Get Your CPMM Certification from AIPMM in Kuala Lumpur!


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- Have you wondered what you could do as a product marketing manager to stand out from your peers?
- Have you thought about how you can become an exceptional product marketing manager?
- Have you wondered what you would do in case of a merger or slowdown?

If your goal is to become an exceptional product marketing manager within your organization, or land a promotion with a new company, adding a certification from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) to your list of accomplishments may be just the proof you need to prove your knowledge and expertise to hiring managers or superiors.

Product marketing managers tend to arrive in their role from many paths of entry, and a certification demonstrates you understand the core competencies of the role and that you can effectively manage a product at any point within its life cycle. AIPMM's certifications are internationally recognized because they allow product professionals to demonstrate their expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product management and marketing teams are operating at a high competency level.

About the Instructor
Hector Del Castillo has over 15 years of experience helping technology companies transform products to wealth by strengthening their product portfolio, growing high performing product teams, improving core business processes, and establishing strategic partnerships. He has launched several profitable technology-based products and solutions. He provides services as a consultant, contractor, coach, or trainer to companies that want to grow by increasing the value proposition of their product portfolio and creating new revenue streams.

Contact Hector Del Castillo at for more information regarding an AIPMM certification course near you.

The AIPMM is the hub of all things product management. It is where product professionals go for answers. With members in over 65 countries, it is the worldwide certifying body of product team professionals.

It is the world's largest professional organization of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other product team professionals who are responsible for guiding their organizations, or clients, through a constantly changing business landscape.

AIPMM's certification programs are internationally recognized because they allow product professionals to demonstrate their expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product management and marketing teams are operating at a high competency level.

Need Assistance?
Contact me to set up a free initial consultation session. Let me know how I can help you grow your business, grow your product team, or create and build your own brand.

I look forward to meeting you in Kuala Lumpur.

Hector Del Castillo

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Get Your CPMM Certification from AIPMM in Kuala Lumpur!

