Intro to Open source. Amit Bhayani

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Amit's talk at FOSSkriti 2010

Amit's talk at FOSSkriti 2010

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  • 1. Name of Presentation TECHKRITI, Red Hat IIT, K Presenter Feb 2009 Amit Bhayani <>
  • 2. O P E N S O U R C E == F R E E D O M!!!
  • 3. TRUTH HAPPENS! h_happens/
  • 4. What the heck is software? Source Binary
  • 5. Closed Source – Am I behind the bars?  You can't ● See the Source ● Can't fix bug  Can I pass the software to my girlfriend? ● What?? NO!  Well I have found the bug in this (Licensed) Software, what next? ● Well done my friend. Call Customer Care, tell them. Wait for new version Zzzzzzzzz
  • 6. But we spoke about F R E E D O M!!! OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE is the solution.
  • 7. Open Source – Advantages  You can ● See the Source ● Can fix bug ● Add features  Can I pass the software to my girlfriend? ● Yes! Pass it to all you love.  Well I have found the bug in this (Open Source) Software, what next? ● Well done my friend. Fix it your self taking help from community and be proud! ● Raise it in bug list and let some one fix it ● The commercial model - Support
  • 8. Open Source – Advantages  There is big community around it. You are part of it. ● Very likely that feature you want is already present in OSS ● If not very likely there is other company/organization seeking same feature, distribute the task and keep cost low.  Millions downloading the OSS. ● Very difficult to miss any bugs by 2 * millions eye (Assuming all who downloads have a pair of eye ) ● JBoss Application Server downloads have crossed 1 million mark few months ago  Most of the OSS have Roadmap for next foreseeable future made public ● Community drives the RoadMap. YOU DRIVE IT!  Docs also nicely covered.
  • 9. But I ain't developer ... My aspiration is to go for MBA  OSS greatly reduces the cost while maintaining the quality. ● You would be responsible to keep the cost low.  Cutting Edge Technology ● Wouldn't you want to have latest?
  • 10. I have brilliant Idea ... should I make it OSS  Just check if it already exist? ● There are OSS Hosting Sites like ● SourceForge − This alone has 100K + projects hosted ● Google Code ● ● They provide ● SVN / CVS Server's ● Forums / Public Groups ● Wiki Page  If its really new – GO AHEAD!
  • 11. I have no ideas  Am I useless? ● Be the part of existing OSS ● No one starts OSS without ever using/contributing to other OSS  What is your interest? ● Statistics shows OSS has wide acceptability by following ranking I. Operating System – Linux is De Facto II.Data Base – MySQL, Postgress III.Middle-ware – JBoss IV.Telco Middle-ware – Mobicents V.Others
  • 12. The License Model  Developer owns the code unless he/she grants you a license.  Copyright!  Over 50 approved Licenses  Why So many Licenses?  Basically divided it two BSD and GPL
  • 13. The License Model - BSD  Berkeley Software Distribution license  Use it the way you want, but we are not responsible if it blows up your “Space Rocket” or Your “Hello World Program” ● Use in your product which is non-open source ● Make changes to existing code, add new features and never ever talk to anyon about this. Shhhhh  Very flexible
  • 14. The License Model - GPL  License Rights Granted under the GPL ● Licensee may run the Program ● Licensee may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Program’s source code ● Licensee may create “derivative works” of the Program ● Licensee may distribute such derivative works  If a licensee of a Program distributes that Program, or any “work based on the Program,” such licensee must: ● also distribute the source code for the Program and for the work based on the Program, and ● cause such works to be licensed at no charge under the terms of the GPL
  • 15. Permutations and Combinations  Your piece of code will depend on many libraries ● BSD can't have GPL Code ● GPL can have BSD  Scared about all these License Jargons? ● Don't be! This is till simpler than Licensed Software ● Frankly how many of you ever read the complete license before clicking that “I Accept” button while installing License Based Software?
  • 16. But all these License's have common points  Source Code available  Distribute the code  Making changes allowed  Use without royalty
  • 17. The OSS Business Model  Companies back OSS by providing indemnity  Provide ● Support ● Consulting ● Training  They fuel OSS and also have in-house core developers  See RedHat  See JBoss
  • 18. C F Q o r Why Companies use OSS u s e a t e  Depends on individual l ( d i M o t o m y n ( e t Cost Freedom y h , e p r i n c Quality i p l e
  • 19. Mobicents -  Telco middle-ware platform ● JAIN SLEE Server ● Sip Servlets Server ● Media Server ● Presence Server ● Diameter 
  • 20. Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server
  • 21. Mobicents Sip Sevlets Server
  • 22. 2 Mobicents Media Server SIP RTP IVR Conference SIP Application Application SIPhone SIP Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server MGCP IP IP Mobicents Media RTP Server Mobile / Land Phone SS7 Legacy Protocols MSC
  • 23. 3 Google Summer of Code - 2010 • What is GsoC – Starts from March 2010 • – • Mobicents also proposing – Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Project – Text-to-speec (TTS) Project – Media Server Markup Language – MSML – • Send your queries to
  • 24. Confidential Questions? 24