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6 steps to being a top influencer on linked in


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6 steps to being a top influencer on linked in

  1. 1. 6 steps tobeing a top influencer on LinkedIn
  2. 2. “I am the top influencer of my group for the second week in a row,”declares your coworker when he walks into the office. You, on the otherhand, can’t help but wonder what is it that he does to have become thetop influencer for two consecutive weeks on LinkedIn. Here’s what he’sbeen up to.1. Target, target, targetFirst and foremost, you will need to identify the groups that correspondto the area of your interest. Targeting a group doesn’t just mean lookingat names and descriptions. Study the groups in depth, joining an inactivegroup is the worst thing you can do on LinkedIn. Look into the activitiesof the group, kinds of discussions that are held, whether the membersare active users of the site and whether the topics posted are relevant toyou or not.But be cautious and try not to join a group with too many membersbecause being new, you just might be another face in the crowd. This iswhere you have to do your research.2. Post relevant storiesPosting articles and stories is a great way of getting noticed on LinkedIn.But there is a catch, like there always is. Always post articles that arerelevant and topical, which is a given. But the catch is, to post articlesthat are not only relevant and topical but also interesting. Always decideyour headline (Copyblogger) or title first and keep it interesting enoughto make people click on your post and read it. If you manage that, halfthe battle is won. As for the content, make sure it is well researched andoriginal.Whatever you do, do not take the members of the group for fools,LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. Any disinformation orparaphrasing can seriously hamper your reputation on the site.3. Take part in discussions
  3. 3. The quiet guy in the corner doesn’t get much popularity in a group, evenif he does, it’s possibly for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to be thequiet guy in the corner. Take part in discussions and do it often but don’toverdo it. You don’t have to reply to every single comment and franklythat gives off a rather desperate flair.Three to four times a week should be ideal. Do not always go for themost popular discussions in the group. Go for a discussion that isrelevant to you, popular discussions can come into the equation later.When posting a comment, check and recheck all the facts and language.You have to go about it very meticulously as there is a fair possibilitythat you’ll be up against some very knowledgeable people and onemisplaced fact could land you in the proverbial thick soup.4. Connect with group membersTaking part in discussions is a great way to get noticed and connect withgroup members, agreed. But to get truly noticed and gain popularity inthe group, you should connect with the members on a personal level(read getting the most out of your LinkedIn account). Add them to yourconnections, hold private conversations and let them also know whatyour strong points are.This way, you will not only build connections but also ensure that yourdiscussion is being replied to. But the thing to remember here is that youwill have to do it vice-versa as well. People will come to you only if yougo to them.5. Follow upIt can be difficult at times to keep track of the conversations you haveparticipated in. But that is something you will have to do. Do not waitfor updates to come to you, be proactive on the site. Follow up theconversations you started and the ones you took part in. You will have toshowcase your commitment to the group by being regular and proactive.
  4. 4. The more interesting and original your comments are, the better it is.Also hand out likes to the comments you genuinely liked and it’s aknown fact, the more you appreciate the more comes back.6. Be politeThis is one of the golden rules of taking part in a discussion. If you findthat something someone stated is wrong, be polite in pointing out themistake. Do not come on strong or insult the person, you might proveyour point but your reputation can take a serious hit. Be polite and beassertive, that is the best way to go about a discussion. Sometimes,things might get heated, whatever happens do not lose your cool. Also,avoid having a one on one debate as that pretty much eliminates thepoint of the discussion.However, if you do find yourself in that situation, again politeness is thekey. Try to get your point across as politely and as humanly possible. Ifyou find that you might lose the debating session, accept your defeatwith dignity and acknowledge the person who won. In simple words,show sportsmanship because on LinkedIn, sportsmanship will get youmore recognition than winning.