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  1. 1. Located where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea join you will find a large natural harbor surrounded by pine- clad hills and forests. This is Marmaris, often referred to as the Jewel of the Turkish Riviera. Served by the Airports of Dalaman (≈ 85Km) Bodrum (≈ 165 KM) Izmir (≈ 320KM) and Antalya (≈ 590 KM) Marmaris is easily reached by Air (or by sea for the
  2. 2. Big or small, hundreds of boats depart from the main dock in the shopping area and at different points in Marmaris.(included They organize daily tours to the islands and bays Knidos) nearby. The Paradise Island (Nimara) opposite to Marmaris, Turunç, Kumlubük, Çiftlik, and Phosphorus Cave are the most popular destinations for daily tours. Some of the tours go over to Dalyan Iztuzu shore. These tours offer entertainment, drinks and the pleasure of
  3. 3. Don't lose your way ! It's a very very very big shoppingcenter all under a roof, a labyrint of shops, you won't remember where you have been before or not!!! Integrated A visit to the barbers,restaurants,steak- Bazaar is a must. It houses,... is a large rabbit warren of shops of all descriptions. If you want to return to a shop, make a note of its location as it is easy to get lost.
  4. 4. Marmaris beach is nice but unfortunately is not the best beach... If you like to spend more time on the beach Icmeler is a the best choise.
  5. 5. Its very easy just pick the Orange MiniBus (Dolmush) till the last stop where is exactly where the beautiful Beach starts!... Its also nice to walk around icmeler which is smaller than Marmaris. On the way back you can pick Dolmush for coming back to Marmaris.
  6. 6. Its history goes back to Ioanians but the building we see today was built by Ottomans in 1522, during the reign of Sultan The entrance Suleyman the fee is only 2 magnificent. He TL(1euro) open had 200,000 daily except troops here Monday 8-12 & preparing for 13-17:30. the battle of Rhodes,
  7. 7. Marmaris is a lively place both by day and night. There are great pubs and bars most of them with animators and dancers and some even with live music an the famous Bar Street is a street full of night clubs open until 4 am in the