Three gorges travel notes


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Three Gorges Travel Notes

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Three gorges travel notes

  1. 1. Three Gorges Travel NotesTo make your journey more smooth and pleasant, the followinginformation you need to know in advance before departure:
  2. 2. 1, the basic situation of attractions:Qutangxia: Qutangxia: also known as Kui Gorge, west FengjieBaidicheng, a large town east of Wushan County, a total length of 8 km.River narrowest point less than 100 meters, maximum width less than 150meters, the shortest of the three Gorge, the narrowest and mostmagnificent of a gorge. The "West received myriad digging Bayu, themountains east Chu pressure," the magnificent, the Qutang male known.Daning River Small Three Gorges: Daning River is derived from the LeeCounty, Shaanxi Province level, length of 200 km from the source, all theway satisfied the stream, the Department of undercurrent, then hangingwaterfall, out of the mountains, in Wushan County, Wu Gorge West Sideinto the Yangtze River. Daning River Small Gorges including LongmenGorge, Pakistan fog Gap, Gap Dicui south east from Wushan County,north to the county within the coating Xiangjiaba, length 45 km.Wu Gorge: Gorge: Gorge west mouth of the Daning River in WushanCounty, east to Badong official crossing, length of 44 km. "Put the boatunder the Wu Gorge, the heart in the 12 peaks." Wu Gorge is famous forthe beauty of the deep.
  3. 3. Xiling Gorge: from Zigui Xiangxi to Yichang Nanjinguan the XilingGorge, total length 76 km, the longest of the Three Gorges, one of themost dangerous gorge, more water needs to the beach, rocks everywhere,is known fairway twists and turns.Fengdu Ghost Town: "ghost town" is located in Fengdu Countymountains. Mountains are mountains formerly flat, Fengdu County,which are due to abundance of peace hidden dam named after themountain together. Mountain area of about 200 million square meters,288 meters above sea level. After completion of the Three Gorges Project,the normal water 175 meters, Yandao foot mountains.
  4. 4. Shennong Stream: Shennong Stream length of 60 kilometers,Shennongjia Nature Reserve originated in the south, walk through it fromnorth to south into the canyon in the mountains, east of the mouth into theYangtze River in the Wu Gorge, streams green to clarify, there is nopollution, enormous differences take a boat buoyant, like arrows cosine,people in the struggle with nature and enjoy the adventure in the fun, is anew development of attractive tourist scenic spots.Three Gorges Dam: Three Gorges Project, located in the Xiling Gorge, 38km upstream from the Gezhouba Dam. Dam is concrete gravity dam crestlength of 3035 m, crest elevation of 185 meters, the normal water level175 m, with a total capacity of 39.3 billion cubic meters, including floodcontrol capacity of 22.15 billion cubic meters.
  5. 5. 2 Prepare all the necessary documents:Please bring along all the valid documents Offered are (valid ID cards,passports, childrens account of this, student ID, etc.).3, note:1) Three Gorges region is a subtropical monsoon climate, the air humid,wetter, please bring casual rain gear before departure;2) The travel times are expected in time for flight guide, weather andother natural factors, the specific boat and sailing time to stop into theroom every night itinerary prevail;3) travel tickets listed are inclusive in the ticket (for sites other than theirown expense), because the guests can go ashore as a result of tour ticketsrefundable, can choose their own entertainment on cruise ships, leisureand own expense.
  6. 6. 4) due to regional factors and the special nature of the Three Gorgescruise lines, ground, ship, each sub-area of the guide is to receive guests,after the Three Gorges section of the boat sightseeing and both teams arecarpooling or FIT ;5) the channel, weather and other natural factors can not visit theattractions, the ship back only attraction tickets, do not assume otherresponsibilities and costs;6) Please note that boat sailing time visitors, the general advance to thepier. Remember the name of the vessel after the boat and room number,sightseeing and completed on time and at the time of notification to returnthe ship to cruise on, if the issues visitors causes travel delays, theoccurrence of tickets and travel itinerary planned for loss, by the gueststhemselves;7) The board are public places, please carry valuables, or storage in theforeground;
  7. 7. 8) as a result of state and local governments because the temporaryexpropriation of the original boat, or other objective reasons (mechanicalfailure, water channel and reasons), the right not to lower our standardcharge exchange with the case of grades other boat;9) According to the Yangtze River cruise on the practice of all (because ofa foreign boat, on board foreign guests), a cruise on the last day of thetips suggested, guests can board their own voluntary service personnelunder the appropriate conditions of service for tips;4, the accompanying tour the following sense youestablish:Away from home, keep the normal state of mind, certainly not as a resultof travel, the comforts of home when, failing to not be impatient. Guestswith a travel agency, please understand each other, help each other.Chinas current situation makes the guests during the trip will be somethings that are not satisfactory, please guests to understand and maintain
  8. 8. peace of mind. Team travel is generally more compact arrangement,guests lose time to rest. The process of moving the team to prepare forunexpected events occur, please contact guides or Quanpei way to stay,there situation immediately notified. If there are objections to the localhost can be coordinated with local, coordinate-free fruit, makearrangements for ground operators to obey, to be home from the tourteam coordination process. Negotiations fell through, complained to theTourism Bureau (Zhejiang Tourism complaint telephone 96118), orcomplaints to the Consumers Association (telephone 12315 or 96135),but also to the court. Contract law there are provisions: If theperformance of the contract in dispute, both sides should be loss ofcontrol to the lowest point, such as extended by the unilateral loss, theloss by the expansion of party.