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Market your product with the help of our dedicated team of online editors, reporters, marketing strategists and industry experts who provide an invaluable perspective and insight to our global spectroscopy community.

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Spec Now 09 Mp

  1. 1. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 1 spectroscopyNOW.com the targeted online solution for spectroscopy advertisers Consistently ranked in the top three in Google for spectroscopy and now in its eighth year of publication, spectroscopyNOW.com is a fully interactive destination for original and expert content targeted by specific technique to the global spectroscopy community working in the life and physical sciences. Our dedicated team of online editors, reporters and industry experts provide an invaluable perspective and insight to the global spectroscopy community. The 62,000+ registered users enjoy free access to a wealth of information, including peer-reviewed papers from Wiley’s extensive stable of spectroscopy journals, specially commissioned articles from well-known science writers and up-to-the minute spectroscopy news, as well as a host of tutorials, primers, glossaries and links directories. spectroscopyNOW.com is published by John Wiley & Sons, the leading global publisher of scientific, technical and medical content with a two hundred year pedigree. spectroscopyNOW.com is constantly evolving in order to offer its subscribers and advertisers ever-greater insight and access to the rapidly developing world of spectroscopy. • TARGET thousands of spectroscopists by technique. No other website offers this level of audience segmentation. Mass Atomic Infrared MRI NMR Spectrometry Raman Ultraviolet X-Ray Chemometrics Proteomics & Informatics • ACCESS key decision makers Global Reach Site Visitor Job Functions 40% of our users are involved in making purchasing decisions • REACH our thriving and fast-growing community of users of spectroscopy equipment: Growth of monthly e-newsletters Growth of registered Users Monthly Traffic Figures • Unique Users – 45,000 - 75,000 • Visits – 65,000 - 90,000
  2. 2. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 2 Traditional Online Advertising e-Newsletter Sponsorship spectroscopyNOW.com sends out over 170,000 e-Newsletters a month to nearly 62,000 registered subscribers. Whilst providing users of the site with important information on current site content, they also give advertisers a platform through which they can promote a detailed message to recipients of these popular bulletins. • spectroscopyNOW.com newsletters have a huge presence within the community and new subscriptions are still increasing by over 1500 per month. • Each monthly channel newsletter highlights new features, e-zines, news stories and special offers on the site. • Advertisers can sponsor a newsletter - your message is positioned in its own column adjacent to the news content as the subscriber views it. • Images, diagrams and hypertext links can all be included. • By targeting down to specific spectroscopy technique you can be sure that you are reaching the appropriate target audience. • Sponsorship is also available for the monthly ‘Spectroscopy Digest’ e-Newsletter that gives a summary of all new content throughout the site. Options 1. Email sponsorship - highly visible placement adjacent to the news bulletin on our widely read and ever growing newsletters. Target our whole audience or further segment by geographical region. Rates: US$475 per thousand. Geographical targeting US$575.00 per thousand 2. Third party e-blast - send a detailed solus e-mail to our subscriber list containing only your message. Rates: US$575 per thousand. Solus Advertorial / Vendor Profile The site homepage and each channel carries the facility for one vendor authored advertorial zone per calendar month allowing advertisers to post detailed product information, case studies or application notes of up to 2000 words supported by graphics and links. Solus advertorials enable the communication of detailed product information, explaining the technical benefits of deploying a specific solution. The detailed nature of the advertorial zones allow the reader to more fully evaluate the broader advantages of partnering with the advertiser to develop new business models, more efficient working practices and improved productivity. • A solus positioning on our technique homepages enables you to strongly promote your message ahead of the competition. • A large advertorial zone box-out at the top of the channel homepage linked to the advertorial page gives you the facility to convey a large amount of introductory information to drive users to the advertorial. • Your advertorial page is yours to design, can include one tower banner (120 x 230 pixels), and will not include banner advertising from any other companies. • Ideal for the promotion of product launches, seminars or exhibition promotions. • Creates a strong impact through the combined use of text, graphics and links. Rates: US$2,150 - 4,700 per calendar month.
  3. 3. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 3 Rich Media Advertising Webinars You can now host and run webinars (online web seminars) in association with spectroscopyNOW.com and separationsNOW.com. During a webinar, you broadcast an audio presentation live over the web - both the presenters and participants take part from their desks via their PCs. Webinars are typically between 30 minutes and 1 hour in duration and are recorded so that they can be made available on demand after the event. Popular formats include round table discussions, presentations and interviews. There is also the potential to turn your webinar into a podcast. Webinars may be focussed, for example, around a new product launch or an emerging technology. However, we recommend that interaction with the audience is best when the webinar subject takes the form of an educational tutorial, rather than a sales pitch. Participants are required to pre-register their full contact details and any other relevant profile information requested by you. Quick and easy login is provided on the day of the event. When you host a webinar, you will: • Obtain several hundred qualified and relevant sales leads. • Improve brand awareness and encourage webinar registrations through channel-focused marketing to our database of users. • Communicate with a new audience. Questions may be asked – and answered by the presenters - at any time during the presentation. All participant questions from both the live and archived versions of the webinar will be directly accessible to you. An archive of all our webinars is available at http://www.spectroscopynow.com/webinars Rates: please contact us for more information. New in 2008! Videocasts Video is becoming an increasingly important vehicle on the web for relaying product information now that embedded players are commonplace and large bandwidths are available. The exciting launch of online Flash video is a great opportunity for advertisers to present to and interact with the spectroscopyNOW.com readership and generate valuable sales leads. Our audience will be able to view a wide variety of rich media videos including, for example, product demonstrations and conference reports. You retain the copyright and you can embed the video into your own site. Registration can be incorporated into the Flash players to provide direct lead generation. Videos will become an integral part of your product marketing, delivering a return on investment by giving you qualified and relevant sales leads. Rates: please contact us for more information. Podcasts We offer two sponsorship options: • General sponsorship of an entire series. • Specific sponsorship of a single podcast, with the option to choose your own subject matter. An archive of all our podcasts is available at http://www.spectroscopyNOW.com/podcasts Rates: please contact us for more information.
