How to improve your local seo strategy


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Many local companies dismiss the idea of Search Engine Optimization; they believe that it is something that is strictly reserved for those that are looking to target the world.

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How to improve your local seo strategy

  1. 1. How to Improve Your Local SEO StrategyMany local companies dismiss the idea of Search Engine Optimization; they believe that itis something that is strictly reserved for those that are looking to target the world. Thiscouldnt possibly be further from the truth. Nowadays, the majority of people are using thesearch engines to find companies as opposed to the phone directories, and if you arentlisted on them, potential customers will have a difficult time finding your business. In thisarticle I want to take a look at some of the various techniques that an SEO Company inPhoenix will use to get you ranked as highly as possible in the search engines.Firstly, you are going to need a local pages account on Google. This page is going to bepacked to the brim with information about your company, and having this account, andfilling out as much information as possible is key to being ranked as highly as possible inthe search engines. You need to make sure that you include a number of keywords relatedto your business, as it will make it easier for Google to rank you.The next thing you need to do is work out what keywords trigger the Google Local searchresults (a small map which appears at the top of the page). For example, if you were ahairdresser in Phoenix then your Phoenix Seo Company may want to look intocombinations of words such as Mens hairdresser in Phoenix, Arizona or Hairdresser inPhoenix. This is incredibly important for your local SEO campaign as you dont want to beworking on keywords that wont rank you highly in the local results. It is a waste of time.Of course, you will also need to be listed in local directories. Try to get on as many as youpossibly can, some top ones include Yelp and Qype. Both of which will allow you to input aplethora of information about your company. The most important though will be the URL ofyour website, this is going to help you climb up the search engines. In addition to this,being listed on these websites givespotential customers yet another way todiscover your website, which is alwaysgoing to be useful. You will want to makesure the information is exactly the sameacross all directories, it will make it fareasier for Google to recognize that youare the same company.Finally, you need to look into the normalSEO techniques. This means checkingyour meta tags, ensuring that pages loadquickly, making sure that you use SEOfriendly URLs and high quality content,and of course, build up back links! This is going to be exactly the same as a standard SEOstrategy, you are just going to be throwing in a couple of local keywords too.Remember, at the moment, very few companies have actually woken up to the idea oflocal search engine optimization, so if you work with a top SEO Company in Phoenix, youwill be well-ahead of your competition, and by the time they discover the benefits of localSEO, you may be impossible to catch!