  1. 1. marcus evans professional training Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM®) Benefits of attending this private onsite certification preparation course & exam include: • Mastering best practice in product management and product marketing and applying it to your product • Developing a robust product marketing strategy for your products or categories • Managing the commercialisation phase (launch, growth, maturity, decline) of the product lifecycle more effectively • Aligning product marketing strategy with company’s strategy to achieve optimum benefits • Knowing the market and your competitors to stay competitive • Comprehensive printed course handbook • On-demand companion training for 12 months • AIPMM standard membership • Receiving Product Lifecycle Toolkit from 280 Group • Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM®) certification exam and credential certified by AIPMM MARKETING SERIES professional training “A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one.” Henry Ford
  2. 2. page 2FOCUSED | registration form on page 6 Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM®) professional training Overview Product marketing is the function responsible for ensuring the success of the product in the marketplace. It starts with a successful launch and continues as the product moves through growth, maturity and eventual decline. It is the function that initiates pricing actions, product focused marketing communications activities and represents the product to sales people, the channel and often to the customers. During this course, you will discuss best practice in product marketing that you can apply in your organisation to improve the success rate of your products. The course will be highly interactive and will include numerous exercise that reinforce the key points. About AIPMM The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is where product professionals go for answers. It is the world's largest professional organisation of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other individuals responsible for guiding their organisations and clients through a constantly changing business landscape. It is the only organisation that represents and provides certification for professionals who manage the entire product life-cycle throughout any industry. For more information, visit Testimonials: “One of the best instructors I met. Open to discuss all possible scenarios regarding training. Awesome!” PRODUCT MANAGER, ICT VENDOR “A highly recommended course for bottom-up management and also as a quarterly refresher course.” PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER, TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE PROVIDER “Lee’s vast use of examples and resourcefulness to find more made topics impossible not to understand” PRODUCT MANAGER, INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE Delegates will identify and share major challenges faced in product marketing with the class and facilitator to ensure the course material can be focused on the issues that are most valuable to you. Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation Day One Programme Session One Products and product lifecycle management principles and practices In order to provide a baseline for the topics that follow, this session provides an overall view of product lifecycle and discusses the role of product management and product marketing in managing the product from cradle to grave Session Two Managing the product lifecycle Product marketing is responsible for the second half of the product lifecycle – launch through to obsolescence. The session reviews the stages of the product lifecycle with a focus on the stages that directly contribute to revenue and profit • Assessing the stages of product lifecycle and the key activities associated with each stage • Identifying what to expect at each stage of the lifecycle, and the important decisions that need to be made at each stage • Uncovering special lifecycle that do not follow the normal patterns Session Three Branding: The most powerful tool used in marketing products and how it provides a context for product and marketing decisions • The strategic decisions involved in shaping the brand • Brand equity, positioning and sponsorship • Naming considerations • Brand development Session Four Market strategy: Aligning product marketing with the company’s strategy to get the best results • Setting the overall strategy and mission • Developing the business portfolio • Supporting product / market expansion Action learning exercise: Expanding into new markets and new products Session Five Competitive strategy: Examining various strategies a company can use to fight or co-exist with the competition and its pros and cons • Understanding competition and its impact • Choosing the right marketing strategy to gain competitive advantage Session Six Pricing There are many considerations when setting product pricing, including its influence on customer and competitive behaviour and the statements it makes about product positioning. The session will discuss: • Common pricing strategies and pricing best practices • Various factors to consider when setting or adjusting the pricing
  3. 3. page 3FOCUSED | registration form on page 6 professional training Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM®) Turning ‘Theory’ into ‘Practice’ This highly interactive and intensive training course provides attendees with the latest practices, tools and techniques. Our format combines real-world practical case study examples, hypothetical scenarios, group exercises and tutorial-style presentations with a focus on collaborative and interactive learning. About CPMM®: Those who pass the exam on the last day will become a Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM®). You may use the designations CPMM on your business cards and resume. This designation is a trademark of the AIPMM. The CPMM® credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the product marketing functions which are responsible for ensuring the success of the product in the marketplace. The CPMM® focus begins with a successful launch and continues as the product moves through growth, maturity and eventual decline. The exam covers pricing actions, product focused marketing communications activities and how the CPMM represents the product to sales people, the channel and customers. Onsite Instructor-Led Training: This private onsite training programme defines the role of product management and discusses how product managers contribute to create value within an organisation. Participants will obtain actionable knowledge to plan and manage your organisation’s goods and services and market them effectively. It also discusses key deliverables to plan, manage and market your organisation's goods and services. Day Two Programme Session One Matching consumer and buying behaviour with product marketing To successfully manage (and help the sales force manage) the sales funnel, product marketing managers need to understand customer buying behaviour • Discovering factors that influence consumer and business buying behaviour • Understanding the buyer decision process • Assessing stages in the adoption process, and what is required to move the buyer to the next stage Action learning exercise: Customer buying behaviour Session Two Orchestrating the marketing process and marketing mix Successful product marketing requires careful orchestration of all factors leading to successful sales • Enhancing the marketing process and the crucial steps in product marketing • Mastering the classic 4 Ps, plus three more that are essential for success • Developing the marketing plan • Organising and implementing the marketing function Session Three Developing an integrated marketing communications plan With the increase in social media, customers and prospects receive messages regarding your company and products from a variety of sources – not all of them under your control. In this session, we will address: • The various communications channels available to you and your customers • Problems that arise with the conventional approach to marketing communications approach, and an integrated approach that overcomes those problems • Key steps within an integrated marketing campaign • Various methods of structuring key messages Session Four Distribution and logistics There are often one or more intermediaries through which the product flows in getting from the vendor to the customer • Establishing role and value-add of the intermediaries • Familiarising with the various forms of consumer and business marketing channels • Understanding channel design decisions • Analysing channel behaviour and the problems to avoid • Marketing logistics considerations Action learning exercise: Addressing channel conflict Session Five General review and CPMM® Certification exam • Reviewing key terms, strategies, methodologies and deliverables • Describing strategies selecting the best answer • Proctor is provided to supervise the certification exam
