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Atradius Global Accounts


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Collecting with unrivalled expertise “ Collections is not a principle but an expedient way of improving your cash flow.” GLOBAL ACCOUNTS 2009
  • 3.
    • Atradius group
    • Established company since 1925
    • 80 years expertise
    • Market leader and specialist in B2B collections
    • Core concentration on quality collections
    • Single unified IT collections platform
    • Globally organised, centrally managed
    • Providing flexible and customised integration solutions
    • Concentration on client satisfaction
    • Care for the client - debtor relationship
  • 4. Gerling Credit since 1954 NCM since 1925 1990 Business activity mainly in The Netherlands 2001 BG Garanti & Factoring, DK 1991 ECGD, UK 1993 Business activity only in Germany and Switzerland 2000 Comesec, Mexico Groupe Étoile, France 1994 Namur Assurances du Crédit S.A., Belgium 1996 SACREN, France Uni Storebrand Kredittforsikring, Norway 1996 EKR Eksportkredit, Denmark 1998 Smit Ommen, The Netherlands 1999 MNCIC, USA Eurocollect, The Netherlands 2000 Società Italiana Cauzioni, Italy Forenede Factors, Scandinavia Merger of Gerling Credit and NCM 21 August 2001 Atradius as per 1 January 2004 2003 EFIC, Australia A driving force behind the consolidation of the credit insurance and collections industry 2003 Separation from Gerling Group 2004 ICI, USA 2005 Factoring sold to Fortis Commercial Finance 2008 Combination with CyC, Spain 2002 EXGO, New Zealand History
  • 5. Companies acquired
  • 6. Atradius Collections vision ‘ Be the global business to business debt collection partner of choice ’ Atradius Collections mission ‘ To generate cash for our customers by offering exceptional services, with an unparalleled international reach’ “ A best in class response that covers every aspect of trade receivables management” Vision and Mission
  • 7. Global leader in debt collections Worldwide specialist in Credit Risk Management Global process and IT platform Fast and efficient handling Global database with 52 million companies 22,000 credit limit decisions daily Facts and Figures
  • 8. Facts and Figures 31% Worldwide Market Share A Standard & Poor‘s, A2 by Moody‘s € 495 billion covered annually Annual revenue of over € 1.8 billion 160 offices in 52 countries 4000 employees Atradius Headquarters in Amsterdam
  • 9. Shareholding
  • 10. The collections market is divers and has numerous players. Only a few agencies have capabilities like Atradius Collections market
  • 11. Tier 1 Australia Belgium Canada Denmark France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Czech Republic Italy Netherlands Poland Singapore Spain United Kingdom USA Ireland Mexico Tier 2 Austria Brazil* Bulgaria China* Cyprus Croatia Dubai UAE Greece Iceland Japan Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Malta Tier 3 Albania Andorra Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina Estonia Georgia India Moldova In addition to countries not listed in: Africa Middle East South America Tier 2 New Zealand Norway Portugal Romania Russia* San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Switzerland Sweden Ukraine Tier 1 – Office location within country – full coverage Tier 2 – Cross border – full coverage (* new offices are planned) Tier 3 – Strategic Alliances with LDC Geographical Coverage
  • 12.
    • Objectives
    • Maximise volume of receivables finance
    • Maximise the brand experience
    • Preserving core market revenues
    • Driving growth through (international) capabilities
    • Develop route to incremental income
    • Improve financial flex with efficiency and expertise
    • Require expert and pro-active credit and debt risk services
    • Improve control, maximise business rev.
    • Deliver competitive solutions
    • Delivering efficient and simple to use solutions
  • 13.
    • Consultancy highlighted
    • Introduction to Consultancy Services
    • The Consultancy branch of Atradius Collections helps you improve your credit management. Our consultants are very experienced in the entire credit management chain, within every industry. Our services are focused to lower your DSO, and improve your profits. We offer you the following services:
    • Credit Risk Scan
    • Are you looking for the optimal balance between costs and credit risks on the one hand and customer satisfaction and profit contribution on the other? The CRS reveals all the management processes within your organisation, allowing greater insight into the credit risks...  Read more about Credit Risk Scan . 
    • Credit Process Review
    • A Credit Process Review is a thorough analysis of your credit management process. Over a number of weeks, we screen your operational, administrative, financial and sales processes, which identifies, your strengths and any weaknesses. We present all our findings in a detailed report...  Read more about Credit Process Review .
    • Ledger-2-Ledger
    • Are you familiar with our web-based interface Ledger-2-Ledger? This link between your financial system and our platform enables your collection cases to be submitted to us automatically. Read more about Ledger-2-Ledger .
    Consultancy services
  • 14.
    • Consultancy highlighted
    • Determining the value of accounts receivable
    • This is an analysis of the actual and current value of the accounts receivable portfolio, in the event of liquidation or bankruptcy of your debtor's business. Read more about Determining the value of accounts receivable . 
    • Due Diligence
    • As a financial institution, you can make use of the specialised Due Diligence service. Atradius investigates and analyses the credit management process at your international clients. This helps you limit your financial risks. Read more about Due Diligence . 
    • Back-up Servicing
    • Back-up servicing is a specialised service that is primarily of interest to international financial institutions. When one of your customers suddenly finds itself in financial difficulty, we ensure a quick collection service is provided, giving you the extra security that you need. Read more about Back-up Servicing .
    • Order to Cash
    • With this new service we can take over the complete administrative process as soon as you receive the order. Read more about Order to Cash
    Consultancy services
  • 15.
      • Corporate Services
      • Global Credit Risk Management and insurance
      • Business Process Outsourcing Services
      • Global Due Diligence and AR Services
      • Management of trade receivables
      • Global collection services
  • 16. Standardize offload of debt >60 Days PD
    • Clean-up
    • sale of debt
    • 180 days
    • past due
    Increase the added value over time to improve the overall receivables management performance and increase resource efficiency. Time Benefits As is Q3-2009 Q1-2010 Phased approach to optimisation Integration process Optimise tighten Internal dunning procedures Fully automated data exchange: ledger-to-ledger
  • 17. Local Collections Global Collections Common IT platform Debtor Atradius Collection Global Solutions Client Full service provider by reverse integration Ledger/AR Dunning Service Structure
  • 18. UK NL Austria Italy France Spain Germany NL Austria USA France Spain UK Germany Italy Hong Kong UK USA Dubai India Poland Hong Kong UK Dubai India Italy Poland Local servicing Matching your Organisation We mirror your organisation with one central Global Account Management Team and dedicated Local Service Account Management Teams anywhere in the world Master Agreement/ Central Account Team Matching principles
  • 19. One global online system
  • 20. Cover all local activities Global Contract
  • 21. Your global network at Atradius Atradius network
  • 22. As the your business grows, so does the complexity of international business “ We make global collections simple. That’s it.” Raymond Sprong, Senior Executive Global Accounts at Atradius Collections