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Company Profile Solusitek


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Company Profile

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Company Profile Solusitek

  1. 1. IT Services Provider PROFIL PERUSAHAAN english version
  2. 2. Productivity | Security | MarketingVALUE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYObserving the development of Information Technology and seerelevancy to the level of efficiency and effectively within anenterprise and government environment, concluded thatInformation Technology on its field is very important and neededspecial attention in terms of development and investment. Imaginethey spend IT Software budget to buy an expensive software license,but there is another open source that provides exactly similartechnology and solution, what do you do?Base on the perspectives above, Solusitek provide IT services thatfocus helping people or organization giving the best solution totheir problems. Supported by experience IT experts, Solusitek willdeliver efficient and effective technology solution experience thatthey will get. Solusitek provide IT service of enterprise solutions forsmall, medium and large in applying information technology. SOLUSITEK | PT. AMADEO GLOBAL PERKASA E:
  3. 3. Productivity | Security | MarketingSOLUSITEKEstablished in 2007 by young professionals and experienced expertsin their fields, so Solusitek appear to be an information technologyconsulting firm that professional and trustworthy.Our vision:As an information technology services provider, Solusitek vision is tobecome competent, excels and responsible locally, regionally andinternationally.Our mission:§ To provide the best solution services with a competitive advantage and added value for our clients.§ Professionally develop and maintain our products and services by applying the future technology.§ To build a mutual worldwide partnership network§ Strengthen the presence in global community by contributing to welfare of the society and the nation.Our goal is to transformtechnology into value for thebenefit of users. Armed withprofessional experience formore than 8 years in thefield, we are able to provideinnovative and efficientservices solutions for yourbusiness.
  4. 4. Productivity | Security | MarketingOUR SERVICESSolusitek has extensive experience to design, install and configure IT Services such as:Networking:§ LAN§ WAN§ Internet§ VPN§ Wi-Fi Hotspot SystemsManagement User & File Sharing:§ Active Directory§ Samba§ Disaster Recovery SystemsCorporate Service:§ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)§ Customer Relationship Management§ Corporate Web Server§ Database Server§ Corporate E-mail Servers§ HA Clusters / Failover ClustersSecurity & Surveillance Systems:§ Online CCTV Surveillance System§ Fingerprint / Access Door§ GPS Tracker§ Firewall & Recovery SystemTelecommunication:§ VOIP / IP Telephone System§ PBX Telephone SystemBusiness Support Tools:§ Email & SMS Blast§ Point Of Sales§ Business Sales Web Reporting system§ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)§ Web Development§ Online Store
  5. 5. Productivity | Security | MarketingSolusitek as IT Solution Provider thus can provide a comprehensive solution by integratingsoftware applications and hardware / networking into a system capable of answering theneeds of various areas of the company needed.A. SOFTWAREWork efficiently in a business will be a primary needed this century. By utilizing computerinformation system, applications will be much help on accelerate working durability andcompany operational costs. Jobs will go quickly, efficiently and effectively in all sectors byapplying information technology system.Today many alternative management information system that can be applied in thecompany, we are helping business partners in selecting and understanding the systems. Asuitable and appropriate systems applied in the company, will be our first priority.Solusitek would provide and develop applications in accordance with the needs of thecompany, by provide applications such as:§ Point Of Sale: Retail, Restaurant, Supermarket, etc.§ Hotspot Authentication Server: Hotel, Restaurant, Public Transit.§ Web Server: Website Hosting and Domain§ Mail Server: Corporate Email Systems§ Firewall and Security : Security Systems and Monitoring§ Bandwidth Management, Aggregation§ Voice Over IP§ Web Application and Reporting§ SMS Gateway§ Database Application and ReportingIn addition to the above applications it is possible to customize base on application thatclient needs. All of these application systems can be run either off line or on-line and fullyintegrated.
  6. 6. Productivity | Security | MarketingB. HARDWARE & NETWORKINGSolusitek provide hardware base on requirement. From design planning untilimplementation such as:§ Consultation and Design§ Hardware (HW) and Software Procurement§ Install and Configuration§ Support and Maintenance1. CONSULTATION & DESIGN PLANNINGConsultation is a service given to customers toprovide solutions to meet the customers needed.Hardware existing inspection, examination,analysis, recommendations, and provideplanning that includes:§ Investigate existing hardware§ Benchmarking existing hardware§ Recommendation for replacement§ Design and planning§ Hardware Implementation§ SummaryAll services are provided professionally both present and future consideration andkeeping the efficiency and capability as value added. Solusitek will customize the products(software and hardware) in its design to fit customer needed.2. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE PROCUREMENTIn addition to product and services as mentioned above Solusitek also supports theprocurement of goods (Hardware) that required in accordance with the specificationsrequired. Solusitek establish good cooperation of the leading vendors, it is guaranteed instock, prices, and the best warranty.3. INSTALLATION & CONFIGURATIONWe do both installation and configuration settings of network devices, PCs and networkinfrastructure in accordance with the design, which includes:§ Installation and configuration of Structured Cabling System (data and voice network cable / phone).§ Setting the configuration of PC Server / Workstation hardware and software (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OSX).§ Setting the configuration of Network Device (LAN): Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Point, etc.
  7. 7. Productivity | Security | Marketing§ Setting the configuration of Network Device (WAN): ISDN, ADSL, VDSL Modems, Routers.§ Setting the configuration of Intranet and Network Security, including RAS, VPN, Cisco Routers, etc.§ Implementation of E-Mail Application: Microsoft Exchange Server, Qmail, Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail.§ Implementation of Systems for Network Management and Monitoring.§ Setting the configuration of Access Control, Attendance System,§ installing a raised floor for server room / data center.4. SUPPORT & WARRANTYSolusitek provide warranty onsoftware and hardware that installs,and makes sure it goes according tothe function. Hardware warranty willbe provided with a variation of yearsdepending on its brand.During the warranty period Solusitekwill do the following:§ Solusitek will provide technical support in case of problems with response time 1 x 24 hours either by phone or come to the site. Transport and accommodation supported by the client.§ If there is hardware failure or damage during warranty, Solusitek will help claim the hardware to the vendor.MAINTENANCE & ON CALL SERVICERepair and maintenance is a necessary procedure for application system so it continues torun well in accordance with what is expected. After the warranty periods expire, Solusitekcan still provide the same maintenance services for another year with a special contract.Customers may submit a periodic inspection service or unit replacement warranty if anydamage (replacement spare unit) in the Maintenance Contract.With Maintenance Contract, customers feel safe and ensure quick response fromtechnical support, so it is expected not to disrupt company operations. In addition, thepossibility of problems or damage becomes smaller because it can be anticipated at thetime of periodic inspection.We also provide Service on Call--service on demand so the customers can requesttechnical support services whenever it takes with rates per hour or day.
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