Cloud Connect 2013- Lock Stock and x Smoking EC2's


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This Slide was presented @ Cloud Connect 2013. Lock, Stock and X Smoking EC2's was by inspired by Guy Ritchie movies. It describes how we put Amazon EMR + Spot EC2 instances to use for a customer and achieved cost savings while solving a Big Data problem.

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Cloud Connect 2013- Lock Stock and x Smoking EC2's

  1. 1. Harish GanesanCTO8KMiles2013
  2. 2. P1) This Presentation isP2) Strongly Inspired by “Guy Ritchie”MoviesP3) Disclaimer : All images are downloaded frominternet. If you find any of the content / images violatingcopyright, please let me know and I will act upon itimmediately
  3. 3. AGENDA• Case• Challenge• Solution• Learnings• About us
  4. 4. CaseCigarette smoking is injurious to health• Mobile Advertising company, USA• Forbes 1000 clientele• TB’s of unstructured data -> Big DataProblem
  5. 5. Lock• Hourly ~1 TB• CDN Logs• Text Files• XML Files• Geo data files• Server logs• DB records
  6. 6. STOCK• Reduce the cost leakage• How to Save $$$ ?
  7. 7. Challenges• Daily (was OK), Monthly (Pain) and Historicalanalysis ( almost dead )• How do we Transfer, Store, Analyze and Share ?• How to optimize costs at this scale ?
  8. 8. SolutionCigarette smoking is injurious to health• Use AWS Cloud for hosting Analytics module• Amazon EMR for unstructured Log Analysis• Automation using Scripts, Java code and othertools
  9. 9. Social / 3rdPartyFeeds/CloudLogsStage 1: Data Transfer• Tsunami UDP• ~1TB un compressed logsevery hour• High bandwidth EC2’s forTsunami UDP• Other Popular Options :• Aspera• AWS Import/Export• WAN optimization• AWS Direct Connect
  10. 10. Amazon S3LogsStage 2: Storage• Amazon Web Services Building Block– S3• Scalable Object Store• Inherently Fault Tolerant• ~2 TB of compressed logs every day• S3 RR option for intermediateoutputs• Amazon Glacier for archivalSocial / 3rdPartyFeeds/Cloud
  11. 11. Amazon S3ElasticMapReduceLogsStage 3: Analyze• Elastic MapReduceService of Amazon• Minimal Setup time• Log Analysis• ~2000 mappers /750 reducers @peak• ~250 m1.xlargetask nodes (1000cores, 3750 GBRAM) @ peakSocial / 3rdPartyFeeds/Cloud
  12. 12. • Amazon EMR is great• But adding Spot EC2 is super coolWait !!!
  13. 13. What is Amazon Spot ?13• Time-flexible, interruption-tolerant tasks• Bid Price & Spot Price• M1.xlarge Price Comparison• $0.480 per Hour – On Demand• $0.052 per Hour - Spot• You will never pay more than yourmaximum bid price per hour•Spot Instance may be interrupted• If interrupted you will not be charged forany partial hour of usage. (*Free)
  14. 14. Spot Bidding Strategies14•Just above Spot Price•Between Spot Price & On DemandPrice•On Demand Price•Above On Demand Price
  15. 15. Spot Price Variations - AZ
  16. 16. Amazon EMR with Spot InstanceProject MasterInstanceGroupCore InstanceGroupTask InstanceGroupLong-runningclusterson-demand on-demand SpotCost-drivenworkloadsspot spot SpotData-criticalworkloadson-demand on-demand SpotApplicationtestingspot Spot Spot
  17. 17. Amazon S3ElasticMapReduceSocial /3rd PartyFeedsLogsStage 4: Custom EMR Manager• We created a Custom EMRManager• Choose spot based on:• Past price trend intelligence• Choose AZ based on CurrentMarket Prices• Choose between Large vsExtra Large• Spot Pricing Strategy :• Set Spot Price = On DemandPrice• Over board <20% of OnDemand Price at times• Dynamic Sizing the Core / Tasknodes• Dynamic EMR Cluster creationCustom EMRManager
  18. 18. Some Spot Use Cases18• Analytics & Big Data• Scientific computing• Web crawling• Financial model and Analysis• Testing• Image & Media Encoding66 % savings50 % savings57 % savings
  19. 19. Learning• Spot + On demand EC2 is a deadly combination for cost savings• Every millisecond matters in MR – Tune your code• Merge Files – Bigger ones are better for processing
  20. 20. More Learning …• Custom Job Manager was designed by us• 1 File Per Mapper was better for our case in AWS• Understand the performance constraints of AWS andwork with it• Compress data : Both storage and transit(.LZO & Snappy)
  21. 21. Continues…• Keep configuration data in local memory or AmazonDynamoDB• Reducers split files suitable for next job mappers• Elasticity – Increase/Decrease Task nodes• Elasticity – Create new EMR Clusters matching the Logs(Core + Task)
  22. 22. Value• ~56% cost savings from pure On-Demand model for Core+Task Nodes• Automation vastly reduced Labor cost ( initial + on going)• Customer CXO’s were happy
  23. 23. • AWS Premium Partner• Solution Experts in• Cloud Computing• Big Data• Identity ManagementAbout US
  24. 24. Shoot your ?Harish@8kmiles.com