  4. 4. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 4 Brand Advertising Banner Advertising Banner advertising is a highly effective means of pointing users to an advertiser’s own on-line resources as well as being hugely useful in maintaining brand awareness and share of voice in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous Internet environment. Banner advertising on spectroscopyNOW.com promotes your product to the most targeted audience in the field of spectroscopy while associating your brand with content of the highest quality. spectroscopyNOW.com serves over 1.5 million banner adverts to over 70,000 spectroscopists each month. Detailed Reporting We provide independent reporting from our ad-server DoubleClick. These reports enable you to judge how your campaign is performing by showing how many visitors are viewing your banners, how many are clicking to your website and which of your banners are performing the best. Information reported includes: • Creative details • Targeting details • Number of times a banner is shown (impressions) • Number of times a banner is clicked (clicks) • Ratio of clicks to impressions (click-through rate) • Time and frequency Rates: US$1100 - US$2375 per calendar month. E-zines Sponsorship spectroscopyNOW.com features the facility to sponsor our popular monthly E-zines featuring specially commissioned articles along with new scientific papers direct from Wiley Interscience. Advertisers now have the opportunity to exclusively sponsor these pages, also featuring papers and articles authored by the advertiser. • Solus sponsorship of the widely read ezines • On the channel homepage: Logo and sponsored by “company name” with link for the duration of that issue (1 month). • On the E-zine index page: Sponsorship box. Text, image and link. • Links within the article itself, e.g. link on authors name, technique description, company name or actual instrumentation. • Inclusion of vendor authored articles (guidelines apply). • Sponsorship includes your banner on the relevant ezine RSS feed for that month. Rates: US$3,225 - 7,050 per calendar month.
  5. 5. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 5 Further Advertising Opportunities Keyword Search Sponsorship Your name and link is displayed first in all relevant search and browse results. • Keyword association search. • Your company name and description with link will appear with a priority placement in relevant search results and all relevant product directory categories. • Sponsor a specific word and when a user searches for that word your company name will appear in a priority placement, highlighting the supplier to the customer. • A maximum of 5 sponsors per keyword. • Priority placement within relevant product directory catagories. Rates: US$600 per quarter for 2 keywords. RSS News Feeds Advertising All news on spectroscopyNOW.com will be syndicated across the internet via this exciting new technology. Sponsor our RSS feeds with your banner. • An easier way for subscribers to keep track of content. Once the software is installed, they simply enter the addresses of the desired RSS feed and the program will regularly check each of them, alerting the subscriber to any new items it finds. This is a very convenient way of staying up to date with the content of a large number of sites instead of trawling through numerous websites. • The subscriber will receive the regularly updated content with a “sponsored by” logo or banner. Rates: please contact us for more information. Product Directory Focus spectroscopyNOW.com has relaunched the product directory pages to include an advertorial zone. This provides a new sponsorship opportunity for advertisers to promote their solutions in the same way as the channel homepage advertorial zone. • Solus monthly advertorial within the product directory. • Available to one customer only per month throughout the whole of the product directory. Rates: US$2,600 per calendar month.
