($1149)From their inception, the IEMs produced by Jerry Harvey have been highly valued by the promusic industry. With his first IEMs designed for Van Halen (hand-crafted, and including a partfrom a pacemaker), JH continues to evolve and further his product. The JH16s are custom-molded to fit your exact ear-contours, so you need to have ear impressions taken beforehand.The 16 in the name refers to the total number of drivers – eight for each ear. This results in asymphony of frequency response – every element is neatly separated, defined, and made toshine. Were it not for the rather steep price, I’d buy these for the entire neighborhood.2. Ultimate Ears 18 Pro in-ear headphones ($1350)These behemoths of the IEM world have been compared to the Sennheiser HD800 (arguably thebest headphones on the market). With the price topping the $1k mark, many would agree that theleap to the Sennheisers isn’t too far, but the portability is one factor that bulky headphones cannever match. The Ultimate earphones are perfect for blocking out the entire world and listeningfor that audience-member’s gasp in the climax of a Brahms concerto, or the lazy buzz of a fly inthe corner of a studio.3. Shure SE535 ($549)The SE535s are at the top of Shure’s range. Shure is renowned for their brilliant ergonomics, andhave played an integral role in the evolution of in-ear monitors. With three drivers and anuncanny frequency response, these are IEMs that are going to truthfully present music as theartist intended. They fare mightily well when compared to higher-priced IEMs, but don’t holdback even one iota of sound quality despite this.4. Shure SE215 ($129)The SE125s are Shure’s entry-level offering. The classic Shure over-the-ear cable design makesfor a great fit with little cable noise – the bass response is tight, and the highs are not the screechthat so many IEMs provide. Good structural quality means that these IEMs are built to last. Theypunch well above their weight, giving you a solid bang for your buck.5. Etymotic Research hf5 ($179)Etymotic Research (founded by a well-respected audiologist and hearing-aid designer) is knownfor its incredibly accurate sound replication, as well as its use of interchangeable filters that canbe mixed and matched to equalize the sound as you like it. Are the highs too piercing? Worrynot. Just slip in a ‘grey’ filter and they’ll be reduced, but not dulled.6. Westone 3 ($399)
  3. 3. Designed for performing musicians who need to hear nothing but their music in their ears, theWestone 3s provide an exceedingly comfortable and isolated listening experience. Westone’sname is foreign to most consumers, but becomes more frequently heard as you start listening topeople who need to have performance-quality IEMs for the stage. They are a good buy, with noshortage of accessories upon purchase. 10 different pairs of tips and a leather pouch are just thebeginning.7. Phiaton PS 200 ($249)With a striking appearance – resembling a fan turbine – these IEMs provide good sound andbuild quality with just enough flash to make people stare disconcertingly at your ears whileyou’re on the subway. The treble is bright but if you’re bothered by high frequencies, Irecommend taking a look at another pair on this list. Nevertheless, the PS 200s provide anoverall tone that one would expect from its price. It will not disappoint.8. Spider Cable Realvoice In-Ear Monitor ($89.99)Designed to accurately reproduce the human voice, these IEMs provide a delicate balance ofwarmth and articulation, while refraining from imparting a specific ‘color’ to the sound. TheSpiders manage to pack each earphone with a quality that belies their price. A definite bargain.9. Phonak Audéo Perfect Fit Earphone ($99 )Using filters similar to that of the Etymotic hf5s, these headphones allow for a vastlycustomizable sound – a big difference when compared to the standard and unchangeable coloringthat most headphones have. The name is honest – the comfort level of these IEMs is madeimmediately obvious to any listener. The sound quality is not staggering, but the customizationoffered allows for a much richer sound to be obtained with just a modicum of tweaking.10. SoundMAGIC PL11 ($30)With a price this low, you’d be excused for being more than a little wary. These IEMs performabove and beyond expectations, and offer unbeatable value for money. The sound quality isgood, but can’t compare to the high-end IEMs listed above. For the price, though, they’redefinitely worth considering.