Contemporary Paganism Final Project James Jacob Pierri


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Contemporary Paganism Final Project by
James Jacob Pierri
Cherry Hill Seminary

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  • Wheat, The torch, Veil, Sacred Knot, Situla, Starry cloak, And chalice and the Mother Goddess holding the infant.
  • Contemporary Paganism Final Project James Jacob Pierri

    1. 1. Mysteries of Isis Symbolic appropriation Between Paganism and American Italian cults to the Virgin Mary, the Bridge between the ancient and the modern religions of The Goddess. Final Presentation: Contemporary Paganism- Kraemer CHS James Jacob Pierri
    2. 2. Temple of Isis At Delos, Statue of Priestess.
    3. 3. Osiris, Isis with sistrum and HermAnubis with Caduecus
    4. 4. Various Isian Votary statuettes Including erotic Representation, Horus and musical playing
    5. 5. Votive lamp, Isian Priestess, Sistrum.
    6. 6. Collection of Isian Art and ritual paraphernalia Including sistrums, Votive lamps, coins, Statues of Isis/Venus, A Priestess and Isis Riding a Elysian Mystery Pig.
    7. 7. Collection of Isi
    8. 8. Hands of a Mummified Isian Priestes
    9. 9. Magna Mater
    10. 10. Lets Begin; Isis wins over the Hearts and spirits Of the Roman People.
    11. 11. Isis healing the sick With Horus, Anubis Apis Bull, Bast & Nepthys.
    12. 12. Isis temple located Near the Gymnasium In Pompeii. Early morning mass.
    13. 13. Isian Priestess robed In the costume of Isis, Possibly to lead a Celebratory or ritualistic Procession in public.
    14. 14. An Isiac Priest Prepares for a ritual Of Isian mystery for Devotees taking Initiations.
    15. 15. Isis as portrayed in Traditional Egyptian custom, Artistically Abstract and revealing too Much skin was inappropriate For Roman virtues.
    16. 16. Romanized Isis Though the Goddess’ Message was excitedly Accepted, some of her Oriental accessories, Dress and cohorts Needed to be tamed for A conservative Roman following
    17. 17. Juno Roman Queen Of Heaven & The Gods Holding baby Hercules. A half divine hero who Challenges personal Tests to prove his Immortality.
    18. 18. Isis Aphrodite Syncretism at work in Hellenic Alexandria. The combination of two cultures Concepts of Goddess was warmly Welcomed by devotees.
    19. 20. Roman Priestess from Pompeii With situla in left hand And what once was a sistrum In her right. She wears the diadem of Isis Fortuna.
    20. 21. Mithra Persian God Adpted by Roman soldiers. His popularity was High in the Roman Empire, stronlgy Influencing the Christian theology
    21. 22. Emperor Nero Wasn’t particularly fond of Oriental religions. To show his disapproval He rudely urinated on a Sacred statue of Isis in Public
    22. 23. Rome, various rulers and change of religious climate change
    23. 24. Cyril Bishop of Alexandria Dealt a powerful blow against Paganism & Goddess worship But also contributed to the Christian founders to Accept the idea of The Theotokos ( God bearer/ Mother of God(s)
    24. 25. Lucina Roman Goddess of light & Foresight. Her celebrations Coincided with the Saturnalia The winter celebrations at Ancient Rome
    25. 26. Diana Roman Goddess residing Over the Moon. Diana’s cult and her Devotees remained loyal Long into Christianity Reign.
    26. 27. Roman Venus: Genatrix, Goddess Of life, love and Fate
    27. 28. Demeter Earth Goddess, presiding Over the Elysian Mysteries. Sycretisized with Isis early Greek civilization.
    28. 29. The Goddess Is introduced renew To a Christian Public
    29. 30. Filling a somewhat Empty position in the Empires new religion “ Our Lady” surrounded By cherubs,a diadem of Stars, rising on a moon And crowned Queen of Heaven, quenched the Thirst of Goddess Devotees through out Italy.
    30. 31. Long after the fall of the Roman Empire, Italy became a series Of City States and fragmented Kingdoms serving under Christianity. Though some Remote peasants remained Loyal to their pagan ancestors Ways and devotion to Diana may Have continued under guise of Cults to the Virgin. Of which Diana was perpetually.
