Bits and Pieces from the UPEI Experience


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Slides from a talk at Evergreen International Conference 2009 by Grant Johnson from the University of Prince Edward Island.

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Bits and Pieces from the UPEI Experience

  1. 1. Bits and Pieces of IslandPines Grant Johnson Robertson Library University of Prince Edward Island May, 2009
  2. 2. Dedication Gordie Conners May 18, 2009
  3. 3. Agenda Who, What, Where, When and Why? Implementation process Customizations Current Status Future Dreams - Brainstorming
  4. 4. Who ? Robertson Library Staff of 30 Systems staff of 4/10 Member of Atlantic Canada Library consortium Strong Proponent of Provincial techno- logy/digitization efforts
  5. 5. What ? Single site Arts and Sciences research library Atlantic Vet College Legacy SIRSI site < 400,000 bib records
  6. 6. Where ? Canada Prince Edward Island ( pop. 140,000) Charlottetown (pop. 32,245) University of Prince Edward Island (4,000 Students)
  7. 7. … Where ?
  8. 8. When ? June 2008 - ver. 1.2 Day and Night 5 weeks Some interface modifcations since then
  9. 9. Why ? Mark's Open Philosophy Migrating as many library services to Open Source is the goal Wanted to move away from Sirsi Unicorn and adopt a more open framework Not just software...
  10. 10. Why ? Open Source/Data/Research/Management critical to transformation of the Library Wanted to change the way we work Empowering staff to experiment, play, fail and create – Fear of Failure? Get over it! Open environment facilitated the creation of 2 fulltime and 8 contract employees.
  11. 11. ...Pre-Deployment - Hardware 2 x Quad Core Xeon Processor E53452x4MB Cache, 2.33GHz, 1333MHz FSB 32GB Dual Ranked DIMMs 2 x 73GB 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI PowerVault MD3000i iSCSI RAID array With 5 x 1 TB 7.2K RPM Universal SATA 3Gbps
  12. 12. … Pre-Deployment - Marketing Library staff buy-in received by extolling the re- liability and customization of open frameworks! Webinars and “Techbits” for Staff Web training on a grand scale! Skype, Livechat (Crafty Syntax), GoogleApps Moodle, blogs, Drupal, Refworks, DbofDBs, VRE's
  13. 13. Deployment Every team had a job Get the records/patrons/circ data out... Get the records/patrons/circ data in... Lack of Serials/Acquisitions/Reserves modules provided(demanded) a modifed workfow. All solutions aren't necessarily code!
  14. 14. … Deployment Find a SIRSI API trained tech who knows Ever- green cold Set him loose... answer questions when possible. I didn't document as much as I should have... Never enough time!
  15. 15. … Deployment Meetings every AM and a Wiki to track it all Red - Must be working by June 5 Blue - Must be working by July-August Green - Needs to be working by year end Yellow – Done. It's all kind of fuzzy now!
  16. 16. ...Deployment
  17. 17. ...Deployment
  18. 18. … Deployment Initial 3 weeks - (May 1 - 21) Test server; Evergreen installs/testing ; Migra- tion coding Next 2 weeks Production server; Final Evergreen install; Final Data load
  19. 19. … Deployment Post Launch - Weeks Tweaking confg/skin/rules; patches; data clean-up Post Launch - Months OPAC mods; Serials migration; Report devel- opment; Learning
  20. 20. Acquisitions Created workfow using spreadsheets. Includes a weekly currency rate updates More simplifed workfow Easy year-end and YTD reporting Staff is happier
  21. 21. Serials are Serials Serial bib records (not holdings) were loaded into Evergreen MFHD exported from SIRSI using their API; Code can only be shared with other SIRSI API'ers saved for future use... in MFHD
  22. 22. Serials are Serials Staff maintained the MFHD data using MarcEdit Opened in MARC broken format and complied back into MARC everyday. New tables/modules for “print journals” created with SFU folks in CUFTS/GODOT MFHD data massaged and imported into new tables
  23. 23. Serials Display in CUFTS/GODOT
  24. 24. e-Reserves
  25. 25. e-Reserves Drupal page for each course Brief records created for uncatalogued items (by Dr. Reserve) Course Bookbag shared as an RSS feed RSS feed displayed on the course reserve page nursing213X
  26. 26. e-Reserves Genius right? ... not so much Google sure liked crawling exposed Bookbags ! Daily logs > 1 GB URLs restricted by robots.txt - 807,784 Performance comments from staff - Related?