  6. 6. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 6 Statistics Target by technique - 10 channels to choose from: BASE PEAK – the web’s leading Mass Spectrometry Resource Established in 1995 by Kermit Murray, who continues to contribute to the site, Base Peak has become a well- established, very highly regarded site and is considered the most comprehensive mass spectrometry website on the internet. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 10,500 Visits - 15,700 Newsletter Circulation - 19,500 PROTEOMICS – your guide to the application of spectroscopy in proteomics Launched in February 2002, the proteomics channel is designed to inform users on the application of spectroscopy in proteomics, and to advise spectroscopy of the importance of this technique to the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 4,700 Visits - 6,400 Newsletter Circulation - 11,900 NMR KNOWLEDGE BASE – the well-known Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy site Conceived in 1998 by Rainer Haessner and Horst Kessler of the Technical University of Munich, this highly regarded academic site was acquired by Wiley in 2000 and brought into spectroscopyNOW.com. The founders continue their involvement in this channel. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 9,500 Visits - 18,500 Newsletter Circulation - 18,900 MRI – the key resource for Magnetic Resonance Imaging The site directory “fMRI network” was established in 1998 by Rich Warp. It was relaunched in February 2002 as the MRI channel of spectroscopyNOW.com. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 4,200 Visits - 9,400 Newsletter Circulation - 10,200 INFRARED – Your guide to Infrared and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy The IR Spectroscopy channel was launched in July 2001, and covers all the major techniques including FTIR, NIR and Far-IR. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 7,000 Visits - 12,000 Newsletter Circulation - 18,800
  7. 7. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 7 Statistics Target by technique - 10 channels to choose from: RAMAN – covering all aspects of Raman Spectroscopy The site directory was established in 1996 by Fernando Agullo-Rueda and incorporates higher-order processes, Brillouin and Rayleigh Scattering. Dr Agullo-Rueda continues to play a very active role on the site. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 3,000 Visits - 4,900 Newsletter Circulation - 13,200 X-RAY – Including X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence and other X-Ray analysis techniques Edited by Professor Van Grieken (Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of X-Ray Spectrometry), the X-ray channel covers both XRF and XRD and utilises the knowledge and experience that has brought you the Journal of X-Ray Spectrometry. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 4,000 Visits - 5,200 Newsletter Circulation - 13,000 ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY – Featuring all aspects of Atomic Absorption, Atomic Emission, Laser and Plasma Spectroscopy The Atomic Spectroscopy channel was launched in August 2001 and covers all aspects of atomic absorption, atomic emission, laser and plasma spectroscopy (especially inductively-coupled plasmas). Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 3,700 Visits - 4,700 Newsletter Circulation - 11,900 ULTRAVIOLET – the key resource in Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopy The UV Spectroscopy channel was launched in October 2001 and was designed to be the first ‘port of call’ for anyone interested in UV spectroscopy, including UV/Vis and UV fluorescence spectroscopy. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 3,200 Visits - 3,700 Newsletter Circulation - 16,000 CHEMOMETRICS & INFORMATICS – the most comprehensive web resource for chemometricians Edited by its founder, Rasmus Bro, Chemometrics & Informatics has been enhanced and developed as part of spectroscopyNOW.com. It contains specially commissioned primers and tutorials, key papers from the Journal of Chemometrics and data sets from a selection of Wiley chemometrics titles. Monthly Traffic Figures Unique Users - 2,300 Visits - 3,300 Newsletter Circulation - 12,100
  8. 8. 00526_SpecNow MP AW 25/11/08 12:02 Page 8 Rate Card Integrated Online and Print Campaigns Create maximum effect by supporting your web advertising with print advertising in Wiley’s range of high-impact journals. Come and talk to us about a tailored, combined package that will best achieve your objectives. Rate Card Summary Technique e-Newsletter Solus Banner Ads E-zine Sponsorship Advertorial / Sponsorship per thousand Vendor Profile spectroscopyNOW.com US$475 US$2,750 pcm US$1,375 pcm US$4,050 pcm Base Peak US$475 US$3,450 pcm US$1,725 pcm US$5,100 pcm (Mass Spectrometry) Proteomics US$475 US$3,450 pcm US$1,725 pcm US$5,100 pcm NMR Knowledge Base US$475 US$4,750 pcm US$2,375 pcm US$7,050 pcm MRI US$475 US$2,200 pcm US$1,100 pcm US$3,225 pcm Infrared US$475 US$2,750 pcm US$1,375 pcm US$4,050 pcm Raman Spectroscopy US$475 US$2,750 pcm US$1,375 pcm US$4,050 pcm X-Ray Spectrometry US$475 US$2,200 pcm US$1,100 pcm US$3,225 pcm Atomic Spectroscopy US$475 US$2,750 pcm US$1,375 pcm US$4,050 pcm UV/VIS Spectroscopy US$475 US$2,200 pcm US$1,100 pcm US$3,225 pcm Chemometrics & Informatics US$475 US$2,200 pcm US$1,100 pcm US$3,225 pcm 3rd Party Emails: US$575 per thousand (minimum payment US$2,500). Keyword Search Sponsorship: US$600 for 2 words per quarter. Product Directory Focus: US$2,600 per calendar month. Webinars: Please contact us for more information. Podcasts: Please contact us for more information. RSS News Feeds Advertising: Please contact us for more information. What Should I Do Now? To discuss how spectroscopyNOW.com can be a part of your advertising strategy, please contact: Wayne Frost Julian Wakfield-Harrey Senior Account Manager Account Manager John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd The Atrium The Atrium Southern Gate Southern Gate Chichester Chichester PO19 8SQ PO19 8SQ UK UK Tel: +44 (0)1243 770350 Tel: +44 (0)1243 770272 Fax: +44 (0)1243 770432 Fax: +44 (0)1243 770432 Email: wfrost@wiley.com Email: jwakefield@wiley.com Interested in Separation Science? • spectroscopyNOW.com has a sister site – separationsNOW.com – dedicated to separation science. With over 11/08 55,000 visitor sessions and 50,000 unique users each month, separationsNOW.com has become one of the most highly targeted website within the field of separations science in analytical chemistry and the life sciences. If you are interested in advertising in this area, please contact us to discuss the options. 00526