Grass Need Not Always Be Green
Surprised to read that "Grass Need Not Always Be Green"? Don't be, as with the advancement ...
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Grass need not always be green


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In today's hectic life, it is very difficult for the people to maintain their natural lawn grass. So the Artificial Lawn is the very good option for them. It is very beneficiary as you don't have to maintain it like natural grown grass.

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Grass need not always be green

  1. 1. Grass Need Not Always Be Green Surprised to read that "Grass Need Not Always Be Green"? Don't be, as with the advancement in technology and increasing usage of "Artificial Grass", your lawn can be of any colour of your choice or to blend in with your surroundings. Unusual as it may sound, only Natural Grass is Green. In today's era, Artificial Grass has taken over as an eco-friendly, hassle free & low maintenance alternative to the natural grass. Natural grass lawns, as everyone knows can be very cumbersome and costly to manage especially with the ever changing weather & surroundings. Moreover, you cannot have a perfect looking green grass lawn all year round with natural grass. This is where Artificial Grass comes into the picture. Artificial Grass Lawns or "Synthetic Turf" as it is called, can be your obvious alternative to have a beautiful looking garden all year round. The initial use of Artificial Grass was only for landscaping in commercial complexes or sports arenas. This has changed over time and the use of artificial grass has increased for landscaping homes & residential complexes as well. Synthetic turf can be used to landscape everything from your gardens to area surrounding your swimming pools. Landscaping your swimming pools can be a challenging task, especially if you are thinking to have natural grass lawn to surround your pool. There are two big disadvantages to do so - first being the risk of your pool & lawn both being messy due to the mud and water from the lawn and pool; second is the risk of ending up swimming with snakes or frogs who can thrive in such environment. On the other hand, as the artificial grass does not even need to be watered every day, the chances of the mess is much lesser giving a nice, clean look to the lawn surrounding your swimming pool. The use of different coloured grass has also increased with the continuous improvement in technology. Now you can choose the colour of the grass based on the surroundings. For example, if you live in Savanna, your artificial lawn could be as yellow as the surroundings or alternatively if you live in the greener pastures, your artificial lawn could be much greener to blend in with your surroundings. Your colour choices are not restricted just to green or yellow. The Eastern Washington University has used red coloured synthetic turf to create its football field and believe it or not, it has been an instant hit amongst the football fans. So, with all this said, if you are thinking to know more about Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf, you could always visit Garden Mark's website - You will find all the information you need pertaining to your queries in this regard on the website starting from types of grass options available to accessories required for installation to a step-by-step guide for installation of the Synthetic Turf.