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Solusitek Internet Marketing

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Solusitek Internet Marketing

  1. 1. IT Services ProviderInteligent Methods in Marketing TechnologyINTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONDo you already have a Website or an Online Store? Have you using SEO? Howabout Email Blast? Now is the time for Internet Marketing, the new era of moreefficient with a wider range of quick and effective results, measurable and canbe arranged, compared with traditional-style marketing methods. Internet Marketing = Online Marketing = eMarketing or electronic marketing is the process of marketing using the internet. Internet has special advantage. Although the number of users continues to multiply, the cost of its features even more affordable. Many ways to optimize marketing activities via the Internet. The fundamental device is a WEBSITE as your main home. Then at least, also use other methods such as EMAIL BLAST, ONLINE STORE and SEO as an important tool to achieve broader goals. Activities in the internet marketing campaign can be measured, tracked and tested. Thats why people like it, besides its cost is lower than one year of advertising billboards ! “Marketing, including via the Internet, will increase the number of people who see and visit you. Then we will use that opportunity to turn them into customers.”The Power Of Internet Marketing
  2. 2. SEARCH ENGINEWEBSITE WWW SEO OPTIMIZATION Website is the place to put information about activities, Internet users typically use search engines to find the businesses, products and millions of existing information on the World Wide Web services that you have, so (Internet), and SEO is designed to put information about expand your opportunities to be you on top priority so its easier to find. SEO has a series of recognized by customers systematic processes in order to increase the volume and worldwide. quality of visits to your website through search engines.Websites can also be your home in maintaining the SEO work based on the keywords related to your productsactivity of marketing, sales, voting, networking, and services that will make your web site to be more easilyemployment report, supervision, customer service, found and increasing your opportunities to gain newcorrespondence, and many more like you have a new customers.branch office on the internet.EMAIL BLAST EMAIL BLAST ONLINE STOREEmail Blast is the fastest and efficient way to maintain Online stores are virtual stores on the internet for yourcontact with customers. It is not only used as a products and services that can receive payments eithercommunication tool but also to build relationships and directly by credit card, money transfer system, etc. Yougain new customers. This email may contain information can use the online store to serve agents, resellers, or end-on corporate social events, promotions, new products, consumer. Other benefits are:exclusive invitations and discounts. Besides giving directinformation, Email Blast will direct recipients to visit your Reduce numerous overheads and employee No cleaning, building maintenance and rental cost. Complete range of products selection and in-depthThe advantage of subscribing to Email Blast Services is info. No printing catalogues, the customers maygiving you the functionality and flexibility than using visit the online store for product pictures andstandard email services. With this system, you can find out successful your email delivery, how many emails are The software can track customer productvalid and invalid, how many were opened, and how many preferences, with their permission, and alert theseare clicking the link. You can set a reminder for those who customers of new products they may be not open or respond to the first email. More regular contact with the customers and keeping in touch with them, increase your storeIn addition, you can schedule your newsletter email at a value.fixed time and let it run automatically. This system also If you already running an offline store, we believecomes with a report to measure the effectiveness and you can succeed easily in selling online.impact for the company. With internet and software technology, you can have your store available cheaply so you can compete Generate New Sales Retain Customers with larger competitors. Increase Website Traffic Build Your Brand Customers can shop and pay for your goods at their Educate the Audience Automatic & Fast convenience, and get it delivered to their door Measurable & Adjustable anytime. Expand nationally and even worldwide, your online store can be viewed by anyone in the world. ONLINE STORESolusiteks innovative approach has ensured that wealways surpass customer expectations and remain PT. AMADEO GLOBAL PERKASAat the forefront of technology.