The 'CAN DO' Coffee Club, Gloucester


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Back in 2001, marketing guru Seth Godin was already laying the foundation for businesses to achieve success...

As Seth stated, "evolution is the most powerful tool we have for dealing with change".

So, because we are so passionate about enabling focused businesswomen like you to deal with change and to succeed, we’re launching our new 'CAN DO' Coffee Club on Wednesday June 26th in Gloucester – created exclusively for a small group of serious businesswomen who want to take their business to the next level.

Would YOU like to become one of SIX ladies to work with us over the course of a year, meeting every 3 months for 2 hours, in a supportive and trusted environment where YOU CAN focus on YOUR specific business needs and develop targeted action plans to take away and MAKE HAPPEN?

Armed with coffee, self belief, passion and your unique skills let the 'CAN DO' Coffee Club help you discover how to Win when you do more than embrace Change...YOU learn to Evolve!

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The 'CAN DO' Coffee Club, Gloucester

  1. 1. Like to be part of a NEW andINNOVATIVE business concepttheCan Do Coffee Club?
  2. 2. We are looking for 6 women who are SERIOUSabout growing their businessduring 2013 and beyond…
  3. 3. So, what is theCan Do Coffee Club?
  4. 4. An exclusive business focussed community forGloucestershire women
  5. 5. Created for serious businesswomen who wantto take their business to the next level
  6. 6. Our aim is to provide a challenging environmentwhere 6 businesswomen meet on a quarterlybasis to connect and collaborate over coffee
  7. 7. Where your key business issues and ideas willbe discussed and tailored action plansdeveloped to help guide and progress yourbusiness to the next level
  8. 8. Please note: this is not another networking eventWhy?Because we aim to make a genuine differenceto your business
  9. 9. So, would YOU like to become oneof SIX women to work with us over the courseof a year, meeting every 3 months for 2hours, in a supportive and trustedenvironment where YOU CAN focuson YOUR specific business needs and developtargeted action plans to take away andMAKE HAPPEN?
  10. 10. When is the launch of theCan Do Coffee Club?
  11. 11. On Wednesday June 26th 10.00am - 12.00noonThe Double Gloucester82-84 Cheltenham RdGloucester GL2 OLX 
  12. 12. At the launch we will share details about our unique offer. The launch will be an ideal opportunity for you to discover how the club can fit you and your business
  13. 13. To attend the launch simply email by Wednesday June 19th Unable to attend on the 26th but keen to find out more?Register your interest at we will be in touch 
  14. 14. Do you know business women in Gloucestershire who are looking for a NEW way to boost themselves and their business in 2013 and beyond?Please pass on details of this unique opportunity! 
  15. 15. The Can Do Coffee Club is facilitated by:Gail Gibson: The Portfolio Lifestylist Coach, Trainer, Speaker and  07950 193312& Cynthia Crawshaw Business Coach &   07796 858360 
  16. 16. Join the Can Do Coffee Club  Facebook community and share our page with your family, friends and colleagues. Please give us a Like while youre there too!
  17. 17. We look forward to enabling you to succeed...