    31. 32. TAKING APPROPRIATED Or sycretized Pagan/Catholic Traditions to the new world in America. Believers found a safe place to Continue their customs and Allow them to integrate and Assimilate with other ethnicities.
    32. 33. Our Lady of the Sea procession in Hoboken Nj circa 1950’s Here the Goddess is still presented to her public for adoration Through the streets. This scene is similar to the Isis Navidgvm Held in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt.
    33. 34. The feast is still celebrated To this day, funded by Devoted followers and not Sanctioned by the American Catholic Diocese. Like her forerunner In Ancient Rome, crowds still Gather to follow the cult Statue to the river, where Sacred rituals are still Conducted.
    34. 35. Roses, torches, Cherubs A Sun God, Cloaked with The stars of heaven. Reminiscent of Isis and All of the Goddess that She Was sycretisized with.
    35. 36. Just like their Ancestors It is an inherited Honor To participate in the Celebrations. The Devotees joyously display Their pride and belief.
    36. 37. As time moved on Italian Americans were able to Freely and publicly Express their Paganism, Which began with Their Great Grandparents Concealing their Traditional folkloric Beliefs from their small Villages in Italy.
    37. 38. Symbols, art and Appropriation within the Italian American pagan traditions and beyond
    38. 39. The Moon
    39. 40. The Roman Goddess Diana was to many people The Mother Of the people of ancient Rome, her symbol was the Moon. As acquainted with the moon like numerous Goddess’
    40. 41. The veneration of The Goddess with The Moon, dates back to Neolithic times. In Summeria/Babylon Ishtar/Astarte the Great Goddess was inseprable, Much the same way Goddess Devotion is symbolized today
    41. 42. The triple Moon and its sacred Phases regarding life, death & Regeneration has sustained its Message via numerous cultures And traditions for aeons. The Goddess still holds her Sway over her devotees via The tides in nature & life. As a symbol of feminine Power, it reminds us of A time when it was easier To be in tune with intuition And the rhythm of nature.
    42. 43. To many Italian Americans exploring Paganism through their unique Relationship with Catholicism, can Find an easy path cleared due to An already open adoration for a Goddess that has been their since Childhood. Inseparable from her Former pre Christian incarnation, The Goddess never really was lost. “ Our Lady”is usually the Tile chosen by many, very Similar to Wiccans and Pagans, when calling on The Goddess Myrinominus
    43. 44. The Goddess as represented in her Various aspects as Maiden,Mother Crone still hold the same ideology Carried over from Paganism to American Italian Catholicism that Still links the spirit and memory to Former Goddess such as Isis, Diana Ishtar.
    44. 45. The Goddess has changed faces and names over the course Of history, but the image still remains, Holding the new born Sun, while standing between heaven and earth. She the Full Moon, her offspring the bright star. The powerful and moving Image still conevys the same power as thousands ofyears ago
    45. 46. The Star
    46. 47. The Goddess in Egypt Was considered to dwell In the constellation of the Dog star or also known as Sirius, deriving from the Name Osiris. As ruler and mover of stars And mans Fate, Isis is Venerated still to change The course of a devotees Path in life at her whim, Either mercifully or to Punish blasphemers
    47. 48. The Astrologers of Summeria were famous For their knowledge In the art of the heavens. Part of their worship of The Goddess was to Study her movements.
    48. 49. Astarte always associated with the symbol of the star, paving The way for Goddess through out time to lay claim to the Star as her reminder of her presence.
    49. 50. As religion changed, the star didn’t loose Its weight or power. Still leading followers To new ways of philosophy, The Goddess Still influenced Catholicism by including Astrologers to be the first to look for their New God. Again a celestial orb, surrounded By cherubs reminds one Of Isis giving birth to Horus in a marshy Delta Swamp in Egypt.
    50. 52. Like Isis Urania,Isis Maris, The Madonna also found Her place as Stellar Maris. Still connecting the Goddess With her heavenly associations. It’s a very easy to realize that The Goddess hasn’t been hidden At all, in fact, She has been there The whole time.
    51. 53. The Snake
    52. 54. The Snake is a primordial Reminder of early life. Wisdom and virility, protection Or caution. The Snake has been Recognized as a major symbol Amongst the Goddess cults since Earliest times. Here Greek Athena is Represented to be honored As well as feared.
