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AIESEC Barbados_MC Application Booklet_14.15


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Informative booklet for candidates to the Member Committee of AIESEC Barbados for term 2014.15.

Informative booklet for candidates to the Member Committee of AIESEC Barbados for term 2014.15.

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  • 1. Content • • • • • Introduction, AIESEC Barbados milestones About Barbados About AIESEC Barbados Applying for MC 14/15 Learn more!
  • 2. Welcome to new experience! “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” Harold R. McAlindon Dear applicant, let me congratulate you on taking this bold step and applying for MC team of AIESEC Barbados 14/15. The experience you are about to undertake is unique one, because you are becoming not only part of the MC, but you are also contributing to the creation of AIESEC in a new region, in a new country. Together we will build the foundations upon which will the organization stand for the following decades. This experience might one of the toughest, but also one of the most regarding in your life. On behalf of 13/14 team of AIESEC Barbados I wish you a lot of strength on this journey! Adam, MCP 2013- 2015
  • 3. AIESEC Barbados Milestones June 2013: expansion initiative approved by AI; Adam Foks and Veronika Hladikova as official expansion managers . July 2013: AIESEC in the Czech Republic signed contract to become country partner of AIESEC Barbados initiative. August 2013: Expansion team arrived to Barbados, divided responsibilities (Adam as MCP, Veronika as MC VP OD) and started initial activities (university meetings, approaching first students, NGOs and companies). November 2014: First OGX recruitment launched, 5 people raised for internship January 2014: AIESEC Barbados registered as a charity
  • 4. Barbados Barbados is casual, warm and vibrant island in the Eastern Caribbean with population of 290.000 people celebrating last year 47th independence from United Kingdom.
  • 5. Capital city is Bridgetown, where the only university on the island, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill is located. Literacy rate 97% is one of the best in Caribbean and Barbados also belongs among Top 10 countries with the lowest public corruption rate. Official language is English. The main currency is Barbadian Dollar (BBD), however US Dollar (USD) is accepted almost everywhere as well. BBD is pegged with USD at the rate: 1 USD = 2 BBD.
  • 6. Barbados- current situation Even though its good GDP and HDI indicators of past years, Barbados is recently facing economical decline and national leadership struggle. Barbadians are now more than ever before realizing that there is no secure employment and university graduates need to built on their leadership and soft skills already during their studies.
  • 7. The island life Barbados benefits from warm Caribbean weather throughout the whole year, which makes it one of the top tourist destinations. Spending free time in Barbados can range from variety of watersports, diving, swimming with turtles or hiking to spending day on a beach and night in a club with glass of world-famous Bajan rum.
  • 8. Current structure AIESEC Barbados has currently two fulltime MC members, who will re-term in 14/15. Our OGX member Chloe has been with us since October, taking active part in OGX recruitment and EPs care and now getting ready for OGX TML experience. Deshon, came across AIESEC when applying for internship. He will go for GCDP internship in summer and will be leading GCDP IC team in February. Since applying for expansion, MC team is in touched with Uni graduate Dolly, who is helping us with legal and external issues. Together with MC team she is signed as trustee of charity AIESEC Barbados. Please note: due to the immigration policy of Barbados, the expansion team is required to leave the island for couple of months with the plan to be back in Barbados during the summer latest. During this time we to want keep as much operations as possible up and running with our management from distance. Duties and activities on a spot shall be performed by CEED, TMLs and newly recruited members.
  • 9. Structure for Spring 2014 MC VP OD MCP Adam Veronika OGX TML Chloe 5 newies Recruited in Feb iGCDP CEED Feb-May iGCDP TML Deshon 3 newies Recruited in Feb
  • 10. MC structure 14/15 MCP Adam MC VP OGX+TM Veronika MC VP iGIP/BD YOU
