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Plone and Sharepoint
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Plone and Sharepoint


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A talk on integrating Plone and Sharepoint. This talk was from Plone Conference 2013 in Brasilia. …

A talk on integrating Plone and Sharepoint. This talk was from Plone Conference 2013 in Brasilia.

It covers integrating the authentication, content, and search between Plone and Sharepoint. It showcases the collective.cmsbrowser addon for Plone.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Matt Hamilton Plone and Sharepoint Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia
  • 2. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Who am I? • Working with Plone/Zope since 1999 • Director at Netsight in the UK • Worked on a number of projects doing authentication over the years
  • 3. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Areas of Integration • Authentication • Content • Search
  • 4. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Authentication • netsight.windowsauthplugin • netsight.aspxauthplugin
  • 5. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia netsight.windowsauthplugin • Runs on either Windows or Unix/Linux/ OSX • Windows: Uses Windows’ internal SSPI API • Unix: Uses MIT Kerberos libraries • Transparently logs users into Plone site • Used by NHS in the UK for intranet; A global pharma company; several universities
  • 6. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Installation [buildout] ... eggs = ... netsight.windowsauthplugin
  • 7. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia netsight.aspxauthplugin • Runs on either Windows or Unix/Linux/ OSX • De/Encrypts the .ASPXAUTH cookie used by .NET sites (incl. Sharepoint) • Trust the auth cookie from the other site (and vice versa)
  • 8. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Content • FTP (via 3rd party now i think) • RSS (exposes lists) • CMIS
  • 9. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia CMIS • Content Management Interoperability Specification • An OASIS Standard (v1.0 - 2010; v1.1 2012) • Supported by Nuxeo,Alfresco, Sharepoint, etc • CMIS defines an abstraction layer for controlling diverse document management systems and repositories using web protocols
  • 10. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia CMIS CMIS provides a common data model covering typed files and folders with generic properties that can be set or read.There is a set of services for adding and retrieving documents ('objects').There may be an access control system, a checkout and version control facility, and the ability to define generic relations.Two protocol bindings are defined, one using SOAP and another using REST.The model is based on common architectures of document management systems.
  • 11. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia collective.cmisbrowser • Written by SylvainViollon of Infrae to use against Alfresco. • Used by LNE andVMM ... two environmental departments of the Flemish government. • Updated by Netsight to work with Sharepoint (still work in progress)
  • 12. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Installation - Plone [buildout] ... eggs = ... suds collective.cmisbrowser python-ntlm auto-checkout = * [sources] suds = hg ssh:// collective.cmisbrowser = git
  • 13. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Installation - Sharepoint • Need Sharepoint 2010 or above • Need the Enterprise CALs • Need to install Administration Toolkit for SP 2010. Out of the box on SP 2013.
  • 14. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Search • CMIS supports search • collective.cmisbrowser has an API which exposes search • Search is not (yet) integrated into Plone (sprint?)
  • 15. Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia Obrigado! Matt Hamilton @hammertoe