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Immigration direct services


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Immigration direct services

  1. 1. Immigration Direct Guides YouThrough The US ImmigrationProcessImmigration Direct has been a leader in online immigration services for nearly a decade.
  2. 2. Helping people visit andimmigrate to the UnitedStates, they offerconcise, easy-to-understand informationand helpful services fornon-immigrant (temporarystay) and
  3. 3. immigrant (permanentresident) processes such asobtaining temporaryvisas, green cards andcitizenship.
  4. 4. Non-immigrant andimmigrant processes areextremely complicatedsuch much so that non-immigrants andimmigrants alike oftenrequire the expensiveservices of lawyers.
  5. 5. Immigration Direct is a cost- effective alternative to hiring an immigration attorney, offering expert advice and exceptional services that save time and money.
  6. 6. Services include 24-hourcustomer service, USCISForms NavigationSystem, Online form-filingassistance, and multi-language immigrationDVDs and EBooks.
  7. 7. Contents:1. 24-Hour Customer Service2. USCIS Form NavigationSystem3. Detailed Customized FilingInstructions4. Multi-Language ImmigrationDVDs5. Immigration EBooks
  8. 8. 24-Hour Customer ServiceImmigration Directprovides online customerservices 24 hours a day, 7days a week. They alsooffer phone support duringnormal business hours.
  9. 9.  USCIS Form Navigation System There is a great quantity of non-immigrant and immigrant forms that vary depending on the circumstances of the individual.
  10. 10. Every immigration andnon-immigration processrequires a form to be filedand often several forms.Finding which forms oneneeds is tricky and theUSCIS website can beextremely confusing.
  11. 11. Immigration Directs FormNavigation Systemprovides simple, easy-to-understand definitions ofeach form and each formspurpose along with otherhelpful information aboutthe filing process.
  12. 12. Detailed CustomizedFiling InstructionsImmigration Direct offersForm Filing products forsome of the most popularimmigrant and non-immigrant forms.
  13. 13. These products givecustomized filinginstructions to applicants toensure accurate & efficientfiling. Immigration Directalso offers step-by-stepfiling instructions for lesspopular forms free ofcharge.
  14. 14. Multi-LanguageImmigration DVDsImmigration Direct haseducational DVDs inseveral different languagesthat provide user-friendlyguides for immigrantprocesses.
  15. 15. DVD titles include: How toPass the U.S. CitizenshipTest, How to Get A UnitedStates Student & TouristVisa, Learn How to Get aGreen Card and How toPass the K-1 Fiancé (e) &Marriage Visa Interviews.
  16. 16. Immigration EBooksImmigration Direct has avariety of EBooks thatcover a large range ofimmigration topics.
  17. 17. EBooks provide detailedguides on immigrantpetitions, applications, anda variety of other processes.All applicable USCIS formsare also included in theeBook packages.
  18. 18. Find it @ our Squidoo page