Portfolio Hoi-Kee Wong 2004-2007


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Please feel free to contact me for portfolio sample of my work in 2008-2009.

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Portfolio Hoi-Kee Wong 2004-2007

  1. 1. ‘Balance between function and experience’
  2. 2. Philips DAP has a project with the aim to Philips bring sustainable solutions to the Base of the Pyramid Bio regarding the reduction of respiratory problems due stove to indoor air pollution. This graduation project is an exploration of the opportunity of the Philips Woodstove, a smokeless and fuel efficient cook stove, in the Chinese “Base of the Pyramid”. The first field research in 6 rural regions accross China has resulted in the definition of the Chinese rural BoP and the target market. It also has provide knowledge into the renewable energy development and the market of high efficient low emission biomass stoves in China. In the second field research, 12 Philips woodstoves have been tested in two different provinces beneath the Yangtze river. The findings show similar usability problems but different needs and wishes between the provinces. Two personas, which has been one of the outcomes of this extensive research are used as the starting point of the concept development.
  3. 3. The Philips Bio stove is a high efficient low emission Philips biomass stove, electronically controlled with a smart user Bio interface. It enables the user to cook her meals without stove smoke in the kitchen and with lower fuel consumption. The user interface provides carefree cooking, because it informs you when to add fuel. This is the result of an user centred design approach. It is a redesign of the Philips woodstove, based on the aspirations of the target group. For successful adoption of the product a detailed implementation strategy is very important. The two personas are defined into scenario wood and scenario bio, which have resulted in two distribution models, where the local government is an indispensable link. Other important factors in the implementation strategy are creating awareness about the health hazards of smoke, deforestation problems and protection of the environment. Also funding and alternative payment options are taken into account to increase the affordability of the product. An after sales service point for complain and support is integrated in the strategy as well. Broadcast on television RTL 5 DELFT BLAUW “Prabhu Kandachar en Hoi Kee Wong laten zien hoe de TU Delft kan bijdragen aan de economische ontwikkeling van een ontwikkelingsland” (http://www.delftblauw-tud.nl)
  4. 4. Distractive Table Exploring interactions This is a project of the Master course Design for Interaction. The objective of the project is designing for experience within a chosen context related to the theme “waiting”. My chosen context is waiting in a cafe or restaurant. After sensitizing the context by observing people’s behaviour and interviewing users, a research report and concepts are created. The empathy for the user is elicited by using the technique storyboarding. To finalize the project a user test in the context is conducted to evaluate the user experience. People experience this short time of waiting in a public social place as uncomfortable or as a moment of reflection. For this moment I created the distractive table that triggers your senses in this short period of time by evoking curiosity that triggers you to interact with your environment and stimulates communication. The distractive table gives you a interactive distraction, by making you curious, triggering you to explore and move, evoking a pleasant experience and enhances your café experience even more! (see movie in enclosed CD)
  5. 5. Imagine you have a date and you decide to meet each other in the cafe. As usual you are on time but your date isn’t. You sit down at the table and order a drink, you look around, you look at your watch, you look at the menu… After a while your date arrives and you have a wonderful evening. Your date wants to go to the toilet. So again you are waiting by yourself at the table. It takes quite a while because it is really crowded in the café, but suddenly something happens …
  6. 6. The problem of obesity of children between 10-14 is increasing in the Netherlands. The national campaign “Zeg vaker nee” aims to inform the people about the possible health consequences of obesity. To anticipate on these social problems an intelligent bike trainer with an interactive user-interface is developed. The bike is a combination of an exercise machine and a video game. Intelligent bike The design goal is to provide a social interaction between trainer the user, children with a weight problem, and the bike, which motivates, guides and supports the user in a playful manner, while taking into account the user’s limitations and keeping the user’s attention on the exercise. I strive to maintain a positive and fit attitude in children. (see movie in enclosed cd)
  7. 7. Universal Remote control The dissatisfaction of customers with the Philips RC 9800i, a universal remote control which controls all your infrared devices (video, tv, playstation,...) and media content of your PC in your household, resulted in a redesign of the aes- thetics of the product and a totally new interface. Through usability tests, observational research and interviews user-product interaction is revealed, latent knowledge and behaviour is discovered. These are the starting points for a new concept proposal for Philips.
  8. 8. Moon The moon is an outdoor furniture piece, that triggers you to have a playful interaction with your environment and plays around with natural elements. During the day your personal energy and wind energy is converted into electrical energy and during the night this energy is shown by the glowing led’s in the sphere. The Moon is actually in use when it is not physically in use. The atmospheric light will enhance your garden experience while you are sitting inside, watching through the window. This project is a cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands in China & University of Technology Delft. The more you swing during the day, the more light in the night. kinetic energy wind energy electrostatic electrical light sensor energy generator LED’s battery
  9. 9. This project was realized in cooperation with TUDelft, Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands in China and Tutto Bene. C7 design connection are nine international students of the Faculty of Industrial design who combined their talents to create outdoor, home office and street furniture to improve the relationship between the Western design world and the production world in China. China Prototypes were manufactured in China and were exhibited Design on the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2006 in Milan Connection in cooperation with Tutto Bene, an organization that organ- 2006 izes collaborative presentations of young talented designers from or based in the Netherlands and Belgium. Station is an object that combines a table and a bench that triggers different kinds of user-product interaction, trying to evoke informal and relaxed communication. The slight curve in the benches makes it possible to lounge or sit higher at the table. C7 - www.designconnection.cn Milan Showcase - www.io.tudelft.nl Chamber - www.netherlandschamber.cn/
  10. 10. The aim of this project is to create an image with old lost The Moose and found (adhoc) objects translated in a lamp. I designed the Moose, which consist of a baby deerhorn and two old racing bicycle brakes. By integration of these fickly objects I created a serene image of two little animals relaxing on a tree branch. In the mouth of the little animals I placed two white LED-lights to enhance the bestial character of the lamp in the dark.
  11. 11. Chopsticks For this project the assignment was table architecture. I chose to design chopsticks. The focus of the project is form, form familiy and material. The chopsticks and chopstick holder are made of perspex and some aluminium details. The chop- sticks are half filled with black coloured rice and contain one colourful grain of rice. You can shake the rice through the small perspex tubs. I designed a very modern set of chopsticks with a playful character.