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It's February 14 once again so if you are searching for valentine's day 2012 movie ideas, you just might get lucky as I will attempt to feature as many ideas on things to do on February 14 this year.

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valentine's day 2012 ideas

  1. 1. Valentines Day 2012 Ideas - What to dofor Valentines DayNote: This is just a document version of this article. Visit the web version at for a better picture resolution of this page. Its that time of the year again and if you are looking for Valentines Day 2012 ideas, you have come to the right place as I will try to come up with as many ideas on what to do for Valentines Day this year.But lets face it: Valentines Day is becoming more of a commercial holiday because weget to spend money on gifts and dates with our special someone.Still, it doesnt hurt to show our special someone how much the world means to him/heras its the biggest occasion where couples around you are reminded to do somethingspecial for their loved ones, and you dont have to spend a lot to make him/her happy.So heres the top Valentines Day ideas this year 2012:1. Buy him/her a giftLike duh, isnt this a staple for Valentines Day? =) Well, itsactually easier said than done as a lot of people simply have noidea what gift to give their loved ones. So if you have this kindof dilemma, check out my squidoo page about Valentines DayGifts for Him 2012 and the more general Valentines Day 2012Gifts.If you really want a unique gift, take a look at gift certificateoffers for different kinds of activities you could do on February14, like going on a spa, hot air balloon rides, sailing, and more.
  2. 2. 2. Go on a Romantic VacationI realize that this may be difficult to accomplish ifeither of you have work on this day becauseValentines Day is unfortunately not a publicholiday. But who says you must celebrate your loveon the 14th?Again, you dont have to spend a lot on this one. Infact, you can take advantage of a lot of deals thatbusinesses offer this season. Check out my post about Valentines Day packages 2012.3. Look for Valentines Day DealsSometimes, it is the businesses that offer deals that canactually give you an idea what to do on Valentines Day.Check out my squidoo page on Valentines Day deals2012 which I will try to update as often as I can. There willbe deals announced such as special fares, discounts ongift items and other freebies from online shopping sites.4. Have Some Flowers DeliveredThis is pretty much self explanatory and we all knowthat flowers are one of the best sellers on February14th (Isnt it the best time to be a florist? =) ).Because its become a common thing to send flowers,you should have no problems looking forreliable flower delivery services. You can also trysame day flower delivery services and pick theflowers under "love" theme.Note: the link above will take you to FTDs Valentine offers page with discounts of up to25% off. Promo ends on February 13.
  3. 3. 5. Watch a Concert, Sports, Theater and other EventsWhat better way to celebrate Valentines Day than to enjoywatching an event you both love? For those who are still ona "dating" stage, this is also a great way to get to knowhim/her well. I personally prefer looking for event ticketsonline that allows me to browse events by city.Tip: Use the promo code "heart" (minus the quotes) to get$20 discount for orders of $200+6. Plan a romantic dinner dateNow this is something easier to accomplish than avacation! You can start by looking for localrestaurants online. You want to pick a restaurantthat has a romantic ambiance, great service and adelicious cuisine for a perfect gastronomicexperience. For a more romantic feel, you maywant to book on one of those romantic dinner cruises online.7. Or better yet, prepare a romantic dinner for two!There is nothing more romantic than preparing dinner witha personal touch. Im not saying that eating out isnt asspecial. But if you enjoy cooking then this is the best timeto put that skill to good use. Or if you enjoy cookingtogether, planning and preparing for dinner will sure be afun activity for both of you.The meal shouldnt be that elaborate or too time-consuming to prepare. You can start by looking for easyrecipes online. With the amount of information you canfind on the internet, theres really no excuse for not havinggreat dinner ideas. Plus its also a great way to savemoney because buying groceries is cheaper than dining at expensive restaurants.
  4. 4. Things to do for Valentines Day 2012Keep the love growing!Those are just some of the top activities people doon Valentines Day. Remember that its all aboutkeeping the love growing so in the end, its you whoknows best what would make your partner happy onthis special day. Dont be afraid to try something newthis season and do things youve never done before.Just dont stress it out because if you messed up onFebruary 14th, you still have 320 days left on 2012 to make your loved one feel special.If you have more<a href="">Valentines Day 2012</a>ideas in mind, do share them below on the comments section.