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    Henry hudson rachel and cyrus Henry hudson rachel and cyrus Presentation Transcript

    • Henry Hudson  By: Rachel and Cyrus
    • Background  He was an English explorer and sea captain.  Nothing known about his life before 1607.  He has a son named John.
    • Voyages  He had 4 voyages.  Sailed northeast along the coast of Greenland and reached Spitsberg.  First two voyages were finding a northern route to Asia.
    • Purpose of Journey  To discover a northern route between Europe and Asia.  First voyage he had orders to find a route straight across to the North Pole to the Orient.  To find a northwest passage through England to Asia.
    • Hardships and Challenges  In winter Hudson’s men suffered from starvation and scurvy.  In 1611 when the ice melted Hudson wanted to keep exploring but his crew was suffering so they but him, his son, and other crew members onto a boat and set them adrift. They were never heard from again.  Sailed to the south end of Hudson Bay and was trapped there by the ice of winter.
    • There were lots of territories named after where Henry Hudson sailed. The places named after Hudson were Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and Hudson River.
    • Other Notable Occurrences  Hudson tried to reach the northern route of Asia.  Thought he saw a mermaid but saw a manatee.  Hudson saw polar bears, caribou, wolve s, foxes, weasels, an d hares when he was in the Arctic.  Sailed farther north than any previous explorer.
    • Bibliography  Books: Goodman, Joan Elizabeth. Beyond the sea of Ice. New York: Mikaya Press, 1999. Print.  Arnold, Phyllis A and Gibbs, Betty. Canada Revisited. Scarborough: Arnold Publishing Ltd, 1999. Print.  Websites: Parker, John. “ Henry, Hudson.” World Book Student. World Book 2010. Web. 27 April 2010.  Albanyinstitute.org  www.1st-art-gallery.com  www.polarconversation.com
    • Quiz Question #1 Did Henry Hudson’s crew mutiny? No
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    • Quiz Question #2 Henry Hudson made 6 voyages.
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    • Quiz Question #3 What year was Henry Hudson set adrift? 1615 1611
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