(HACC) Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center
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(HACC) Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center






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(HACC) Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center (HACC) Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center Presentation Transcript

  • UNCLASSIFIED Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Humanitarian AssistanceCoordination Center (HACC) Command Brief UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED HACC Mission Statement Operation UNIFIED RESPONSECDR JTF-Haiti supports USG Whole ofGovernment relief efforts through theHumanitarian Assistance CoordinationCenter (HACC) IOT immediately increaseefficiencies in Foreign HumanitarianAssistance (FHA) and Disaster Responseoperations. UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Humanitarian Assistance International Coordination Architecture Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE GOH Political Principals Level Coordinating Support Committee MINUSTAH OCHA Joint Operations & Tasking Center Information & (JOTC) CANADA Coordination (UN Lead) Global Partners USG UN & Intl DonorClusters / Sectors / Programs UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED JTF Haiti HACC Nodal Integration Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE GOH USAMB OCHA MINUSTAH CDR JTF-Haiti “Clusters” Emergency Shelter DC-O/DIR & Non-Food HACC Food Aid Health LogisticsHACC Mandate: a. Coordinate, synchronize, track and assess HA operations. b. Create/ NutritionMaintain Humanitarian Common Operational Picture. c. Integrate w/ all stakeholders IOT Water, Sanitation,develop prioritized list of support requirements. d. Serve as the primary JTF interf ace with & HygieneUN, NGO, and Interagency partners.HACC: Humanitarian Assistance Coordination CenterOCHA: Of f ice f or the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance JOTCOFDA: Of f ice of Foreign Disaster AssistanceDART: Disaster Assistance Response TeamMINUSTAH: UN Mission f or Stabilization in HaitiJOTC: Joint Operations and Tasking CentreHCT: Humanitarian Country TeamJMAC: Joint Mission Analysis Centre UNCLASSIFIED 5 OPR: JTF HACC
  • UNCLASSIFIED HACC Partnering Concept Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE GOH United Nations EMB/JTF 1 x O4 (CA) 1 x E7 (25U) 1 x E-5 (92Y) MINUSTAH 1 x 04 (FAO) OCHA 1 x O7 (JOTC) DC-O/DIR 1 x E8 (USN) HACC-O 1 x O5 (LG) 1 x O4 (AV) 1 x 04 (FAO) 2 x E7 (92Y) “Clusters” CAT: Civil Affairs Team 1 x O5 (CA) Emergency Shelter HACC OIC 2 x 04 (CA) HACC: Humanitarian Assistance 1 x E6 (CA) & Non-Food(U.S. Embassy) 2 x O3 (CA) Coordination Center-Operations 1 x O3 (MD) OCHA: Office for the Coordination of Food Aid 1 x E9 Humanitarian Assistance 2 x E7 MINUSTAH: UN Mission for 1 x 03 (61/MD) Health 4 x E6 Stabilization in Haiti CA 3 x E5 T Logistics 1 x E4 Current Footprint: 13/ 16/ 1/ 0 = 30 Inbound: 0/ 0/ 0/ 0 = 0 Nutrition Inbound CATs: 3/ 7/ 0/ 0 = 10* Water, Sanitation, 1 x 04 (64/VET) & Hygiene Total Set: 13/ 12/ 2/ 0 = 30 UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED JTF HAITI HACC HACC Responsibilities Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE HACC HACC-FWD CIVIL INFORMATION OPS MANAGEMENT MED/LOG COMMUNICATION-Input to HCOP - Daily -Manage HCOP - Daily -Input to HCOP - Daily -PAO Engagement-USAID Interface - Daily -Product Analysis - Daily -Medical Synchronization -Automation-MUB - Daily -MAP Production - As req -Assessment - As req -Tactical Commo-SITREP - Daily -Interagency Synchronization -HACC Medical Care-RFIs - Daily-MiTaM - Daily-Special Projects - As req Total Personnel: 19 UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED JTF HAITI HACC-FWD HACC-FWD Responsibilities Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE HACC - FWD OPS NGO/UN/USG MED/LOG COMMUNICATION-Input to HCOP – Daily -Input to HCOP – Daily -Input to HCOP - Daily -Automation-JOTC Engagement - Daily -UN Cluster Integration -Medical Synchronization -Tactical Commo-USAID Interface - Daily -Information -Facility Assessment - As-Input to MUB - Daily collection/dissemination req-Input to SITREP-Daily -HACC FWD Medical-Input to RFIs -Daily Care-Process RFAs - Daily-Special Projects - As req. Total Personnel: 11 UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED JTF HAITI HACC Request for Assistance Process Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE DHHS Cluster System