    53. 55. Minoan Snake Goddess Or Priestess, learning The control of dancing with the Snakes was performed To show power. Priestess’ were valued, respected And honored.
    54. 56. In Egypt Snakes were honored And respected to give visions. The eye of the Gods, the protection Of man. The snake has long been A symbol of strength and mystery.
    55. 57. Isis appearing to Lucius In “ The Golden Ass” Rears a serpent on her arm. Thus revealing her immortality.
    56. 58. Again we find familiar Symbols, the moon, cherubs The diadem of the zodiac, The dove and the snake at foot. Linking the newer version of The Goddess to her ancient Forbearers.
    57. 59. We now see before our eyes the Links between our Pagan past From the foot of Athena on the Acropolis to the foot of Maria, At the Vatican in Rome. Which was built on top of the Temple To Diana.
    58. 60. The Dove
    59. 61. The Dove an eternal symbol Of peace and love. Associated With The Goddess. Pure, free and gentle. Either pulling Venus chariot or Delivering messages of love, Child bearing and new life.
    60. 62. Venus the Roman Goddess at home In nature is Portrayed in Similar pose As the Madonna. Yet still set in Nature, golden Hair and depicting Their sacred Place.
    61. 63. The Goddess Accessories and familiar implements <ul><li>Symbols such as : </li></ul><ul><li>Wheat </li></ul><ul><li>The Torch </li></ul><ul><li>Sacred Knot </li></ul><ul><li>Situla </li></ul><ul><li>Starry cloak </li></ul><ul><li>Chalice </li></ul><ul><li>Mother Goddess image </li></ul>
    62. 64. The Goddess has always provided Wheat, which sustained its Symbology still to this day. Festivals in Honor of Isis/Demeter in The same vain as American Italians Venerate St. Anna.
    63. 65. The Torch plays a vital role in Goddess mythology. She leads the way for the dead, the living and the spiritually Blind. From Demeter seeking Persephone, Hecate lighting Spiritual darkness and Liberty giving hope in our modern day
    64. 66. The Sacred Knot that perpetuates virginity, knot of Fate, Binding heaven and earth. The Knot of Isis has survived in Style and image for generations. It’s a Pagan reminder Of the oath Priestess took to tie them selves to spiritual Service, it is an honor.
    65. 67. The Situla carried over from ancient Egyptian practice and Into Roman ritual is still used to carry Holy Water, in ancient Times it was from the Nile, in modern times blessed by Priests. Water being the very essence of life, is considered Sacred to Goddess devotees, especially amongst Isiacs. The custom is still carried out via Catholic or Pagan way.
    66. 68. The Starry Cloak worn by The Goddess through out history. Representing her connection to the heavens, as described By Apuleius in “ The Golden Ass” , Lucious views Isis wears The stars as a cloak. This concept has survived still.
    67. 69. The Chalice is the most universal symbol of The Goddess. Pagans and Catholics alike view this vessel as holy. To hold “ life” with in it, this ritual tool has played its Priceless role in religious work. To toast a happy moment, Commerate a spiritual change.
    68. 70. The Mother Goddess Since mans Pagan beginnings a love and Adoration towards our Blessed Mother we have forever Venerated Her with out change. Be her Venus and Cupid, The Lord, The Lady and new Birth, Maria and Jesus or Isis and Horus. The connection played between this symbol Is vital to the heart, psyche and spirit. Giving us the hope We are loved by Nature, our physical/spiritual mothers and That Life will continue.
    69. 71. Italian American Pagano/Catholic ways <ul><li>The next series of images are a blurred </li></ul><ul><li>Line between paganism and Christianity. </li></ul><ul><li>It is a continual line from ancestors in a </li></ul><ul><li>Contemporary world. </li></ul>
    70. 72. Home shrines to The Goddess Can be found devotedly amongst Italian Americans ranging from Venus to Isis Maria
    71. 73. Italian American home shrines or using a Pagan term “ Lares” Shrine, are home shrines designed to honor Spirits of the dead, God/ess’, saints or other Family Oriented dieites.
    72. 74. From young to old, showing Public adoration is a natural And is an affectionate communal Custom and tradition. Goddess worship and veneration Is ong from dead where I come From, we just show it in Myriad Of ways. Like Isis Myrionimus “ She of a 1,000 names”