A Biz Clothes Encounter in Fashion Stores Online


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A Biz Clothes Encounter in Fashion Stores Online

  1. 1. A Biz Clothes Encounter in Fashion Stores OnlineDo you ever think about where all the dress ruleshave gone? Depending on when and where youare on any given business occasion, the words"distant past" might come to mind. Its quite hardto put a finger on what’s going on with peoplewho dont know what to wear for work. Havethey lost sight of the relevance of appearance toprofessional success?Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth, Queen of Englandis reported to have told Prince Charles, "Dressgives one the outward sign from which peoplecan judge the inward state of mind. One they cansee, the other they cannot." Apparently, she wassaying what many people are unwilling to acceptthat people judge us by the way we dress. In allinstances, may it be business or social, ouroutward appearance sends out a message.Try going to a crowded restaurant at lunchtime. Look around you and check out what peopleare wearing and see if you dont make judgments about who they are, what their line ofbusiness is, their personalities and their competencies. Think about how you feel when youare dressed in your usual business attire as opposed to a casual get up. Your choice ofbusiness apparel speaks of your professional behavior and personal credibility. It is importantto understand how to dress for business if you wish to promote yourself and yourorganization in a positive manner. How you dress depends on four factors: the industry inwhich you work in; the job you have within that industry; the geographic area in which youlive in; and most importantly, what your clients expect to see.Professional Dresses for Women in Fashion Stores OnlineWhen women entered the workplace during the 1970s and 1980s, they came in much biggernumbers than ever before, and they began to move into positions which had traditionally beenheld by men. Many of them believed that they needed to imitate male business attires. Theresult was women showing up at the office in skirted suits or coordinated skirts and jacketswith tailored blouses finished off with an accessory that looked very much like a mans tie.Fortunately, those days are gone. While the businesswoman may now wear trousers to work,she does it out of a desire to appear professional, and at the same time enjoy the flexibilityand comfort that pants offer over skirts. Her goal is no longer to mimic her male colleagues.The same general rules apply to both the womens work attire and the mens. Businessclothing is not a direct reflection of the latest fashion trend. A woman should be known forwho she is and what her professional skills are rather than for what she wears. Her businessattire should be appropriate for her industry and her position or title within that industry.
  2. 2. When finding the appropriate business wear in fashion stores online , start with a skirted suitor pantsuit for the most conservative look. A skirted suit is the most professional, with a fewexceptions. Dresses do not offer the same credibility unless they are accompanied bymatching jackets. Skirts should either be knee-length or slightly above or below. Avoidextremes. A skirt more than two inches above the knee will definitely raise eyebrows.Pants should end at the top of the foot or shoe. While capri pants and their fashion cousinsthat come in assorted lengths from mid-calf to ankle are the latest trend, they do not belong ina conservative business environment.Blouses and sweaters provide color and variety to a womans clothing, but they should beappealing rather than revealing. Inappropriate necklines and waistlines can give the wrongimpression.Women need to wear hosiery in the business world. Neutral or flesh-tone stockings are thebest choices. Never wear dark colored stockings with light-colored clothing or shoes. Keepan extra pair of stockings in your desk drawer unless the hosiery store is next door or justdown the street from your office.Faces, and not feet, should be the prime focus in business, so choose to wear conservativeshoes. A low heel is more professional than flats or high heels. In spite of current fashiontrends and the sandal rage, open-toed and backless shoes are not office attire. Not only aresandals a safety hazard, they suggest a certain official agenda.When it comes to accessories and jewelry, less is more. Always keep it simple: one ring perhand, one earring per ear. Accessories should reflect your personality, not diminish yourcredibility.Business wear is different from weekend and evening wear. Investing in a nice businesswardrobe is an investment for your professional career. For those who think its not what youwear but who you are that bring forth success, give that a little more thought. Business skillsand experience count, but so do personal appearance and that all-important first impression.