Documents to be submitted at the us airport


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Documents to be submitted at the us airport

  1. 1. Documents to be Submitted at the US Airport to Demonstrate Your Intention to Return to the United States After a Long AbsenceBeing a citizen of a foreign country, you may become a permanent resident of the UnitedStates and there are a quite a few ways through which you may immigrate to the UnitedStates. You will have to be sponsored by a relative or an employer in America and undergo alot of paperwork. That is indeed, a tiresome process. However, you may also obtain animmigrant visa, if you win the DV lottery program and if you are eligible for an immigrant visa.But the US immigration officials will allow you to enter into the country only if you areadmissible into the United States. Once you enter the country with an immigrant visa, youmay get a Green Card, that is issued to foreign nationals who are granted lawful status in theUnited States. Green Card holders are granted a variety of rights and you may also travelabroad freely with a few restrictions. But a prolonged travel may cause a lot of troubles andyou may also be denied entry into the United States, if you travel abroad for a long period oftime without proper documentation.If you are found to travel abroad often with an intention of abandoning your immigration statusin America, you may not be allowed to return to the United States and your Green Card maybe revoked. But there are certain circumstances where you might have traveled and residedin a foreign country for genuine reasons. In such cases, upon your return, you will have toprove that you had not planned to make that foreign country your home and you will have toprove that you intend to live in the United States, through proper documentation. You may useyour Green Card to re-enter the country, if you had not resided abroad for more than a year.But, if you intend to travel abroad for more than a year, you will have to obtain a re-entrypermit and that permit will allow you to travel abroad for two years and less. However, a re-entry permit may alone may not be sufficient, if the US immigration officers doubt that you donot intend to make the United States your permanent home. Similarly, you will have to obtaina returning resident visa from an overseas US Embassy Consulate, if you had stayed outsidethe United States, beyond the validity of your re-entry permit.In such cases, you will have to present few other documents and you need to demonstratethat you intend to reside permanently in the United States. You will have to submit proofs ofyour social and family ties in the country. Still, the US immigration officers will ask you aboutthe purpose of your prolonged travel and whether you have abandoned your lawfulpermanent resident status in the United States, even if you submit a re-entry permit and otherdocuments. Your employment in the United States, taxes that you had filed and your familyties will help you to prove that you intend to return to the United States and make the countryyour permanent home. Similarly, your US mailing address, property in the United States, yourbusiness in the United States, US drivers license and your US bank accounts, may beconsidered by the US immigration officers. Such evidence may be presented in order to provethat your travel outside the country is only temporary.Posted at