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Filling Out the SRP Program Invoice
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Filling Out the SRP Program Invoice


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  • 1. Harris County Summer Reading Program Funds and Filling Out the Program Invoice
  • 2. What Are Harris County Summer Reading Program Funds ?
    • Harris County Summer Reading Program Funds (HCSRP) are funds HCPL received from Harris County.
    • These funds can be used for Children’s and Young Adult programming. Craft supplies [ and games???] for a program may also be purchased with these funds.
  • 3.
    • Every year, all Harris County Public Library branches are allotted $500 for summer reading program performances.
  • 4. How to Use Harris County Summer Reading Program Funds (HCSRP ) to Pay for Programs
    • Each branch needs to email to Scott McCullar ( [email_address] ) in Materials Selection a list of the programs they plan to fund with HCSRP funds or gift funds.
  • 5.
    • Please include the following Information in your email :
      • Name of Business
      • Contact Names and phone numbers
      • Mailing Address
      • Date and time of the programs
      • Cost of Programs
  • 6.
    • W-9 forms will then be mailed from Materials Selection to the performers.
    • Performers will fill out the forms and return them to Scott McCullar in Materials Selection.
  • 7.
    • Be sure to notify Scott if you forgot to list a program, or schedule another one to be paid for with HCSRP Funds.
    • The payment process can’t even begin until the performer submits their completed W9 form.
  • 8. Filling Out the Program Invoice
    • Before each performance a representative of your branch should use the Invoice template on Harriet to fill out and print a performer invoice.
  • 9.  
  • 10. Almost all of the necessary Vendor and Branch info can be typed into the Invoice [highlighted in green here].
  • 11. Vendor Info: Check Payable To Address City, State, ZIP Phone FAX
  • 12. Location (Branch Library): Branch Name Date [of Performance] Invoice Number
  • 13.
    • “ Invoice Number” must be supplied by the branch representative,
    • must be consistent and
    • unique for each invoice.
    • ATA001
    • 718FM
    • WU614HCPL
  • 14. Type in all of the “Program Description” information.
  • 15. If the fee charged is a flat fee for the presentation, put “NA” (Not Applicable) in the Hours and Rate column and enter only the Amount.
  • 16. If the fee charged is based on an hourly rate, indicate the hours, the rate and the amount.
  • 17. Mileage and supplies should be included in the Amount charged. If Sneaker Beat has a basic fee of $120.00, and charges an additional mileage fee of $8.00, add the two together and put the total Amount as $128.00
  • 18.
    • What if a performer presents an Origami program and…
      • Charges $60.00 for the program
      • Charges $35.00 for special paper for 80-100 children
      • Add the two together and put the combined charges as a total amount of $95.00.
  • 19. Back to Back Programs
  • 20. Social Security or Tax ID Number [filled in by the Performer] Vendor Signature Branch Representative Signature THREE blanks on the invoice [highlighted here in blue] must be written by hand, in Blue Ink! [so that there’s NO question it’s the ORIGINAL]
  • 21. Final Steps
    • Branch Representative makes 2 copies of the Invoice.
    • One copy to the Performer
    • One copy kept by the branch library
    • The Original Program Invoice is sent in Delivery to Scott McCullar, Materials Selection Dept, within 3 days after the program.
  • 22. Things to Remember
    • HCSRP funds must be used before August 00, 2009.
    • If your performer cancels and does not re-schedule, please notify Scott.