  4. 4. page 4FOCUSED | registration form on page 6 Benefits to you • Small class size to enhance learning experience and interaction with trainer and other participants • Learning from expert facilitator on the subject matter • Sharing on latest practices, tools and techniques • Putting theory into practice: Immediate application in the workplace Who should attend? This course is for anyone involved in the product marketing function for goods and services: • Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers and others responsible for the success of products and product lines • Development Managers and Leaders looking to move into or who currently interface with Product Marketing Duration of Course: 2 Days Location & Dates: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 9th & 10th September 2013 Course Code: KL-MKP3455 Other Project Management Programme in our Portfolio includes: • Certified Product Manager (CPM®) • Certified Innovation Leader (CIL®) • Certified Brand Manager (CBM®) Programme schedule Day One & Two 0830 Registration and morning coffee 0900 Morning session begins 1030 Morning refreshments and networking break 1245 Networking luncheon 1345 Afternoon session begins 1545 Afternoon refreshments and networking break 1730 Course concludes professional training Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM®) About your trainer Leland (Lee) D. Shaeffer Managing Director PLM Associates, USA Advisory Board AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management) Vice Chairman Emeritus PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) Leland D. Shaeffer, founder and managing director, helps companies bring better products to market faster, using fewer resources, by helping them improve product lifecycle management processes and marketing practices. In addition to increasing market penetration and bottom line results for commercial products and services, he applies product management principals to help IT departments serve their internal customers. As part of his practice, Lee has instructed numerous executive courses and workshops in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia, and he has often spoken at national and international conferences. Lee brings a strong combination of analytical skill and practical experience to the problems of increasing market penetration and managing product lifecycles. For over 20 years, Mr. Shaeffer has been involved in product management and development for business-to-business and consumer products companies. He has held senior positions in product management, engineering and marketing at companies ranging from venture capital backed start-ups to Apple Computer, Convergent Technologies/Unisys, Imagery/Eastman Kodak, and Siliconix/Vishay. Lee also was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he specialized in product/market strategy. Lee is on the advisory board of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) and is a Vice Chairman Emeritus of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). He received the AIPMM’s “Trainer of the Year” award for 2009. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Stanford University.He also has been active in the Technology Council of Southern California and the Project Management Institute.
  5. 5. page 5MARCUS EVANS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING marcus evans professional training Trainers – key to our success! marcus evans’ trainers are leading associate trainers. This ensures that our trainers are the best and most appropriate trainers for each individual course in terms of areas of expertise, training style, commercial industry experience and proven results. We choose trainers who are specialists in their respective fields and are dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of our delegates through practical, interactive and applicable training. Training style – making training dynamic! Our trainers are selected on their ability to inspire, motivate and empower delegates. This is achieved by delivering training that is dynamic and relevant to the day-to-day challenges delegates face in the real world. All of the training courses offered represent a blend of tried and tested methods as well as the latest tools, techniques, market research, case studies and dynamic ways of thinking. A maximum of 25 delegates per course in deluxe training venues allows for interactive training through group discussion, role-plays and exercises giving delegates the “how to” applicable and adaptable skills that they can use on returning to work. Course content – making it relevant! All delegates complete detailed pre-course questionnaires before the event enabling trainers to tailor course content in order to meet specific delegate needs. Delegate objectives are re-visited before, during and after the event allowing us to focus on outcomes and address any delegate concerns as and when they arise. Where applicable, our trainers also act as coaches in providing one-to-one advice and feedback both during and after the course. To support your learning, we provide extensive documentation on all courses including, theory, models, exercises, worksheets, case studies, action plans, slides and further reading and reference material. Course information Upon receipt of your completed registration form you will receive formal confirmation of your booking. Approximately three weeks before the respective course you will receive all pre-course information including joining instructions, course timings, venue and accommodation information and pre-course questionnaires. Further information Please visit for further course information and training resources including: • Course Booking and Administration Notes • Accommodation Booking Service • Special Offers and email Updates • Recommended Reading Materials • Training Articles and News • Over 50 Public Course Outlines and In-Company Training Solutions In-company training solutions If you have a number of delegates with similar training needs then you may wish to consider having a cost-effective in-company training solution delivered locally or on-site. Courses can be tailored to specific requirements or developed as bespoke solutions. We also deliver activated teambuilding and leadership in-company workshops. Please contact Max Underhill to discuss further possibilities at +603 2723 6600 or email marcus evans professional training courses combine the latest tools, techniques, market research, case studies and dynamic ways of thinking, delivered by experienced trainers to ensure the skills and knowledge acquired are directly applicable to your organisation. Research the latest concepts, tools, techniques and tried and tested methods Trainers the highest standard of dynamic trainers with cross-industry experience Tailored detailed pre-course questionnaires to address your objectives Applicability training relevant to your needs and your workplace Interactive limited numbers with group exercises, role-plays and feedback Action planning, implementation and follow-up Documentation comprehensive supporting notes and further reading materials Venue deluxe facilities supporting the training environment