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    Vert.x introduction Vert.x introduction Presentation Transcript

    • Asynchronous IO with Vert.xPeter Ledbrook - SpringSource
    • New kid on the block Javascript Non-blocking Single-threaded Reactor pattern 2
    • What’s it about?• C10K Problem – How do you handle 10,000+ concurrent connections? – Without grinding to a halt?• Why? – All those mobile devices! – Rise of long-lived connections Real-time chat Instant messaging Twitter Voice and video 3
    • Transloadit• “Flexible, fast and scalable file uploading and encoding”• Video/audio encoding on the fly – 500mb/s Transloadit VideoClient S3/Cloudfiles/... 4
    • Voxer• Walkie-talkie for iOS and Android• Live audio• Large number of connections• Push notifications 5
    • Javascript and nothing but Javascript 6
    • What if?• Language neutral framework• On the JVM• Polyglot APIs• Easy horizontal scalability• Do non-eventy stuff in a non-eventy way Vert.x! 7
    • Vert.x• Written in Java• Built on Netty and NIO 2 – Java 7 only!• Multiple language bindings – JRuby – Groovy – Javascript – Python/Clojure/Scala planned• Based on the Reactor pattern 8
    • How it works Event loop App registers Events trigger handlers handlers• Handlers executed synchronously – on a single thread• Use handlers to pass messages• Inter/intra application comms – EventBus with messages – Safe shared data structures 9
    • Features• Non-blocking stdio• TCP/IP and HTTP servers and clients• Web Socket support• (Non-blocking) Redis & Mongo modules (busmods)• Asynchronous file system access and stream handling Pump ReadStream WriteStream e.g. HTTP Request AsyncFile 10
    • Example - Echo socket 11
    • Example - Echo client 12
    • Scaling App instance 13
    • Scaling Vertx node Event bus App App App instance instance instance vertx run -instances 3 14
    • Scaling Hazelcast Event bus Vertx Vertx Vertx node node node 15
    • Extensibility via (Bus) Mods Work Web ... Mailer MongoDB queue server Event bus 16
    • Mod structure• Core mods in $VERTX_HOME/mods• User mods in $VERTX_MODS 17
    • A more complex example
    • Realtime logging app Log messages App SockJS Browser 19
    • Realtime logging app 20
    • Realtime logging app 21
    • Realtime logging app 22
    • Demo
    • Summary• Event-driven framework for the JVM – Low overhead – Handle large number of connections – Great for working with streams• Pick your own language! – Which will of course be Groovy ;)• Published release: 1.0.1 – Still early days – Get involved now! 24
    • More info• w:• f:• t: pledbrook• b: 25
    • Thank you! Questions? 26