  27. 27. ...e-Reserves drawing board Consuming RSS feed creates a block in Drupal Firefox stumbles loading the .js ; preventing ef- fective block management... Temporary fx? Disable .js Google Chrome doesn't stumble
  28. 28. Adding Additional Fields
  29. 29. Adding Additional Fields System administrators can customize MARC data felds on the rdetail_summary.xml Blank rows are hidden Add inside the rdetail_details_table: <tr> <td nowrap='nowrap' class='rdetail_desc'>Thesis Note</td><td class='rdetail_item' id='rdetail_thesis_note'> <MARC datafeld=quot;502quot;></MARC> </td></tr>
  30. 30. ...Adding Additional Fields Or you can insert individual subfelds by specifying them: <tr> <td nowrap='nowrap' class='rdetail_desc'>&common.publisher;</td> <td class='rdetail_item' ><span><MARC datafeld=quot;260quot; subfeld=quot;aquot; newline=quot;noquot;></MARC></span><span id='rdetail_publisher'></span> </td> </tr>
  31. 31. Clickable Subject Searching Relevant Subjects sidebar? Not relevant! Concatenated keyword subject search ++ Now that we can add felds at will... Generate a searchURL and make it a hyperlink <a href=quot;../xml/rresult.xml?rt=keyword&tp=keyword&t=Country life %20Prince Edward Island%20Fiction.%20&l=1&d=0&f=&av=quot; title=quot;Perform a search on this subjectquot;>Fiction.</a>
  32. 32. Google Book Search Preview Alexander wanted to play... Evergreen community liked the idea Added to core... Thanks ! Google Preview button – Best of both worlds New tab called Excerpt if a Preview is available.
  33. 33. Export to Refworks Refworks “tagged format” tab with import instructions. And we were happy! Someone asked: “Hey! What's this Export to Refworks on the Journal page?” Permission from the SFU folk and... Shazam! Proxy protected import to Refworks
  34. 34. ...Export to Refworks var godot_url = ' state=import&id=evergreen& %3D&DBASE=unknown&REQTYPE=BOOK&PUBTYPE=&' + 'TITLE=' + escape( getText( G.ui.rdetail.title ) ) + '&ARTTIT=&SERIES=&AUT=' + escape( getText( ) ) + '&ARTAUT=&PUB=' + escape( getText( G.ui.rdetail.publisher ) ) + '&PUB_PLACE=' + escape( pubPlaceStr) + '&ISSN=' + escape( ISSN ) + '&ISBN=' + escape( SN ) + '&VOLISS=&VOL=&ISS=&PGS=&YEAR=' + escape( getText( G.ui.rdetail.pubdate ) ) + '&MONTH=&YYYYMMDD=&EDITION=&THESIS_TYPE=&FTREC=&URL=' +escape( urlFieldStr ) + '&NOTE=' + escape(notesStr +'&REPNO=&SYSID=&ERIC_NO=&ERIC_AV=&ERIC_FT_AV=&MLOG_NO=&UMI_DISS_NO=&CALL_NO=&D OI=&PMID=&BIBCODE=&OAI=';
  35. 35. Live Chat Service Link to Libraryh3lp from OPAC Not free, not open source, but... Hosted, Jabber-based and $50.00/year... Widgets everywhere – Evergreen, VRE, Moodle, Drupal, IR, Journals, Resolver, Proxy error.
  36. 36. LibX Toolbar LibX toolbar supports Evergreen – Auto detect Godmar, Annette and Dan at Access2008 UPEI edition works great! Obligatory shameless plug...
  37. 37. Other Misc Bits... Ctrl + i to insert MARC feld using Mac client Auto expand frst item in OPAC view Hide barcode for public in OPAC Show barcode in staff client Default to LC not Dewey when adding volumes “My Account” settings not patron editable Custom spine label printing worked for a while
  38. 38. Migrated to on May 7, 09
  39. 39. Brainstorm responses ...
  40. 40. Brainstorm responses ... Embed other e-resource content, esp. reposit- ories, into the preview window Provide truncation/boolean searching True subject searching Exact title searching Staff can add Z39.50 targets OPAC authority browsing Generate Google site map
  41. 41. ...Brainstorm responses Mashup “best seller” RSS lists with catalogue Provide citations in standard style formats eg. MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian Opt-in/Opt-out borrowing history (like ILL) Search other catalogues from the results screen and request via ILL Bib record enhancement – Socially enriched bib- liographic and fulltext info.
  42. 42. ...Brainstorm responses Evergreen local Alternate display choices... Like the Amazon subject search Tagcloud of recently or current searches Better/clearer reporting interface with some built-in useful reports Batch “Add to Bucket” “Guesstimate” search results Beer Menu
  43. 43. Links DbofDB's - Library Block - VRE Sites - Migration Wiki- Some Notes -