USAID•Cluster Lead ICE•Strategic Plan RFA RFA•Priorities Set Joint Operations Other USG•Organization Tasking Center MiTaM Mil HNP MINUSTAH UNPOL CRS WF JTF-H IOM P NGOs CARICOM USAID CAN Red UNICE Cro WHO F ss FRAGO RFA NGOs Mil Need for Humanitarian Assistance UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Request for Humanitarian Assistance Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Example: Request For Assistance Date: 20 Jan 10 REQUIREMENT ENTRANCE POINT UN Logistic Cluster/DART CIV/MIL LNO Event: Level 6.1 earthquake Action: Urgent request for DART Team aerial DART CIV/MIL NOTIFIED Survey of epicenter 24 Hr Planning Cycle/72 Hr Execution CONFIRMED IMMEDIATE/ROUTINE Requested: 2 Helicopters Endstate: Interagency response alert cycle completed HACC Review and resources identified in <15 Example: JTF Working Group Date: 19 Jan 10 Warning Order to JTF Units Event: University Hospital assessment DART CIV/MIL, OCHA, Action: Urgent request for medical professional JTF FRAGO Cut notified of approved support and material resupply requests Requested: Bulk medical sundries, food, waterAsset / Commodity Provided Endstate: Urgent Request for medical professional support and material resupply alert cycle completedMission Complete & Closing Report and resources identified <60 minutes including 2 available DMAT Strike Teams UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED HA/DR Missions 03Feb10 Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Total # of # Tasks # Tasks Task SM Complete Ongoing Tasked HA/DR 1108 125 2549 Self Sustainment 56 27 1335 Other 22 15 1154 Total 1186 167 5038 JTF-Haiti Tasks Matrix CompletedJTF-Haiti Tasks Matrix Ongoing TASKS COMPLETE TASKS ONGOING TOTAL SM TASKED Other Other 2% 9% Other 23% Self Self HA/DRSustainment Sustainment 75% 5% 16% HA/DR 51% Self HA/DR Sustainment 93% 26% UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Humanitarian Common Operational Picture (HCOP) - TCAPF - Spheres of Influence - Health - Food - Shelter/Non Food Items (NFI) - Water and Sanitation (WASH)HACC-Haiti UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Civil Reconnaissance and TCAPF Operation UNIFIED RESPONSEThe Tactical Conflict Assessment and Planning Framework Process:The TCAPF consistently maintains focus on the local populace. Organizations usingthe TCAPF follow a continuous cycle of see-understand-act-measure. The TCAPFincludes four distinct, but interrelated activities:• Collection.• Analysis.• Design.• Evaluation.Collecting information on and identifying civil vulnerabilities that cause instabilitywithin an operational area utilize the following four questions to draw criticalinformation from the local populace:• Has the population of the village changed in the last twelve months?• What are the greatest problems facing the village?• Who is trusted to resolve problems?• What should be done first to help the village? *Collection Form used: Initial Rapid Assessment Form from the Inter-agency Standing Committee and Civil Affairs assessment forms UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIEDSpheres of Influence (1/8)Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE •Purpose: •Demonstrates horizontal and vertical integration of key GoH, UN, Interagency, JTF and NGO personnel supporting OPERATION UNIFIED RESPONSE. •Graphically depicts horizontal and vertical integration of Whole of Government approach to relief operations. • ANB allows for composite nodal analysis linking all spheres of influence. NOTE: Images For Reference Only UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIEDSpheres of Influence Whole of Government (2/8)Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE •Purpose: •Graphic depiction of Key Personalities currently operating in Haiti, including individuals from: •USAID •DOS •UN (OCHA/MINUSTAH) •NGOs •JTF •Interagency (ICE, CBP, etc.) NOTE: Image For Reference Only UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIEDSpheres of Influence Government of Haiti, USAID (4/8)Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIEDSpheres of InfluenceInter-Agency, JTF, USNS Comfort (6/8)Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Spheres of InfluenceOther Aid Agencies, Civilian Organizations (7/8) Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIEDSpheres of Influence Medical Snapshot (8/8)Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE •Purpose: •Depicts organizational structure of the National Disaster Medical System currently