Fashion Ideas for Wearing Jeggings


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Fashion Ideas for Wearing Jeggings

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Fashion Ideas for Wearing Jeggings

  1. 1. Fashion Ideas for Wearing JeggingsIn the past couple of years we’veseen the successful return of theskinny jeans and the leggings, afterthat the creation of the Jeggingsswept the nation. Since they are newinventions, the modern lady willprobably have no idea how to wearthem properly so today, we havefashion ideas on wearing the Jeggings.Just like the skinny jeans and the leggings, they can be quite tricky to dress. TheJeggings is like the baby if skinny jeans were he father and the leggings was themother…Rule of the ThumbBefore buying a pair of Jeggings, make sure that it suits your body type. Also,comfort can be a factor so if you are comfortable with the pair of bottoms then don’twear or buy them.You should also get a dark pair that will go with everything from a basic tank to asweater dress. Remember that the color black will always help in making you lookslimmer so that’s a plus. If you’re on the short side, you may want to get a petite pairas a regular pair of jeggings might run a little too long, and there’s nothing worsethan 2 feet of bunched up jeans at the bottom.Jeggings, when they suit you can really be versatile and they can sometimes do abetter job than the skinny jeans or leggings. Jeggings are still denim material so youdon’t have to bother with covering your butt and they also slim you down if picked outin dark colors. With the skin-tight like leggings, you can easily wear long sweaters ora tee, a dress or just throw a long cardigan over with the Jeggings.
  2. 2. FootwearLike we said, the versatility of Jeggings don’t end with tops. They are also great withwhatever pair of footwear you are wearing.They are still great with a pair of sandals, a one sling pair of slip-ons or even high-heels. Wedges also look great but you have to think about color coordination and ifyou are in doubt, ask your friends for their opinion about it.ExperimentingIf you really want to push the limits of the Jeggings then a little bit of experimentationwon’t hurt. You can always try on whatever you have in your closet and check it inthe mirror before going out.When buying a pair of jeggings, make sure that it matches your favorite top or dressbefore buying.