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Running JavaScript Efficiently in a Java World


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Describes how we bridged JavaScript (V8) and Java using J2V8.

Published in: Software
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Running JavaScript Efficiently in a Java World

  1. 1. J2V8 Running JavaScript Efficiently in a Java World R. Ian Bull EclipseSource @irbull
  2. 2. Are You a JavaScript Developer? • This talk is not for you. But you’ll want this information! • Running JavaScript in Java environments • Optimizing JavaScript for Java deployment • Java concepts bleeding into JavaScript • Can we unleash performant JavaScript in a Java System?
  3. 3. Example — Tabris.js • Mobile framework • Apps written in JavaScript • Native iOS and Android Apps • Bindings to native UI components • JavaScript was fast, Java was slow
  4. 4. Tabris.js • Tight integration between the mobile platform and JS
  5. 5. Android and JS • Android bindings written in Java • No decent Java / JavaScript integration on Android • Nashorn is not available • Rhino slooooow
  6. 6. What About V8? • V8 is a highly performant Javascript runtime • Written entirely in C++ • Workhorse behind node.js & Chrome
  7. 7. J2V8 • Can we leverage V8 for Android development? • Create a thin JNI layer above V8 • Expose V8 API in Java • Open Source
  8. 8. J2V8 Design • C++ (JNI) Bindings between Java & JavaScript • Two GCs and unmanaged memory model in the middle V8 J2V8 — C++ Java I Live Here
  9. 9. J2V8 Design • Make JavaScript shine in an enterprise Java World • Standard Java APIs • Efficient Java / JavaScript bindings • No Java system knowledge in JavaScript • Multithreaded Java & JavaScript integration
  10. 10. Script Execution Example (Java) public static void main(String[] args) {
 V8 v8 = V8.createV8Runtime(); Object result = v8.executeScript("1+1"); System.out.println("Result: " + result); v8.release();
  11. 11. Script Execution Example (JavaScript)
  12. 12. JavaScript Objects • Access JavaScript objects from Java • No special JS required • Object are lazily copied to Java v8.executeScript("person = {name : {first : 'john', last:'smith'} };"); String name = v8.get(“person”).get(“name”).get(“first”);
  13. 13. Lists and Maps Utilities • Working with V8Objects is highly performant but complex • Access JSObjects using java.util • JavaScript Object mapped to java.util.Map • JavaScript Array mapped to java.util.List • In short: It works with common Java API
  14. 14. Calling JS Functions • JavaScript Functions can be called from Java • Use the results directly in Java • Java Methods can be called from JavaScript • Pass JavaScript Objects to Java
  15. 15. Calling JavaScript • Any Java Method can be registered as a Function • Call the Function as you would any other Function • Java Methods can be specified with ‘var args’ JavaCallback callback = new MyJavaCallback(); v8.registerJavaMethod(callback, “foo"); v8.executeScript(“foo(‘a’, false, undefined)”);
  16. 16. JavaScript Exceptions • JavaScript errors / exceptions propagate to Java
  17. 17. Typed Arrays V8Array result = (V8Array) v8.executeScript("" + "var buf = new ArrayBuffer(100);" + "var ints = new Int32Array(buf); " + "for(var i = 0; i < 25; i++) {" + " ints[i] = i;" + "}; " + “ints"); int[] ints = result.getIntegers(0, 25); • Native support for JS Typed Arrays • Access the values efficiently from Java
  18. 18. Workers • Supports multi-threaded JavaScript execution • Implemented as Java Threads • Each JS Script runs in its own ‘Isolate’ • Can send messages between threads
  19. 19. Debugger Support • J2V8 can listen on a port for debug events
  20. 20. Performance var data = []; for (var i = 0; i < 100000; i++) { data[i] = i; } for ( var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { for ( var j = 0; j < data.length; j++ ) { if ( data[i] < data[j] ) { var tmp = data[i]; data[i] = data[j]; data[j] = tmp; } } }
  21. 21. Performance V8 Nashorn Rhino Rhino: ??? Nashorn 2:30 J2V8 0:13
  22. 22. Performance Considerations • Minimize callbacks from JavaScript to Java • ~4000 Per Second on my MBP • Use bulk array copy to move primitives from JS to Java • 60fps in our animation demo
  23. 23. Tern • Tern is a stand-alone code-analysis engine for JavaScript • Moved to J2V8 for Java integration
  24. 24. Building V8 • Embeds V8 in the .jar file • V8 built for each platform we support • Build instructions encoded as a docker file [%] git clone
 [%] docker build --rm=true --no-cache -t "eclipsesource/v8-build" .
  25. 25. Resources • Getting started with J2V8 • Registering Java Callbacks with J2V8 • Implementing WebWorkers with J2V8 • Multithreaded JavaScript with J2V8 • Using J2V8 with Heroku • All linked from our GitHub Page
  26. 26. Future Work • Script API (JSR 223) • Advanced exception handling between Java and JS • Batch callbacks for better JNI performance • Debugger integration with Chrome Dev Tools
  27. 27. Using J2V8 • J2V8 is available in Maven Central • Currently 5 variants are available: com.eclipsesource.j2v8.j2v8_win32_x86:2.2.1
 com.eclipsesource.j2v8.j2v8_android_x86:2.2.1 • j2v8_android:2.0 contains both x86 and armv7l, and the correct library will be selected at runtime
  28. 28. J2V8 • Open Source Java bindings for V8 • Licensed under the EPL • For J2V8 news, follow me on Twitter @irbull