operating in Haiti. NOTE: Image For Reference Only UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED HACC Update: Health Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Current Status: • MoH estimates the death toll from the earthquake to be 112,392 and 196,000 injured • 154 institutions in Haiti • PROMESS is virtually the only source of drugs and medical supplies for HN/NGOs in the country ISO the relief effort. • Due to the large numbers of patients who are now homeless, hospital are challenged with where to discharge patients • Continue to transfer patients from USNS Comfort to HN/NGO facilities • USGOs planning on assuming patient movement Information Gaps:USG Objectives: • Shortcomings of the MoPH initiatives for a 3•Provide direct, urgent humanitarian relief support to the government & level approach to healthcare provisionpeople of Haiti: Medical, water, food, fuel, and shelter. • Identification/utilization of health care professionals within displaced populations, by, with, through MoH•Basic public health system and health care provision is re-establish to to provide health care within temporary settlements.near pre-earthquake levels. • Linkage to Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)PHII Conditions: intervention strategy (immunization at temporary settlements)•Basic needs of displaced persons and others in earthquake impactedareas and displaced persons are being met.•Basic public health services operational w/ initial, limited capability. UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED HACC Update: Food Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Current Status: • WFP/USAID Phase II operations began on 31 JAN 10 (C Day). • GoH requires 3 parties handout vouchers (Mayor/GoH/NGO). On C+2 14 of 16 DPs are operational. • WFP/USAID Phase II operations are planned through 13 Feb 10. • Operational DPs distributed bags of rice today without any significant issues. • The most significant issue for the fair distribution of food is voucher fraud (counterfeits and selling real vouchers). • Projected: 380,800 Families reached. Areas of Nutritional Need Information Gaps:USG Objectives: • Planning framework for transition from•Provide direct, urgent humanitarian relief support to the government & people of food/water to NFI; Estimated to occur o/a 13 FEB 10.Haiti: Medical, water, food, fuel, and shelter. • GOH ICW MINUSTAH plan to assume•Provide security ISO humanitarian relief to the government & people of Haiti responsibility of logistics enabling support.PHII Conditions: • Enabling capability required to assist MoA ISO planting season (APR-MAY) IOT reduce•GOH senior leaders, critical ministries and local officials are visibly active in relief food dependencyand recovery activities. • JTF framework programs for transition out of direct / indirect feeding programs•Temporary settlements established for IDPs without other means of support•Essential agricultural and other inputs are flowing to support economic activity UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED HACC Update: Shelter/NFI Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE Temporary Settlements Current Status: • GoH and the UN Shelter Cluster’s way ahead includes providing shelter to IDPs through distributing a range of shelter material, including tents, plastic sheeting and rope. • USAID/OFDA and UN Shelter Cluster partners reported distributing 6,000 tarpaulins; 1,948 tents; 800 shelter kits; 3,345 pieces of plastic sheeting; and 400 shelter boxes. • The GoH reports that more than 341,000 displaced persons have departed Port-au-Prince for locations outside the capital. Information Gaps: • Lack of engineering capability within shelter cluster. • What is the GoH long-term resettlement plan?USG Objectives: • Who is in charge of IDP camp sustainment?•Provide direct, urgent humanitarian relief support to the government & • How will GoH, UN and international community fillpeople of Haiti: Medical, water, food, fuel, and shelter. gap in the transportation system?•Provide logistics enabling support to international relief efforts • Strategy in place to establish adequate temporary settlements or housing for displaced that can’t bePHII Conditions: accommodated with family members in other parts•Temporary settlements established for IDPs without other means of of Haiti.support UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED Strategic OverviewWater, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE UNCLASSIFIED