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Presentacion Ares Richmedia 2011

  2. 2. Advertising inside the games. ADVERGAMES INTEGRATIONSOCIAL MARKETING INTEGRATED DESIGN Facebook, Twitter, Website, marketing Blogs and other online and integrated netwoks. design.
  3. 3. Is a Marketing and comunication tool, allows to promote the product, organization or brand. Advergames are interactive videogames that allow a continuous exposition of the user to a brand.It can be used to:* Strengthen the brand image.* Creation of databases with information on users.* Direct Segmentation of target .* Low Cost - High effectiveness.* High rate of time-spent by the user.* Great ability to communicate product attributes and brand.* Lower advertising meddling when browsing* The internet user is looking for the game : they want to play.* Build dialog with users.
  4. 4. Why ADVERGAMES?Because is the most receptive advertising, and… ¿Who wouldn´t liketo play without feeling the “intrusion” of the brand? Why SOCIAL MARKETING?Is the media with more permanence of the users.All companies make their advertising campaigns viral on Facebook,Twitter, Blogs and other networks, giving more content; reachingmore and more users.Everything is made from a unique approach and strategy, integratedby design. Why ARESRICHMEDIA?Because we can create original content, receptive foryour potential customers, and give it the viral strategythat needs to be known and seen, increasingly, formore people every day.
  5. 5. Social Gaming: Marketers Make Their Move.Social gaming exploded in 2010, with 24% of internet users lured byaddictive apps like FarmVille. Marketers are also feeling the pull andhave opportunities to experiment with a sizeable and engagedaudience.
  6. 6. Social gaming exploded in 2010. Lured by addictive apps such asZynga’s FarmVille, 53 million US internet users, or 24% of the onlineaudience, played social games at least once a month in 2010By 2012, there will be 68.7 million social gamers in the US,representing 29.5% growth from 2010..In 2012, US revenues will rise to $1.32 billion, from $856 million in2010.Companies in many industries are tapping into social gaming throughbranded virtual goods, offers, ads and campaigns that combine digitaland real-world items.Traditional game developers, media giants and internet firms are alsoinvesting in social gaming. Most of the top social game publishersreceived large capital infusions or were acquired in the past 18months, signaling a consolidation phase that will likely continue into2011.For brand marketers, the next two years will be a great time to gaininsights about tapping this vibrant segment of the gaming universe.
  7. 7. • Webinars• Banners with games inside• Game Sites• Websites• Dynamic Ads• Call to Action (send to a friend)• Second Life & other communities• Games inside a Brand Website• Social Networking, Groups, FanPages
  9. 9. In early March this year, we approved the project for the Bicentennial ofthe Nation. The work was to develop a game that shows the differenthistorical stages of the 200-year s of the Argentina Republic.The only "obstacle" was that we only had 1 month to develop everything,so we knew that every movement should be precise, and every assignedresource should fit perfectly into the production process , and eachstep should be finished, so the client should not be asked at all. Werealized that we had no time to waste.
  10. 10. At first, we had to define the 8stations that would shape thegame, each one should bea representative of an importanthistorical period of the Nation. Inconjunction with the client, we definethat the 8 stations should be:Revolution, Independence, NationalOrganization, Labor and Social Reform, Infamous Decade, Democracyin Crisis, Democracy and theBicentennial. The Train’s History, led by the the locomotive “La Porteña”, was giving every passenger a really interesting journey through time, stopping at each station, where the user should perform each task. Link: desarrollamos-el-tren-de-la.html
  11. 11. StripYourself.This is an app developed for social networks(Facebook).Something funny and easy to make viral. Just select a photo and see…Link:
  12. 12. Simon.This application was delveloped for kids.The idea was to be able to teach religion in a funny way: playnig Simon!Link:
  13. 13. More info: para-potenciar-la-publicidad-y-la-promocionMore info:
  14. 14. “The team works as only one person, so we can reach the other side of the field, passing the ball from one to another” Chief Executive Officer Mara Ares (31)Chief Technology Officer Sales DirectorFrancisco Araujo (42) Gonzalo Borras (31) Art Director Javier Pérez (37) BizDev Giselle Borau (28)
  15. 15. Contact us: info@aresrichmedia.com