  • 11. MC 14/15 role General Responsibilities • Ensuring that entity achieves full member status within the global association • Planning and execution of the plan • Development and implementation of sustainable exchange processes • Preparation and execution of conference cycle • Coaching, mentoring and education of members of AIESEC Barbados, developing strong leadership pipeline • Leading and tracking members of AIESEC Barbados • External and internal representation of AIESEC Barbados, building strong presence of AIESEC on the Bajan market • Networking with businesses and other organisations within Barbados For specific functional responsibilities, please refer to the separate document of Application Package – Job Description.
  • 12. MC 14/15 profile AIESECer who is: • Independent, self-driven, flexible and resourceful • Adaptable in new culture and has experience in working with people from different background • Ready for a challenge and don‘t give up easily • Familiar with AIESEC 2015 and global direction and initiatives You should have: • Excellent level of English • At least EB experience (completed before joining our team in July) • Solution oriented mind-set
  • 13. MC Life in Barbados Term The term starts officially on July 1st 2014 and finishes on June 30th 2015. You might be asked to come to Barbados before this date, dependent on how long will processing of work permit for you take. Accommodation The accommodation and utilities will be provided for you in the MC flat for the entire duration of term. The flat is located in a close proximity to the city centre, shops and main business locations. Hours MC in Barbados is full-time commitment, being approx. 40 hours of work per week. Weekends are mostly off, with exception for conferences, functional meetings, visits and plannings. Working conditions We have not been granted office yet, however we seek to have one with the start of upcoming term. There you should be provided your personal working space and access to phone and internet connection. Ýou can also expect to work from home or coffee shops.
  • 14. MC Life in Barbados Salary Depends on exchange performance and other revenues in 13/14 and 14/15 terms; some months with lower or no salary might be possible, especially from the beginning of the term. Personal expenses Depending on what you spend money on, you can expect to spend between $200 – $300 USD per month on food, transportation, entertainment etc. A lot can be saved by eating at home rather than in restaurants and fast foods. Visa, work permit Unless you are a CARICOM national, you will probably need to have work permit to perform the MC role in Barbados. We will apply for the work permit on your behalf after you are selected, as long as we have all the necessary documents.
  • 15. And who we are?
  • 16. Adam Foks MCP 2013 - 2015 2009 Joined AIESEC Prague, Czech Republic as GIP IC member and later GIP IC team leader Summer 2010 GCDP internship in Istanbul 2011/2012 VP GIP IC, AIESEC Prague 2012/2013 MC VP BD, AIESEC Czech Republic; part of global ER strategic meeting 2013/2014 responsible for GIP IC, BD and finance of AIESEC Barbados
  • 17. Veronika Hladikova MC VP OD 2013 - 2015 2009 Joined AIESEC Prague, Czech Republic as GIP IC member 2010 made a switch from ICX to OGX as OGX TML 2011/2012 VP OGX, AIESEC Prague 2012/2013 LCP of AIESEC Prague with patronage of LC expansion in Ceske Budejovice 2013/2014 responsible for OGX, TM and Com in AIESEC Barbados
  • 18. Chloe, Deshon & Dolly OGX TML iGCDP TML External Advisor
  • 19. Applying for MC 14/15 What you need to send: • Completed application questionnaire (both General and Functional part) • One page autobiography • 3 Endorsements (one from the MCP/ MC of your current entity, one from external • • partner and one of your own choosing) Personality Profile Sheet: Self vs 360 GCM Assessment and Personality Test Result Video uploaded on YouTube/ Vimeo (max. 5 min) to and until February 2nd 2014 11:59 PM GMT-4 (Atlantic Standard Time) You will receive confirmation of successful submission of application within 48 hours and will be invited for Skype interview and case study in the upcoming week. For more information about the application process, please refer to the separate document: AIESEC Barbados_MC Application_14.15
  • 20. Selection process Deadline for applying Sunday, February 2nd 2014 11:59 PM GMT-4 (Atlantic Standard Time). Interviews, case study February 5th - February 8th 2014 Announcement February 12th 2014
  • 21. Find out more! application video for expansion initiative message about AIESEC Barbados for AIESEC Czech Republic for any questions don„t hesitate to contact us at or .